Stiff Neck or Headaches? Try This Quick Fix by Physical Therapists

73 thoughts on “Stiff Neck or Headaches? Try This Quick Fix by Physical Therapists

  1. Wow, you guys I just got home with a severe headache & bad neck pain & this video popped up just in time..😩 THANK YOU SOO MUCH.. last time I had this pain I had to get an injection. Hello FROM HOUSTON, TEXAS

  2. Thank you so much!!!! Wow! I started following along and instantly felt how it started having an effect on my nagging knock muscles that always give me those wrapping headaches!!!! Just TODAY, precisely I was doing “eye stretches” because my eye on that side was aching as well! Now, I do have a question for you guys! How can I trick myself into NOT assuming that forward head/chin position while on the computer/desk?

  3. GUYS!! Yea! YOU GUYS! Bob! Brad!!
    I TALKED UP YOUR CHANNEL at my Chronic Pain Support Group, TODAY!! Thanks for talking about headaches, because some of us sure have that chronically! I’m so thankful I somehow found this SUPERB channel 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  4. Thank you very much for showing us this video. I have been dealing with neck pain for the past 3 days and after 5 minutes of doing these exercises, specifically the ones done with both hands on the neck, I felt better!

  5. Love ya'll. Hope this helps me and my son. We both suffer from headaches, him much more than me. I usually wake up with one but it goes away normally after I take acetaminophen, aspirin and a caffeine pill. I also drink a pot of coffee several times a day. I just love my columbian coffee 💜 God bless ya'll and Merry Christmas and an extremely Happy New Year 💜

  6. Thank you, guys, for sharing these easy fixes with the rest of us. And thank you for all your giveaways! Not only do we gain health by watching you, but there could be surprise gifts! That's really generous. Thanks for all you do 💟

  7. I tried the right hand on the back of the neck & turned my head left. I couldn't believe how much further I could turn it. Thanks for this guys!

  8. I slept with an ice bag on my head two nights this week….right ear ache , think maybe a touch of flu …ok , now …..even my hair seemed to hurt ..

  9. 00:07:40 Bending the neck back. My exercise leader does not want us bending our necks back or looking up. She uses the term hyper-extending our neck and said we might cause a strike. Can you please take the time to explain?

  10. 16 years of treating my severe whiplash ,you two on youtube have helped me more than my doctors ! Sounds just about right for this screwed up world ! God Bless !

  11. I always have this problem. I saw your original video on the chin tuck and it really helped. I was having the issue again tonight and this video came in VERY handy..You guys are lifesavers..

  12. This is great! I often have neck pain and haven't tried the neck splaying technique while turing the head. Felt great. Thank you!

  13. I've been a licensed massage therapist 36 years and I always work on the occiput and recommend chin tucks and rotation. You guys are great!

  14. A lot of my headaches come from clenching my jaw at night. Anything to do to help with that pain and stiffness? All around my jaw and neck!

  15. Bob and Brad, thank you so much for these neck exercise examples. You guys are a Godsend. Ironically I had a mini headache and I tried all of these exercises, and low and behold my headache was gone shortly there after. Keep up the great work. Peace

  16. I have recently started having neck and shoulder blade pain both on the left side with head aches on top of my back/leg pain due to my disk herniation pinching on my nerve for which I need surgery 😢. You guys are awesome.

  17. Hey guys, I've seen your videos on how treat shin splints but I get them running and walking and cycling heck I even get them on the elliptical. Now currently I have no access to any kind of cardio equipment but I am looking for a way to get cardiovascular exercise that I can use while my shins are healing, also they seem to come in the middle of exercise but toward the end they go away and I dont get them at all when I wear cowboy boots do you have any thoughts, advice or suggestions?

  18. Appreciate the headache tips. It doesn't work 100% of the time but i sometimes get relief from tension headaches by massaging the back of the neck as you demonstrated.

  19. Thanks guys. You are awesome, and always right on time too !
    These exercises are very helpful for me, I get those neck-ache/headache combos about three times a month, usually at the end of the day when I am finally ready to sit and relax.
    ….An extra benefit: those exercises relieve what feels like sinus pain too.

  20. Well tried to enter contest no luck set up account with Gleam and tried to contact them and delete it now I'm blocked from your website

  21. Oh my goodness, as soon as you pointed out that nerve that runs from the back of your neck, up toward your eye area, I knew that was my problem. Even the same side.

    I have suffered headaches that have gotten worse over the past 7-8 years. They have recently started to occur when I wake up in the morning. So something must be going on with my sleep posture. I've been doing the chin tuck stretch for a couple of weeks now and haven't had a headache! I lead coreball classes at the gym and have been using many of your stretches with my classes.

    I love you guys! The BEST physical therapists on the internet. So glad I found you.

  22. Your today's video is a godsent: I woke up with a terrible headache originated in my hurting back neck, and wished you both posted a video addressing this problem. Well, imagine my surprise when I saw this video ! Thank you so much for your help, guys, you are terrific !

  23. This was an excellent video. You are describing me with the chronic headaches in occipital area. Just a question, though…if I do the exercises, say in the morning…could it bring on a headache later in the day as I first start the stretches etc.? Do any of your patients report that? Just asking because I teach and a bad headache is disaster in a classroom!

  24. Excellent fixes. 5*
    Also, push water! It's amazing what benefits come from having a couple cups (16 ounces) of water will do for you. Drink the water fairly fast, not sipped over a couple hours. Do what works for you. I find it is better for me to chug a bottle of water over a 5-10 minute period. I notice a difference readily fast.

  25. Thanks for the info, I would wake up in the morning like I was hungover with a headache and stiff neck. It would not go way even with OTC pain killers. I did the chin tuck you prescribed plus rotational massage and reduced my headache by at least 80% , going to keep doing it and watch my posture. Thanks you guys are awesome.

  26. Hi guys, I just wanted to give you a shout out all the way from Australia, I really appreciate what you do. You have seriously helped not only me but my husband as well. Sincerely thank you both for your time and advice 🤗

  27. I've used the chin tuck & head back, nose to ceiling, rotating head left to right when I've had neck pain. This stopped my pain from recurrence. Amazing. You've made me aware of posture. Your videos are extremely useful!

  28. Occipital Neuralgia is also caused by overstimulation… you tighten up when overstimulated. Occipital Neuralgia and Trigeminal Neuralgia are connected. I agree, sometimes cracking the back and pulling on the muscles by the skull help. If done wrong, though, you can actually shift yourself into Asymmetric Neuralgia (one side moves to the other side). Thanks for the video! I will share this in my groups.

  29. could you two please talk about airways while doing posture correction, i find it difficult to breathe while in a "correct posture"

  30. I know the exactly the pain you two are talking about. Thankfully this brought me much relief. Bookmarking this until it becomes second nature. Thank you gentlemen!!!

  31. Hi Brad! Hi Bob! I love your show. I'm young(er) so I don't have very many of these issues but you're both helping me to keep it that way! Thank you

    Also, physical therapists = chiropractors except therapists are science based and effective so you two made great career choices

  32. Oh man my neck is wrecked! Too much desk and not enough moving around… I’ve got all the classic pain in the arms and tinnitus…these exercises help but I keep forgetting!! Thanks Bob and Brad…

  33. Hi, finished 3 hours of vacuuming leaves and after this neck hurts. Did the stretching of placing hands under neck and bending neck backwards, it does feel like a massage 😎. Thanx Bob and Brad

  34. When I was young, I’m my 20s) I used to crack my neck by holding top of head and bending it to the side. It would pop every time and felt great. I did this to both sides every day. Now in my 40s, this doesn’t work at all and it’s very uncomfortable to bend my head/ neck in this way. My neck is always stiff with limited range of motion and all those rice krispy noises emanating from within. I’m wondering if all that popping 20 years ago did some damage or if I’m just getting old and arthritic. There’s not a single joint in my body that doesn’t sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies.

  35. I tried all of your neck exercises to find the ones which give me best relief. Ok so they ALL work 😊 I will turn head left:/right in car, pillow stretch in bed, and vary the other when at computer or crocheting. Thank you so much 😊

  36. Another good one is hands over ears with the two middle fingers touching and pointer finger clicks/drops over the middle and taps below the skull.

  37. Stiff Neck With Pain & Headache Shoulder Arm Wrist Pain & Stiffness Both Right And Left Sides Everyday Since 12/13/08 From Whiplash PT 8 Months 2 Chiropractors 2 MRI No Answers

  38. @Bob & Brad, I read a lot and I'm sure that I'm NOT alone when it comes to badly setting up my body, neck and hardbound books for the task. HELP! Can you demonstrate how to handle reading with heavy books, like those in an academic world? Hope you can answer this question for the new year. Cheers! 🙂

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