Stop. Think. Respect. Racial discrimination and mental health

I believe racism has a huge impact on mental
health and depression. You’re out there doing your own thing and
trying to live your life, and then you’ve got someone having a go at you because of
who you are. And I think later on if it happens to you a few times, I think it has a massive
effect on you. And you sorta sit back and you think about “Why are these people having
a go at me because of who I am? We’re made to feel like we’re not equal and
isolated from society, and this spans from the way that the media portrays us, a lot of the time, negatively. So, there’s not a true portrayal of who we are. You don’t even see ATSI people on mainstream TV Yeah. Mental health and racism I think do
go hand in hand. Whether you don’t know if it’s happening to you, you still feel very bogged down, you feel heavy, you feel like that everything you do is having to be a chore because you’ve
got all these things to come up against as soon as you leave the house. Whether it’s
with a taxi driver, a shop, work, it’s as soon as you leave that sanctuary of home. Yeah, it’s
become quite heavier. I remember I’d never set foot in a pub for
fear of either being assaulted or being rejected. Night clubs. You’d travel
somewhere, you’d sleep in a car, you wouldn’t book a motel room unless you’d have a Caucasian
friend… Go and tell him to book the room. Having to live with that everyday, and then
having racism on top of that, yeah, it just creates anxiety and it creates depression
over time.

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