Street Food Guide In JAKARTA, INDONESIA (Overnight Short)

I want to marry you this I'm already married but I kind of want to marry this so I don't I'm gonna figure out how to put a ring on it and then I'll make it a thing Indonesia is a huge country and with over eighteen thousand islands it's no wonder its capital Jakarta is often overlooked most people fly into the city to make a connecting flight towards the promise of white sand and cocktails at sunset that's where they miss out since it's often bypassed by tourists this daunting puzzling concrete jungle remains one of the most authentic mega cities in the world giving travelers a taste of all the diverse cultures at the country harbors a conflation of Dutch heritage island ethnicities and modern infrastructure that will undoubtedly leave you confused and hungry for more Jakarta is a big crazy boisterous city that's exactly what I mean and if you find yourself in the city only for a couple hours and you're wondering exactly where to eat and where to get the best food this video is for you we're about to explore some of the best street food you can find in Jakarta in a very short amount of time and I'm already really salivating thinking about it now that you've arrived in the city one of the problems you're gonna have is actually getting into Jakarta most people will be seeing in the central area you can take a taxi that is probably one of the most trustworthy companies and it just prevents you from using some of the more sketchy companies you can also book a grab or book go Jack you know they're very very present here you can get that if you do take the card do know that it can take you anywhere from 45 minutes up to three hours first time I came into the city it took me about two hours and a half which can be quite problematic there are other ways obviously you can get into the city and we're gonna run them down for you right now besides from taxis you can also take the train to the city it'll take you about 50 minutes to get to the southern mumbles station which isn't too far from central jakarta and will only cost you about five US dollars knowing this I wouldn't recommend taking a bus and we'll stick to either the train or a car depending on where you decide to stay in the city Jakarta is a massive city so if you only have a few hours to spend here then where you stay is super important depending on what you want to do what you want experience or what you want to eat here's a quick rundown of the different places you can actually stay in the city can be divided into five areas south west central north and east if you're looking to just have a good time party eat good food and enjoy the more modern side of the capital I would suggest booking a hotel around the chemin area once you're in the city you'll need some money and here it's called the Indonesian yeah in a matter of seconds my friend you will be a millionaire but unfortunately a rupiah millionaire but this is how much you'll need to get around to give you a sense of the prices an expensive meal will start around $3 and will climb to ten dollars for a mid-range restaurant and can go higher in the more upscale places a beer will set you back about three dollars while cocktail will go for ten dollars grabs and taxis are fairly cheap starting at less than $1 in climbing fifty cents per kilometer now that we've got our bases covered we headed off to meet Kevin drew to go explore some local dishes in Saban Street this street comes to life at around 5:00 p.m. starting as a busy through fair vendors begin setting up igniting fires and billowing smoke a sign that good eats from every corner of the country are about to be served hungry office workers converge dodging motorcycles Ando Andals and buskers all would one purpose– Street food marinated pieces of meat grilled over hot coals and lots of smoke doused and sauces ranging from spices to thick peanut sauce to catch up – there are lots of different meats used in styles in which it's made their small size make it so that you can try them all some goat perhaps or some beef or even some eggs this is from my dude I am from adora spoke great but you like look at the caramelization of the combination beautiful this is coming they can be go and then if you see that everyone yeah that's the embryo of a MV of the egg yes can we try one of those also yeah but what I mean by gonna sucker Korea right oh my gosh okay oops bloopers so try first the chicken feet chicken feet is exactly that you can free this and also the remembrance skin and the skin of a chicken a skin of the chicken and if you won my spicy spicy food they'll read em do you like ketchup management on top of it yeah this is fine a bit drivers because each and every satay find out they have their own specialist level we don't know and they said yeah the texture is not like the Cameo is like a thank you yeah and that's the chicken chicken saute chicken so come to sleep another thing left I mean I can't eat it every day it's the only reason I came here yes what's that thing Oh music stopped you don't visit Indonesia without trying nasi goreng fried rice that's not just a side dish but a meal you'll often find a hot wok oil splattering in all directions housing everything from tamarind to dried shrimp paste tossed in with a bunch of vegetables and varying proteins all right Wow actually that's according mostly of an island of Java but each and every house they have their own recipe up a cigarette with the right it would arise I like that way I'll show you just walking down the street you'll quickly realize that you'll find the name of the dish is followed by words these basically are the main ingredients found in that particular dish people love the availability of options and customization with their food from all the condiments you'll find on a table to the types of protein and vegetables found in a dish here's a quick glossary to help you out I am is chicken send that one mushrooms gagging sappy beef woo dung shrimp khatam crab come Bing goat mass in salted fish curry curry Mehta red chillies and pet die stinky bean now if you're looking for something deliciously greasy we've got just the thing the sweet version of martabak is not for the faint of heart the amount of oil butter and sugar on this dish will send your mind spinning okay so here we have yes so we have the savory one go in there with your chocolates and peanuts yes and this one is going to be safe it's a savory one and a straight one the professional might they say print the place very over that I like it yeah so actually the they say everyone is inspired by the of Egyptian Indian spices okay after curry you see like they're using the key also instead of the oil just key all right so now it's being for the yes being folder and it's just it's taking a shower in oil yes in the and the sweet one it was all the flour the sugar and sometimes there you also the a cost of project sometimes days in vanilla extract to get just a little bit of kind of like a pancake right is actually like a pancake brother you just play with the consistency and then a proportion of each ingredients and you get so when I say that is a total indulgence I'm alive I'm gonna hit the gym oh is that sweet oh it's that was a happy it's like a doughnut almost like you just have one bite I mean one whole piece and you're good yeah okay now we tried the series everyone this offender gotta be sauce even trees all over my hands to don't give them flavor combination really different exactly like I call the same thing they close the same day month up you should change the name to this cardiac arrest if you need a break from all the street food or if your stomach just can't handle it you can have some great nasi padang where you can taste a little bit of everything at not try boo or Garuda on the same street if you can't make it to Jogjakarta but want to try one of their famous dishes make it a point to stop by an aussie gudeg stall the star here is the good egg or unripe jackfruit which is stewed overnight in a sweet liquid if you have a sweet tooth that translates well into savory preparations this is the dish for you just because we haven't had enough food for now having good ink we are having good a good luck is a dish from Central Java you know it's converse of many components this is a brace Jackson brave jack yes braced egg and in the race this looks crazy it's not crazy and I literally just fat yeah it's a skin what does good egg actually mean gonna get this aqueduct in the track go this is exactly this is actually cooking technique that you call modem and so all of this that's essential exactly you have to crush the chili with the back of a spoon this is already brace also this thing I'm funnily enough so hungry it's sweet so it's a typical of Japanese dish so this is it a sweeter pour soy sauce too huh this egg is like heart is hard-boiled egg Wow but the seasoning penetrates under on the reins what I love is that all the who'd we tried and so far all very different in terms of texture yeah waiver yes and you know Indonesia is such a huge country yes but it's cool that you guys can find all different regional specialties yes in one area yes exactly that's what I love to tell about Jakarta is like a melting pot of all the Sun culture of Indonesia I want to marry you this but I'm already married but I kind of want to marry this so I don't I'm gonna figure out how to put a ring on it I'll make it a thing we all have those soups who gravitate towards when we need a hug or for when we are sick that is exactly what sort though is a traditional bowl filled to the brim with broth meat and vegetables that will make you feel at home in no time just super small people yes this called sorta era one so no so though is actually when it comes to what types of sort of innovation we have so many sort of there is one exact recipe for Soto if this would be for like a soupy I'm so happy that we finally have vegetables so the bean sprouts replace the noodles usually exactly any of tongs and you know spring onions aureus because they make it using this stuff from a chicken but a clear stop look intensify stop so what I love in true Indonesian fashion the condiment is three times the size of the bowl so it is actually a look at that of a chicken this liver of the chicken is a quail leg raised also with some raw ingredients especially ketchup money it's different time pay Salter as simple as that and it is actually the most favorite condiments for Soto the circuit of the crocodile and this is made out of potatoes deeper inside see how he finished this in this then obviously this is Antonio then definitely I will not pay a finish six Wow let's go complete departure from anything we've had all of a sudden you're eating something variation yeah and you put this in and it's like you're having a mashed potato in there that's what that's what interesting about Indonesia that we actually absorb so many cultures you have so many things especially when it comes to food there's a Malaysian the cultura assimilation that you can actually serve that on your table daily if you still have time and are looking for a nightcap you can check out these bars bask lay on Lucy in the Sky LOI Union safe house or Lola as you can see this crazy place hi Philippe it's one of the most underrated food cities in Asia it's absolutely beautiful so it's worth a second look definitely if you're coming in the area I'm in a region going to Bali for example I really do recommend stopping by Jakarta and trying all the human and just experiencing the city for a couple of days it's been a lot of fun and we're gonna build deeper into it so we're doing two more episodes one is all about kind of like family-style cooking and learning how to make Indonesian food and the other one will focus purely on other good eats you can have during the day at this great city so I'll see you guys there we're literally in the middle you

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  1. Great stuff, Erwan. Kevindra is very knowledgeable. But who came up with your glossary, a Malay? Some of those would be met with confused looks in Jakarta. Try these:
    Mushrooms = jamur instead of cendawan
    Crab = kepiting instead of ketam
    Salted fish = ikan asin instead of masin
    Red chillies = cabai/cabe merah instead of merah
    And bonus: pig/pork = babi

    Looking forward to the next video!

  2. I'm a Filipina, worked in Bali for 2yrs in an international School. I myself planned on going to Jakarta too but chose to go in Yogyakarta instead. Now, I regret not trying to go to Jakarta hahaah

  3. awesome!! I didn't you know you came to Jakarta just recently. I wish we could meetup for a coffee sometime ๐Ÿ™‚

    Btw, my first ever vlog of my hiking trip to Mount Gede, Indonesia was heavily inspired by your video which is "Hiking Mount Ugo in the Philippines", thanks for giving me some inspiration.

    Anyway, all the best bro. Can't wait to see your other cool upcoming video soon, cheers!

    – Ardi

  4. Ive been to jakarta for a expo but didnt have a chance to try street food and other aunthetic indonesian food ๐Ÿ˜”

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