STRESS: 9 ways to help YOU cope with being stressed [FAST]

stress! in this video I’ll be covering
9 tips that are proven to help you feel less stressed coming up hey I’m
Dan I have Asperger’s syndrome ADHD and OCD and make weekly videos on autism
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so in this video I’ll be covering at 9 tips how you can overcome stress and
some of these tips may actually surprise you so I’ve been dealing with stress my
entire adult life this is due to the fact that I have an autism spectrum
condition and that stress kind of comes as just part of it before now I’ve even
lost my hair due to alopecia caused by stress and I’ll actually leave a link to
that video up in the cards above so you guys can check that out if you want to
see that video but I am no stranger to stress well my hair start to fall out I
realized that this had to change and I quickly realized that some of the things
I was doing in my life we’re actually not helping stress and they were
actually contributing towards stress but I also learned that there are some
strategies and there are some ways that you can do things at home and in life
that will help relieve stress and make your life a lot more happier so
basically you can overcome stress just like I did so as it’s mental health
awareness week I’d like to ask you a question night in your life was the
biggest issue you’re facing is it stress anxiety or worry please leave it in a
comment in the comment section below I’d love to our discussion with you I read
every single comment ok so here are 9 proven tips that will help decrease your
stress levels and help you feeling much more stress relieved okay so number one
is sleep and morning routine now if you get less than seven hours sleep you’re
gonna be more prone to feeling sluggish and more prone to feeling tired
and this can cause an increase in stress so making sure you get at least seven
hours sleep a night will definitely help increase your minds capacity to deal with
stress not only that is when you wake up this is important now morning routines
are something everybody has but it’s important to have a healthy one that
encourages, health and happiness and less stress and one way to do this is to
you know get early but with still having your seven
hours sleep but then maybe spending some time in silence don’t play with your
iPhone or your iPad or whatever and spend some time in the Sun make sure you
get sunlight on your face maybe have you know a cold glass of water and some
sunlight on your face but just sit there in silence and just really you know
allow your body time to wake up because this will help you naturally become
awake and it will definitely decrease the stress so number two is practicing
mindfulness during the day now I know that mindfulness sounds like something
that’s very clinical and it used to be you know taught by like Buddhists and
stuff like that but mindfulness is a really good way to help overcome things
we don’t need to be an expert in it to do it and this is what I’m going to
share with you right now mindfulness is just being mindful
basically of everything that’s happening but there are ways to insert mindfulness
into your daily routine so that you can feel less stressed more happy and more
productive one of the best ways to do this is to set reminders or little
triggers everywhere maybe to set your phone to have an alarm every kind of a
couple of hours to make you alert so you get up so it reminds you to stand up
walk around take a drink of water move your brain away from whatever it is
you’re doing you just think about something that makes you happy maybe it
was reminding yourself of a holiday you took or imagining a holiday that you
want to take and this kind of thing reset your mind in your brain so you’re
feeling a bit less stressed and more happy and you become almost reset and
refreshed by it it’s a very very simple technique and I highly recommend trying
this because you will definitely feel amazing results so number three is like
connecting and listening to your body and what I mean by this is sometimes
when you’re feeling stressed or anxious you’ll get chest pain or like
muscle aches or your hands may go cold and you may just be feeling overall
rotten and it’s kind of like you are missing that connection to your body
because your mind is not going running on over time getting stressed out
worrying about things so one way to do this to reconnect to your body is maybe
rub your chest when your chest is actually hurting and that way your body
knows that you are actually there and you are listening another way is to
maybe just rub your arms or your legs if you’re feeling a bit stressed just to
get that blood flowing around there and let your body know that you are here and
you are listening another one is maybe rubbing your hands together make them
warm and stuff and this again gives your body signals that you are listening and your mind will start to relax because it starts to connect a bit more to your body and
that’s what you really need to do to help overcome stress okay so number four
is a funny one shaking it off basically I don’t know the term for it but it’s
something that I read on a blog somewhere but it actually does work this
technique is very very simple all you have to do is if you’re feeling really
stressed or really stressed out and anxious then just get up and like move
about and shake all your body around like a dog you know like you shake your
arms your limbs you shake your your chest a little bit and it’s like shake
your head a little bit nothing crazy just enough to make sure that your body is
kind of alert and knows that you are listening to it another way of
connecting to your body but it’s a really cool way of just recharging them
and it’s a super cool way to feel bit more energized it really does load you
with some energy that you didn’t know you had which is super awesome oh and
something that may be of interest to you I did a video on overcoming anxiety and
ways to deal with anxiety and what I’ll do is I’ll leave that in a card above
here so you can checked out after this video okay so number five is music now
music is amazing I play music in a band that I’ve played music for years but one
thing that I learned from this when I was used to working in an office for two
days a week was that when I was getting super stressed or super anxious I used
to put my headphones on and put a playlist on Spotify of my favorite tunes
something that I really chill out like maybe it could have been orchestral
music it could be covers of like punk bands but orchestral covers just
something that you know that you relax to and by doing this it sounds a little
frequency waves to your brain and your mind that helps them relax it gives them
a bit of a vacation because you’re you’re breathing in these frequencies or
music that is pleasurable to the ears and the mind and this does help relieve
a lot of stress okay so number six is probably my favorite one and that’s
breathing now breathing has to be the all-time number one gold standard for
instantly overcoming stress or worry or anxiety and it’s amazing
in our day an age we don’t really breathe that well we we shallow breathing a lot
we never really deep breathe and breathe that air in and realize how important
that is to breathe so with this comes this technique basically you just need
to sit down in a comfy chair put your back straight put your knees and your
feet together and put your hands on your knees then close your eyes and take a
really deep breath in for five seconds then hold it a little bit and breathe
out slowly for seven seconds by doing this they will instantly calm me down or
automatically make you feel less stressed and just an all-around
fantastic way to just instantly reset yourself and get yourself to a place
where you can then logically move on from that because sometimes when you’re
stressed you don’t know how are you gonna overcome this situation you don’t
what’s gonna happen next and it could lead to like a meltdown or a burnout so
what you really need to do is just really breathe that air in slowly
breathe it out and it’s kind of on the principles of when a child is annoying
its parent and the parent wants to say I’ll count to ten it’s kind of the same
principle it’s allowing your mind time to reset itself but using breathing to
do so okay so number seven is drink wise and I can’t stress how important this is
drinking things like caffeine and sugar too some people are like energizes they
feel like it gives them energy well in actual fact this is wrong and
it doesn’t give you energy it actually stimulates you a little bit and then has
the adverse effect and can make you more stressed so highly sugary foods and
sugary drinks are no good and highly caffeinated drinks are no good these are
no good for stress if you’re feeling stressed in to stay away from these so I
recommend staying away from sugary drinks and replacing your tea or coffee
with a decaf aversion because you can still enjoy the taste I don’t know it’s
not the most exciting thing in the world but it’s about your health and your
health comes first so on the same lines number eight is foods now foods
can have a tendency to make you more stressed and you can have foods that
will help you less stress so it’s hard to pinpoint the exact foods that help
stress and anxiety go crazy but it’s easy to find the foods that will help
you feel more happy and less stressed because these are kind of like nerve
foods they feed the nerves they strengthen the nerves and it relieves a
lot of tension and leisure it was a lot of this stress now these foods are like
nuts and yogurt and dark chocolate and avocado things like that and you can eat
these foods because they’re so rich and healthy for you they’ll actually help
your nervous system and I’ll help you feel less tense and help your nerves
heal a bit and stretch and strengthen and this will kind of help you become a
bit more happier just by the foods that you eat
okay so here’s number nine and this one is all about the senses and just like I
spoke about before how breathing was like a technique then to
help you kind of calm down this is a Buddhist technique and then another one
is mindfulness and mindfulness techniques are so so helpful again
extension Buddhism and mindfulness has another practice which has been like
really taken down to its basics here which is what we’re going to talk about
which is the senses now this one is really really good for overcoming stress
from a day or a week or whatever you’re getting to the end of your tether this
is a great practice so try this is what we’re gonna do sit down in a quiet room
or lay down in a quiet room and you can just get yourself to a comfortable
position then close your eyes and imagine complete darkness I know it’s
hard to do that with just imagine completely darkness and then focus your
minds attention on the feelings that you are feeling so I’m feeling that I’m
sitting down on a bed and how does the cushion feel against my back or how is
the temperature in the room how my body feeling against it is is it hot is it
cold where are my hands positioned how how
are my hands feeling right now then focus your attention on your ears and
then kind of have a listen to what you can hear around you like can I hear the
cards kind of here children playing outside can I hear a dog barking in the
street and hear the wind howling through the streets all of this is great and
it’s a great practice if you can do this we’re about 20 minutes to 40 minutes at
the end of every week this would be an amazing practice it will help you
feel less stressed it will help you feel more happy and it already set your body
and mind to being a bit more awake and in line with you rather than just being
somewhere else worrying about something it doesn’t really need to be worried
about okay guys I know I said I was going to do 9 but here’s a little pro
tip so this one’s number 10 but it’s a booster for you guys now this one is
fantastic and I’ve used this so many times and it’s writing it down or
getting it out through writing now there’s two ways to do this one is it
you can just sit down and write out your worries or your stress because when you
do that you’re taking them out of your mind onto paper and by doing that it
eliminates your mind from having to carry that baggage that weight of the
stress so it’s now on this paper and you can deal with it when you want to deal
with it another way is to just sit down and it’s more therapeutic to just write
whatever comes to your mind and as you do this you’ll just write out anything
and everything that you can think of or just whatever is coming to your mind
this is a like almost like talk therapy but for your mind for writing and it
will help you de-stress and feel less stressed and worried about things and a
bit more happy so head over to my next video which is just over here and if
you’re new and you’d like to learn more of our autism and mental health make
sure you hit that subscribe button thank you guys for watching I’ll see you next
time peace

100 thoughts on “STRESS: 9 ways to help YOU cope with being stressed [FAST]

  1. One thing that DOESN'T help is saying 'relax' when you're stressed

    Wait… That isn't really an autistic problem, it's a human problem.
    Just don't do that.

  2. What's the biggest issue ??

    ALL OF THEM at once!
    Worry at what's going to happen next,
    stressed because lack of time
    and anxiety on the situation and how it can evolve (probably for the worst, like you're evolving a Charmander to a Charmeleon but instead you're thinking on OMG, what if this will be a shitty bulbasaur, or even a awesome pokemon which will run away from me…)

  3. I struggle with all 3, worry anxiety & stress. At times one more then other. But when they all 3 combine at the same time I go into a meltdown. Meltdowns for me are a lot of crying and after I feel drained and awful the rest of the day. I've just recently realized that I'm most likely autistic and that when I can control crying that it's a meltdown.

  4. I used to drink mad amounts of caffeine because it makes me calm, but Topamax makes fizzy drinks taste flat ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  5. Really great tips, Dan. I find it difficult to sleep and sit still but I regularly write when Iโ€™m feeling stressed. I also drink herbal tea at night especially bed time tea ๐Ÿต. Itโ€™s wonderful. I tend to stress or worry when something happens to me and it leads me to have stomach migraines. But Iโ€™m trying to find ways to control my stress and anxiety and I think your video has done the trick, Dan. Thank you so much. ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿฆ‹โœจ

  6. Chocolate not good – it has a variant of caffeine – (I can't eat good chocolate truffles as my heart will start pounding from them – insert very sad face)

  7. Love it! Mindfulness and breathing really helps me. I just had yo get past the part where I felt silly, and felt like it made anxiety worse (it doesnt, it's just that we're paying more attention to it!). Keeping on with it really starts to help more and more.
    Also, dogs help! ๐Ÿ˜„ Is that a happy jack russell I spy? I have one too, such a jolly, busy little dude. ๐Ÿ˜

  8. Great upload it's good to hear from someone who has aspergers who knows what its like.
    So stay away from a really hot indian meal on one of the hottest days of the year & washing it down with a pint of monster drink.

  9. Trying to keep the suicidal thoughts away from all of the pressure of university and life in general is my biggest challenge at the moment probably. I live in fear of not meeting my own high expectations for myself…

  10. Needed this at work today I snapped at someone and I could be told off for it just cause o was stressed and shouted to try and get out a situation

  11. I love your videos. I've currently been traveling with my university course and although I sometimes know what we are doing I still get and have some anxiety issues.

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    "music"–"YMCA" by The village People, BEST song to play to shake it off!
    thanks again for this video! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. My problem is I think too much and worry about all the consequences. You're great Dan. Writing it down helps me to.

  15. Of the three, stress is definitely my biggest one. Stress leads to migraines, which occasionally lead to meltdowns.

  16. I have ADHD, dyslexia, social anxiety, fibromyalgia and cluster headaches. I found the best way for me to calm down is to take a bath and listen to Zen music. Coldplay and Deftones also helps me chill out. Nothing helps with the cluster headaches except for oxygen, Red Bull and ice packs to the eyeball and head.
    Thank you for making these videos, I have a very close friend that has Asperger's and it's helped me to understand him a lot better. โค

  17. Right now anxiety. I have not slept well the last two nights and with the excitement and stress of my graduation and my new job and home. I was sick tonight. And am finding trouble sleeping. I also worry about stuff. I really need to get some good rest to be able to get through this. Hoping I will fall asleep soon.

  18. Worry and anxiety cause me stress so I think I have all three. L-Theanine is a supplement that I find helpful from green tea to relax me. I take up to 400mg. Exercise can be helpful for increasing our resistance to stress since exercise itself is stress (gets your body more used to coping with it).

  19. Stress, anxiety and worry are really synonyms. So, it isnโ€™t really an โ€œorโ€ question.

    Writing a โ€œTo Do List,โ€ focussing on accomplishing a few tasks and then crossing them off when each item is done tends to help reduce anxiety. In your book, you suggested that a person write three items a day on things that "went well" for gratitude. An "Accomplishment List" would work in a similar way.

    My morning routine is coffee. Then coffee goes into my afternoon. Liquidum vitae = coffee Chocolate is great and when chocolate syrup is mixed with vanilla ice cream, they become wonderful. Mixing coffee beans, chocolate beans and vanilla beans is a trifecta. I think I will organize the Knights of the Troika of Mystic and Powerful Beans to challenge the Jedi. Forget the Dark Side. Give in to the beans.

  20. I do rub my arms or hands but then people say I'm excited and need to get rid of my overflowing energy….. I'm a big worryknob.

  21. If I rate, it would be anxiety, stress and worry, but then my brain kicks in and declares that "'worry' should be first since the others are most likely symptoms of our feelings and thoughts thus creating anxiety and stress"… whatever brain.
    I have a song by Serj Tankian – Empty Walls, that helps to keep my head occupied when stressed, ie before stepping onto a bus full of people, but(!) I'd send a warning that it can also Make you stressed if you're not already. The song giveth, and the song taketh. Whatever song I listen to, key is to have it loud enough so my thoughts are lower than the words.
    Breathing is indeed a good help, but one people always forget even though it is so easy. Bathrooms are on of my favourites to just stay in for a while until I can feel my pulse and breathing have slowed down.
    Keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Great tips. Dark chocolate has caffeine though best take it as early as possible in the day or it can keep you up at night. I finally resolved my solution by putting on Facebook that I didn't feel well, my mom was awake and saw it and called me. Her talking to me calmed me down, dedramatized the situation, changed my mind so I could sleep . I am going to inform myself more about musician noise canceling ear plugs to sleep better, I have heard that they are comfortable. Im hoping that they are comfortable enough to sleep with and that the sound of when you walk doesn't echo in your ear when you walk like ordinary ear plugs. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the video!

  23. Stress, anxiety, worry, all of the above. Your advice is good, except the first two don't work for me. Seven hours of sleep is good. I'd like to get eight, unfortunately it's usually hard for me to sleep more than six hours. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I want to do before I even get out of bed is grab my laptop and start checking messages and such. Mostly things that don't affect me. That's happiness for me. I don't want any idle time. Because then I will just start thinking about problems, and get stressed. I don't want to start the day that way. I also don't want sunlight on my face the first thing in the morning. Sunlight for me is way too bright and very stressful. I prefer sitting in darkness. That's why I have blackout curtains on my windows. Sitting in the dark is very relaxing for me. 2, I prefer to keep my mind on what I'm doing, with as few breaks as possible. Breaks are just a time to start thinking about problems, then my stress level starts going up. The rest of youe points are excellent and help me a lot too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. the biggest thing I am dealing with is actually a lot I was diagnosed Aspergers, bipolar, adhd, anxiety, paranoia, and depression some at a young age some as I got older ( I'm 19) and my boyfriend has a hard time understanding like why I interrupt people why their talking, or why I jump into peoples conversations, why I have melt downs for no reason, or when I say something that is true and comes out hurtful just because I don't have a filter. like sometimes he thinks I'm just doing it then blaming it on my disorder. he is very understanding were only together a year and before me he never really knew about mental illness or autism. I also struggle getting myself to go to work I have never worked at a place longer than 3 months I have melt downs I obsess over the fact that I have to go like a week before I even have to go into work. I am currently not working and also getting myself to go to college because I struggle in school. when I have my melt downs I tend to start hitting either my head or leg really hard and freak out and cry I'm actually currently trying to get an emotional support service dog. everything just feels like a struggle but I found your video a week ago and have been binge watching your videos and I just want you to know your great and I relate to you so much.

  25. Put into join your group on FB! I have Asperger's and ADHD! I have been stimming a lot here lately more than usual! So I was looking for different ways to cope and came across here! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Thanks, I have 3 projects and finals in 2 weeks. I cried yesterday because of all the overwhelming things going around in my head. It felt terrible, I havenโ€™t felt that way in so long.

  27. Hey Dan, I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome at the age of 10, and I am high functioning, I even made it into advanced maths and English in school. I hate trying to deal with stress and anxiety so thanks for making the video.

  28. I also enjoy doing the breathing, fellow human! All jokes aside, great video. I just found your channel and subscribed

  29. Right on target what works for me doesn't work for others dark chocolate relaxes me, thanks a lot your videos are awesome…just like you God bless ๐Ÿ’Œ peace!

  30. Kratom helps me greatly for my stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, they banned the sale and import of it to the UK :/

  31. Im afraid to ask my parents about getting tested for aspergers :/ i have done a lot of research and taken test and they all say that Its possible that i have aspergers, but Im afraid that my parents wont take me seriously… what should i do?

  32. I suffer from Anxiety, you know always thinking about worst case scenario situations…etc. I have been doing yoga every morning for about 5 months, barely missed a day

  33. I've been dealing with so much stress lately and I always have anxiety and paranoia daily. I tried doing the breathing today and it unfortunately only worked for a minute. My mind sometimes gets to a place I have no control over and I just have to ride out my storm. I hate it and hopefully can get to a doctor soon to see what is going on with me.
    I like these tips though, and will definitely try them out!

  34. This came exactly at the right time. Went on a camping trip last Friday, went up a hill by myself, got really anxious, and shook it off. It worked!

  35. Hi. Thank you for your videos they are extremely helpful. This is unrelated to stress sorry. My son age 8 chews his clothes and actually sucks on his arm when I tell him not to chew his clothes So of course I stopped telling him not to chew his clothes. I was wondering if this is related to ASD? I haven't seen you mention it in your videos? Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. I deal anxiety all the time, I live in subsidized housing by myself and I constantly worry myself to death. I constantly obbess with my health, both mental and physical, I have Dementophobia (The fear of going insane) and Death Anxiety (Mostly because I don't want to die young and let my family/friends down). It gets bad to the point where head pressure from stress makes me think somethings wrong with me, and honestly I hate it. -_- Hopefully some of the advice in this video can reduce some of my stress!

  37. I go to a school for people with anxiety and mental health issues and itโ€™s amazing and even though itโ€™s headed towards there take out some of the classes I take for anxiety and keep the atmosphere and I think thatโ€™s how mainstream schools should be, small, hardworking, understanding, you donโ€™t get shouted at for being late or as you walk down the hallway, itโ€™s really an amazing school and Iโ€™m sure in the 5 weeks Iโ€™ve been their theyโ€™ve already helped, it may have taken me just over 4 weeks but finally Iโ€™ve started talking to this one girl who I hope will be my friend, they wonโ€™t fix me but they help so so much.

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  40. I have a very big body stress.I am falling down on the floor because my body is very hard and I can't stand up sometimes plus I am autistic and my legs shake.Tablets are taking away stress,but I wish I had oxygen.In my country one bottle costs 18.96.It isn't very expensive but just for one bottle..Why can't they make it cheaper?
    But anway Your video helped me a lot and Also Eating salty foods like pizza help over come for me at least a bit of stress.I should suggest anyone to eat pizza or pie at least.

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  44. I'm a grandmother I wants the very best for my grandson. I don't know how to even start. He touches his privates by flicking the area. please please, could this be a tick. He was very upset and went to his swim practice,. His parent was called by the coach, that he was playing with himself. Please is this an ASD symptom? Please help me

  45. I use a spinner toy on the street to help me cope with traffic sound and loud exhausts… I realized that if I got 1 hand busy, the other isn't flapping ^_^

  46. Great tips, thanks. I have tried many things, what's best for me is small repetitive movements, like – hold tight – polishing faucets in the kitchen or bathroom or doing cross stitch embroidery. That's more fun and it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Crotcheting or knitting sometimes do the trick as well. My best remedy is Zentangle (R). Small drawings with repetitive motifs. For me the point are the small movements.

  47. Thank you so very much for this video! I was recently diagnosed with high-functioning Asperger's and I have had to wake up slowly for many years. I compare it to having to warm up like the old cathode ray tubes they had in the old televisions. I do not do well with being rushed in the morning at all.

  48. Thank you so much for making this video! Best regards from Argentina ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.D: i suffer a lot from anxiety and depression.

  49. Hi Dan,
    I am a mother of a 30 years old man diagnosed recently with Asperger syndrome in Greece. He lives in UK but doesnโ€™t go to doctor.
    Heโ€™s life is very different from my other son: always is alone, doesnโ€™t have a program, doesnโ€™t eat properly, is stressed, anxious and a month ago moved in other house.I donโ€™t know how to help him. Please help me.

  50. One way I deal with stress and anxiety is I hug a stuffed animal and it really calms me, I always have a stuffed animal with me ๐Ÿ˜Š

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