1. You have said it all so well .. I like to play guitar or keyboards / which involves headphones & a certain amount of cutting off from outside distractions plus it can be a therapy of sort's .. if I manage to lose myself in the moment ( I know ) it becomes a form of meditation & I strongly believe that we are .. in a sense .. what we do so .. I our daily habits / rituals are good healthy ones we are not only working towards the life we want .. in many way's we are living it . Namaste

  2. Yoga,, have discovered how much I enjoy it and try to get to a class once a week. Can't wait for the weather to get warmer to go walking in morning before getting started with my day. I work at staying organized at work and at home as much as possible.

  3. #1 tip to reduce stress…take CARE OF the environment and get vitamins in a glass bottle that can be recycled instead of packets that end up in the landfill. We need to start thinking of these things before the stress of climate change starts impacting us in more negative ways. We can only ignore these issues for so long.

  4. This is a great video! I'm always looking for ways to destress. Trying to be productive without burning out is a good part of living full out.

  5. Sometimes all I need is time. If I’m stressed it often feels paralyzing, and I just need to walk away for a day. (Typically using those intentional distractions during that time.) That gives my mind what it needs to process things and get through to that solution faster

  6. Hi. I love to watch a video of you before going to bed. Your Voice keeps me relaxed and i stay motivated to get my "shit together".

    Have a good day 🙂

  7. #amywordmedicine
    Thank You
    1) love the little stats you have been giving in the beginning of the videos* {and the tweetables}
    2) I noticed Lucy dipped out too, haha all of a sudden I was like Hey where's Lucy! 🙂
    3) Stress release = take a walk! Yes
    But Intentional Breathing is a HUGE game changer for me!
    Brings clarity & blood flow to the mind which is So combative to those hormones pouring off our minds when stressed***

  8. That's a LOT of tips Amy. Thanks! <3

    One would know most of them but having someone remind some of them to you, is pretty helpful.

  9. Hi Amy! I'm a doTERRA Essential Oil and Natural Supplement Wellness Advocate. I sell and educate people on the benefits of oils, but more than that how to be healthy overall! I've been watching you for a few months now, and you are a big reason why I decided to launch my business and am slowly working on my Youtube channel and website on the side of teaching first grade! Thank you for being such an awesome motivation!

  10. Thank you so much for the Twitter shout out. I have spent all day preparing for my first formal presentation for my biggest client so this video was a much needed think break filled with useful advice that I plan to follow immediately!

  11. This video was relatable, I don’t know many people who are excited about their skincare routine or seeing your bed made. Thank you for what you do!

  12. Really? B-O-R-I-N-G!!! Same old vlogs. Thought it would be a refreshing & different. U keep same the old stuff, was expecting something different for once.What u said is on every health poster . Guess no one can actually be original. Sorry to expect more from you.

  13. Absolutely glowing lady! You look super dapper!!
    Right on time with that great advice as always! Love your hustle! xo

  14. I get stressed and clean. And bake. I normally don't even eat it while I'm still stressed, it's just my outlet of choice when I'm losing it 😂

  15. The vitamin tablet is just marketing. If one eats healthy food and healthy life style they doesn’t need any tablets. Everyone follows healthy life style to get rid of any tablets in their life. Spend money on foods rather giving to doctor.

  16. Just found your channel recently – great content! If you like citrus, you should try young living’s stress away oil. It has lime and I am obsessed with it- I keep it in the car, my office, and home!!

  17. Working out is the best stress relief!! Somehow always seems to clear my mind:) Also love the idea of "intentional distractions." I feel like we always think of distractions as negatives but it can definitely be helpful with unnecessary stress!

  18. Wow Amy!
    I’m loving all the amazing yet subtle changes you’re making!
    I can see all the growth.
    Keep inspiring us always.


  19. So many of the things you mentioned has come up in this book I'm reading right now called The Stress Code by Richard Sutton. I highly recommend it!

  20. Hi Amy! 🙂
    I know you love Lucy, and diffusing oils :), but please read about those scents that dogs can't really tolerate. Some oils and scents are actually toxic for them… 🙁 (For example: wintergreen, d-limonene (citrus), pine, cinnamon, pennyroyal, eucalyptus, and tea tree.) But lavender is a good choise for both you and Lucy.
    Love your videos! Take care Amy! 🙂 🙂

  21. Making your bed in the morning can trap bugs. I learnt this last week. Making your bed 11 onwards is fine to give it time to air out 🙂

  22. I’ve been investigating slow living as part of a minimalist journey, which has really helped me. Just being more aware of myself and my surroundings. And yes, sleep is good!

  23. I feel like taking supplement is such an American thing – bc of marketing, clearly. Here in Europe, at least Central and southern, no one takes them. Only in the northern countries you can find them more often, because hey, lack of sun

  24. Can’t do all of these other than sleep and medicate bc I’m broke af ! I hope one day I’m wealthy enough to do all of these

  25. I wish so my h my husband would watch your videos.
    We have gone through a horribly stressful year right after we had just gotten up on our feet from a previous stressful year. He has become so stressed by the most minor things… absolutely EVERYTHING pisses him off. We can’t drive down the street with out him bashing on some person just walking, or some sticker on a car. I mean, really everything 24/7. He is constantly glued on his phone… ahh. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I try and mention positive things or feel good subjects but I just sound lame to him. I know he’s just thinking I sound ridiculous.
    Welp, this comment just turned into a venting session sorry lol
    I don’t know anyone where we moved so listening to your positive videos is a fresh breath of air. THANK YOU!

  26. Amy thank you again for reminding us that we have to prioritize out health and wellness above all. This is not selfish, this is actually the most generous thing you can do.

    As for working out: I work out three times a week at the gym. Plus every morning I do a little 3min workout. We might not have 5min but 3min yes. I do some plank, push-ups, crunches and bridges. That’s it. But to me it makes a huge difference in my mood and self-esteem throughout the day. Plus the compound rule should not be underestimated! 💜

  27. Amy, I just wanted to leave a comment and let you know that your videos have made a positive impact on my life. I’ve learned about skin care, morning pages, productivity tools, and putting your best face forward which has helped me break quite a few bad habits and create healthy new ones. Thank you for the time and energy invested into your content.

    Lastly, you have been looking radiant lately! Besides the lashes, have you implemented anything new to your skin care/makeup routine? A possible updated tutorial would be highly appreciated *wink*! Take care!

  28. Cool video Amy!! I do loads of these…have my lavender and lemon in my diffuser right now,my water bottle beside me and my monthly massage in my diary lol xx

  29. One thing I find useful is asking myself, what's the smallest thing you are anxious/stressed about? It's often something like a full trash can. So I take the trash out, and it gives me a small feeling of accomplishment. It doesn't have to be anything big to make you feel a little better. The part that matters is you took a step in the right direction.

  30. Amy, I know you like your face looking healthy and sunny, but in my opinion recently your face looks too orange. Especially when I see your hands all the time – it makes big contrast.

  31. Things I need to do: start morning pages again, go to bed on time and figure out a schedule which works workout wise. Great video.

  32. Love oils all day everyday to distress or to improve my focus and attention. Spearmint and Lavender are "oils of communication". This is a great combo!

  33. I personally love the all caps titles. 😉 Love this and absolutely love your content always. Favorite YouTube channel ever.

  34. Exercise is one of the best stress/anxiety busters I have found. No matter what, I start my day with 45-60 minutes of exercise even if I (gulp) have to wake up at 5:15am. #notamorningperson If I don't exercise in the morning, my whole day is off. It's always worth it.

  35. Love this video!!!!💕💕💕💕 much needed in my current situation. Amazing work you do yay! Adding to my bullet journal – stress relievers

  36. I am a big believer in music. If I’m feeling stressed I put on my favourite playlist & sing out hard. Maybe even dance in the lounge room!

  37. 1.) Sleep 2.) Meditation 3.) Working Out / Yoga 4.) Massage / Self Care 5.) Distraction 6.) Diffuser with Essential Oils 7.) Take a Walk to clear your mind 8.) Morning Pages in the Artist's Way Book 9.) Avoid Alcohol 10.) Daily Rituals (morning or evening skincare), journaling, making a bed

  38. This is a very helpful video, Amy! I often feel stressed especially if I wasn't able to do what was planned for the day, As an online entrepreneur, my time really needs to be spent properly so I can make sure the daily goals are met. Thank you for sharing tips like these because it really helps a lot.

  39. Yes to walking and moving your body! I’ve been loving walking for 30-60mins just listening to a podcast (usually about health and fitness) and just enjoying nature. Fresh air and exercise does wonders for me and it’s low-impact and really good for fat loss too! 👏🏼

  40. Ylang Ylang has been even better as a relaxer than lavender for my oil burner 🙂 Worth a shot 🙂
    GREAT Video Yet again! Thank you! x

  41. Daily rituals have transformed my life. Best part is that being consistent with your morning and evening routines actually affords for having flexibility without additional stress (i.e. stuck in traffic).

  42. Yes Girl! Every Boss Lady needs to see this video. I am a Belief Breakthrough Coach and I do a lot of videos on this topic. Many of those videos are around essential oils and how they can help with the stress levels female entrepreneurs face. Love Love Love your videos.

  43. I never imagined considering meditation, but that whole not blowing up as the day grows long benefit you found has me thinking of where in my day I can do it xoxo. Thank you

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