Stressed Syllables (Part 2): Where does the stress go?

Hi everyone! This is Teacher Ryane and
this is Stressed Syllables Part 2! So, in the first video I had lots of
comments about questions like: “Teacher, how do we know which syllable to stress?
Is there anything you can teach me about this?” So, I did some research. I looked up
some information and today I’m going to give you some hints and some tips to
know which syllable in this word is stressed. Okay, here we go. So in two
syllable words, not verbs, this is usually talking about other words besides verbs.
The verbs are kind of funny. Okay, so, not verbs, but in two syllable words usually
the first syllable is stressed 90% of the time! Okay, so, this is REALLY
good! 90% is really good! So, we have NEver NEver
LEmon LEmon STUdent That’s you! STUdent Okay, but I know sometimes if the word
comes from another language then we follow the stress pattern of the
original language like this word bizarre a bizarre is a Persian word okay
so here it would go up bizarre bizarre okay thank you Persia okay secondly
we’ve got words that end in tion sio N or CIA n right the tion okay if we have
a word that has these endings then this sound right before is the stressed one
so I have Redux reduction reduction okay and form a
nation information permissions permission and musician’s musician okay
so these this is like the the sound right before the ending that’s the one
that’s usually stressed okay another hit okay so we have compound nouns now
compound nouns a compound noun is when you take one noun and you take another
noun and you put them together like this one we’ve got bath and we have room and
we know that these words can be apart or together so with bathroom and airplane
which one’s stressed first one right so we say bathroom a airplane and this is
true for a lot of compound nouns like strawberry post office bedroom okay
driveway bookshelf the first syllable is stressed and it goes down to the next
one bathroom airplane okay and lastly if a word has a prefix the prefix here on
dis X under the prefixes are not stressed okay when we’re talking about
the noun I know verbs are a little bit crazy but
we’re talking about the noun right so undo discuss understand understand
explain okay so these prefixes are not stressed so we’re going to go up undo
undo understand understand and the second one here is going to be stressed
so I hope this gives you a little more information about how to decide where
does the stress go in the word I know it’s kind of complicated especially
because when English takes a word from another language we follow that stress
pattern and then sometimes we don’t if the word is very very old we’ve kind of
changed it so especially if you speak French you’re going to have like a
little bit of trouble trying to understand where the stress goes in a
word that’s from French because sometimes we follow the French but if
it’s a very old word we don’t follow the French so French speakers you have my
sympathies good luck so this is part two go back and watch
part one and if you enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up and subscribe I’m
making more videos all the time if you have a question send it to me in the
comments ok thanks for watching

23 thoughts on “Stressed Syllables (Part 2): Where does the stress go?

  1. Hi everyone! I switched up "bizarre" and "bazaar" in this video! "Bazaar" is a Persian word and "bizarre" is French! All the talk about stress made me feel… umm stressed!

  2. Wonderful lessons and excellent I am very benefited from these lessons Thank you very much you are a wonderful person

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    I don't see any videos about "common phrasal verbs" you might wanna do some. What do you think?

  4. Thanks teacher Ryane for making this video..but I have question SEASON is a compound noun so which one of its will be stressed SEA or SON

  5. Hello Ryane, don't stop making your contents cause they're great! Your videos are amazing! Congrats for your Channel!!!

  6. ma'am i need a help. in any noun/pronoun/adjective/verb word how can i stress mark ??
    like as
    Memory- Memo'ry
    Programme- Prog'ramme etc can you make any video on this topics please.

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