Student Recreation and Wellness Center Update

So when a student walks in, they’re going
to walk into a 79 thousand square foot multi-leveled Trojan Fitness and
Wellness center. As they walk in they’re going to be met with a rotunda area and
a front desk. At that front desk they’re going to be able to check in, they’re
going to be able to to find out what activities are going on. They’re gonna be
able to access the the cafe area without not actually going in to the facility
itself. In the facility itself we have again we have three floors that
will have fitness equipment on all three floors. The first floor the entrance
floor will have two aerobics rooms. It’ll have a wooden basketball court and then
also a full-size mat court. So the idea of this was to have an open concept
philosophy. So basically when somebody walks in they’re able to look all the
way up to the third floor the second floor and also the first floor and be
able to see what’s going on. See the activity you know see what what kind of
activities are going on. And so when they walk into this area they have full range
of vision of where everything’s at from who’s playing basketball on the wood in
court and to who’s in the in the mat court to all the way over there on the
other side where the Olympic lifting area is going to be. This is one of the
aerobic rooms or group X rooms that we’re calling them. And so
this area is going to be for aerobics, yoga, Pilates, high low medium impact type activities
so that kids can come in and be able to have some type of fitness class in here.
Any room that you go into you’re going have a TV on the wall and on that TV
you’re going to be able to see what’s going on in this room real-time
scheduling on what’s going on in this room and then so it keeps the kids more
informed of what what we have going on. Areas like this with indention, you’re
looking at cubbies, not lockers but cubbies. So somebody’s playing
basketball they can just put their bag in here.
And so we’ll have cubbies spread out throughout the building. On the other
side is a group X room just like the one we just went into. This is the mat court
right here which is a multi activity court. It is a court that has a glass
wall around it with a netting with a rubberized floor inside of it. You’re
gonna be able to play basketball in here you can be able to play indoor soccer in
here you can be able to play volleyball. The reason we went with a mat court if
you have volleyball going on here you can have basketball going on here and
you won’t disrupt either one of them. Up on the second floor you’ll have cardio
that will line this whole railing overlooking the gym floor. Again it’s
that open concept, so if I’m up here running on a treadmill I’m able to see
what’s going on. People were able to see me and what’s going on you know somebody
might walk in and say hey there’s Shane he’s here so I’m gonna go ahead and come
on in or whatever. The main goal was to be able to show a 360-degree view of the
campus. But again we wanted windows in areas that show activity. You don’t want
to ride by and not see anybody in here. So this room right here is gonna be our
spin room and this is where we’re gonna have our cycling classes at. In this room
the cycling classes, the lights and everything will be connected to the
music and so it kind of gives that ambience when the means it picks up the
lights will kind of flash. This is the game room. So in this room you’ll have
ping-pong table, billiards, you’ll have TVs on the wall with gaming systems. This
will be wide open glass so not only you’re going to have weights free
weights on on the first floor and on the second floor, but we’ll go on up to the
third floor. Again as you’re running this track
you’re going to see views of campus. So the tracks actually going to be red
because that’s the focal point of the whole facility. What you’ve got
down there is you’ve got a five foot leisure pool with zero entry on both
sides. They have not tiered out but you’re going to have on the the
left-hand side looking at it you’re going to have three tiers of levels so
that people can lay out on three different tiers. You’re gonna have a wide
deck area, right down the middle of it you’re gonna have a waterfall. As
you’re walking up you’re going to notice that the parking lot is going to go
almost to the building but that’s where the outdoor pool is going to be at. And the
outdoor pool is designed so that it’s below grade, so if somebody is walking up
right here they’re not going to be able to see down into the pool area. So this
outdoor patio we’re gonna be able to teach morning aerobics, morning Pilate,
stuff like that. It will have a railing over it. And so this will be a good
idea during the you know the early spring, late fall be able to come out
here and do the activities. So as you can see you know the
university maximized every bit of area that we could so we’re all excited for
in the fall of 2019!

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