Study medicine at the University of Sydney

I studied in Canada doing a Commerce Degree initially and then decided to change paths, thought that moving halfway around the world would be a pretty cool adventure so decided to come and studied at Sydney. It completely immerses you in medicine and so in some respects it’s hard to think
that I had a whole other world before medicine. As I entered first year
medicine, there was lawyers, engineers, people who have done nursing and other degrees prior. If medicine is what you want to do. It’s a great course. It’s a great University. It
has a really good reputation. It’s such an international university, we
have people from all around the world. I love that because you just get so many
perspectives. An attractive thing about studying in Australia at the
University of Sydney as they prepare for a general internship with a cycle
through medicine, surgery, critical care in different fields in their first year.
There has been amazing clinicians here at Westmead to encourage, me and my peers to pursue the path that we’re most passionate about. Sydney
really equips you to be the master of your own medical degree and your own medical training. Just say for us, a typical Friday, we tend to have a
couple of lectures on personal and professional development to start with. Something a little bit different, it’s not direct clinical knowledge and then
we often have an afternoon full of labs at the Charles Perkin Centre. It’s a beautiful facility. We finish off with an anatomy practical, we get to you know work with
organs and look at dissected bodies and really see the disease processes
happening. On other days we’ve always got, as I’ve said, a hospital day and so we’ll have tutes with different doctors and actually follow patients around, take histories
and do examinations. So I mean every day is definitely different. University Sydney has strong roots in global health that allows many of our students to be
integrated and work around the world. So I had the experience of being able to go
back with Mercy of Toronto to do one of my core block rotations in fourth year
and that really shapes the way that you view medicine and you realise that
it doesn’t all live in a tertiary hospital in the middle of the city. Sydney has this
option to go rural for a whole year. Everyone seems to have something amazing to say about it and lots of people seem to go back. That definitely made me consider Sydney
but you know you also then get the mix of all the really big city hospitals here. Most of our lecturers are world leaders in their fields. University Sydney has deeply entrenched roots in research. They’ve been able to show us that research and
clinical exposure go hand in hand. So we have at peers who are working intensely
on research projects and we’ll sort of probably be the next face of medicine. I think the teachings has been really great pretty much all of it, is taught by actual
practicing clinician specialists, you know the top of their field. From day one
of the degree you get to spend at least one day with in hospital, you learn with
patients, they teach you so much more. So we have a group of about 50 or 60
students in my year, you develop strong bonds that we will hopefully
continue to develop and grow as we move into practice physicians. It’s just such
a great environment you’ve got heaps of friends, everyone’s really supportive and
helps each other out. Sydney Uni just gives you so many options to do so many different things. I’m really excited to see where it takes me. I delivered my first baby this week which was a phenomenal experience. A massive life
event for Mum, Dad and baby, being there day one of a new life, is
something that you can’t really put into words.

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