Studying Laboratory Medicine at Curtin

If you’ve ever had a blood test done, then you’ve had some involvement with a medical scientist and maybe one of the
Curtin graduates. I’m studying the Bachelor of Science (Laboratory Medicine) course. I’ve always been interested in studying cells, from when I was really small. As long as I can remember, it’s my passion. Working in a team knowing that on the other side there’s a patient that’s relying on the results that you’re working on.. What attracted me to Laboratory Medicine was the aspect of helping people indirectly but in a really important way. Laboratory Medicine gives a student a career where they can be involved with science, it’s very practically oriented and that they can help people. There’s a lot of practical stuff. That’s what I love the most about this course – it’s not only theory. You can go in and apply what you’ve learned in the lecture to what you’re doing in the lab and from there you can develop a much better understanding. Within the degree focus on aspects that you enjoy which you can later on study further into when you’re in your third year. You can study hematology, you can study microbiology, you can study immunobiology. There’s a whole lot of different aspects and different majors you can choose from. But perhaps the biggest asset is when students are in the second half of their third year and the first half of their fourth year they have 28 weeks of placements in hospitals and in private pathology laboratories where they really consolidate all of the
practical skills that they’ve learned. So on placement we have four 7-week
periods of, I guess, intense almost full-time work where we go to a lab. It entitles me to go into a hospital and actually work alongside people that are already in the industry, so I get to talk to them I get to discuss my ideas with them. It’s a great aspect that Curtin University offers. I’ll be there doing work on real blood samples and real tissue samples so these are people’s lives that depend on us and I think that’s very interesting and I love that I’m contributing to that. Really exciting seeing the atmosphere there and seeing the environment, the working environment. It’s really something to look forward to with the degree. I know from what I’ve learned on placement I will be able to get a job. I really loved it here at Curtin. I loved what I studied, I loved the social aspects of Curtin, getting involved in clubs and Guild things. It’s a degree that opens many doors, it’s an opportunity. You get to work in a hospital environment. If you want also to gain that practical experience as well as gain that knowledge, that theory knowledge, it’s amazing, honestly it’s a great experience. I’m really happy with my choice. I really recommend it to people that are thinking about coming into the Health Sciences. Do it. Just do it.

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  1. Is laboratory medicine the same as biomedical science? Also option to choose to go into research labs or medical labs? IBMS accredited? Why is there a difference in the nomenclature in the programs per school/college/uni? A bit confusing, no?

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