Studying Medicine at UCD

Renad, why did you choose to study medicine? Well, to be honest there is a lot of family members in my family that are, like, in the medical field. Both of my elder sisters as well, growing up as well my aunt and my Dad. So it was just something like growing up, I was like, oh I’d love to just, you know, follow them and kind of be the same! Inspiration kind of thing? Yeah for sure! And why did you choose UCD to study medicine? Again, one of my older sisters is studying here so she kind of introduced it to like, our family, because we’re not from Ireland and the campus, as soon as I saw it I was like, yes this is where I want to be. It’s incredible. And what is it like to study medicine as a woman? I feel it’s very empowering, you know, it’s obviously difficult and hectic and you know, crazy hours, etcetera, but it’s just so rewarding, especially when you get to see the patients and like, you know, try your best to just help you know, any way you can, so that’s just so empowering for you know, anyone in general, but especially as a woman, yeah, because it’s such, it’s a field that’s I feel like dominated almost by women, like, just in my class I definitely have, there’s just more girls than guys the lecturers are just amazing and you know females, it’s just so empowering. That’s really good, and last question, Do you have any plans in the future? Or any future career prospects in medicine? Well to be honest, I’m stage four so I haven’t really went to hospitals and saw what I want but I’m leaning towards either pediatrics, so like for kids, or geriatrics which is like for the elderly. Interesting, my Mum is a Geriatric Nurse actually. Oh my God yes, I love old people so yeah, hopefully that works out. That’s cool! Thanks Renad! No thank you guys!

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