Tasker 5 7 – Better Voices, Physical Buttons, NFC, Navigation Bar, Keyboard and more!

A huge update for Tasker is now out! Check
out all the new stuff! SAY WAVENET You now get much more realistic voices for
all your tasks and automations. “Hi! These are the new very natural sounding
voices in Tasker!” You have a lot of voices and languages to
choose from… “I’m from the UK!” “Hallo Aus Deutschland!”…
including an old lady! “And I am from the 1930s!” PHYSICAL BUTTONS You can now react to long pressing the volume
buttons on your phone! This allows you to skip songs… quickly mute
your phone or keep the button long pressed longer to enable Do Not Disturb…or even
use your phone as a remote for the various smart devices around your
house! Since this is Tasker, you can do pretty much all you want with it, like creating your
own unread messages assistant! You can now also assign Tasker actions to
the double tapping of the power button to play or pause music…and the bixby button
that you could use to toggle full screen mode… or anything else you can think of! NFC TAGS Tasker can now read or write NFC Tags! You
could place some tags around your house or car to switch modes on your phone (work, sleep,
control lights, control TV) .. you could make them do stuff on your device,
like playing your kid’s favorite cartoons… …or you could save secret messages
for your loved ones to hear later! NAVIGATION BAR You can now totally customize your navigation
bar at the bottom, including the ability to switch the button order or even launch tasks
directly from it! You could have an icon there to keep your screen on when you’re reading
the news in the morning…have a workout button in the afternoon to easily
start your workout environment…or even one at night where if you single tap it, it’ll
dim the lights…and if double tap it, it’ll slowly fade out the lights before going to
bed KEYBOARD This is a game changer for in-device automation.
The keyboard action will emulate a real Android keyboard, so it can write text in apps and
also simulate any other keyboard button. By doing this you can for example use the TAB
and arrow keys to navigate around an app’s UI and send a message in Whatsapp automatically!
Many many apps can now be automated this way! MORE STUFF Some actions like the back, toggle split screen
or show recents actions do not require the Tasker accessibility service to be on anymore. Tasker now uses the modern Android Notification
Category system for all notifications, so you can configure them right in your Android
Settings You can now easily report an issue to the
developer, and include a text and video log of what the issue is (show video of user complaining
that Tasker is too awesome) Many, many other changes were made to Tasker,
including making most of it run in background threads, making it much quicker and locking
up a lot less than before Enjoy the new Tasker!

55 thoughts on “Tasker 5 7 – Better Voices, Physical Buttons, NFC, Navigation Bar, Keyboard and more!

  1. So glad you took over Tasker. There was no better man for the job. It might be time to buy some NFC Tags and hop right back in. 🙂

  2. João Dias, você é sem dúvida o melhor desenvolvedor na Play Store! O Tasker não poderia estar em mãos mais capazes! Excelente trabalho!

  3. thanks a lot for great update..
    wondering why "help: download all to storage" not working..
    Everytime need help always shows option (view online, download..)

  4. This is all really cool but since the update I'm now stuck with a persistent Tasker notification that wasn't there before. I can't remember if it was originally like that and I disabled it, nor can I find an option to do so. I don't want the notifications disabled, just don't want the notification permanently stuck there. Any ideas?

  5. Awesome work sir! Having just switched from a Samsung to a Nexus phone I was a bit annoyed by the nav bar buttons being the "wrong" way round – Ha no longer, my back button is on the right now!

  6. How the hell can I control the Bixby button?? I don't see this option anywhere! Not as an event, nor as a task. Where is it? Anyone know??

  7. This app make an Android phone YOUR device. You are no longer ITS user.
    A big thank you to this great developer who is still updating Tasker, by far the best Android app.

  8. Very cool! Though IDK if I wanna sign up for billing just to use those voices…even if they say they won't bill me, I still feel uneasy doing that lol

    and every time i try to make something, it takes 4 days of fighting bugs and browsing forums, trying to find a way around all the many, maaaany of taskers quirks and it's bizarrely overcomplicated mechanics and UI.
    but i have to admit, tasker can do pretty much everything if you dig for a way long enough.

  10. It is not so easy as shown…. due to android strict rules. To use keyboard, you have to configurate ADB on the SmartPhone with pc. To use WaveNet voice, you need google API id

  11. Great update! Keep it up. I'm so spoiled with never having to change any settings manually, my whole day is automated through Tasker.

  12. How to create project in this version? I don't find beginner mode to disable it. What I have to do?

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