Team Nutrition CACFP Enrollment

This video will show you how to sign up to
be a Team Nutrition Child and Adult Care Food Program or CACFP Organization. Team Nutrition CACFP Organizations is an important network of operators working towards healthier nutrition
and physical activity environments. Before you sign up your organization, go to
the link “Find Your Organization” to check if yours has been already enrolled. Now that you know that your organization is
not enrolled as a Team Nutrition CACFP Organization, here are the steps to sign up. To become a Team Nutrition CACFP Organization,
you must complete an enrollment form. To access the form, click the “Enroll”
link on the navigation menu or click on the access button “Join Team Nutrition CACFP
Organizations”. Once on the form you can see there are 7 sections
on the enrollment form page: they are Organization Information, Multi-State Institution, Organization
Types, Number of Sites Under the Organization, Age Groups, Organization Point of Contact,
and Nutrition and Wellness Activities at Your Site. The first and second section is about Organization
Information and whether it is a multi-state-organization. We’ll use a non-existing CACFP Organization
as an example. You need to enter the name of the organization,
the street address, and the city. To select the state, scroll through the available
options in the dropdown menu. Next is the zip code, which can be 5 digits
or 9 digits. Then, enter the 10 digits school phone number
and the 9 digits DUNS Number. If your organization is a multi-state institution,
you need to click the radio button “Yes” and select the state or U.S. territory of operation
for this application. Then, enter the organization website following
the example format. Once the organization information is completed,
you can select the organization types. You can check one or several boxes. In our example, we’ll select Independent
Child Care Center. On the next sections, you need to indicate
the number of sites under your organization per state or territory of operation in this
application and the age group. We ask that organizations designate a primary
point of contact and an alternate point of contact. You’ll need to enter the Primary Contact
Name, position, email, and phone number. You are also asked to enter an Alternate Contact
Name with position, email, and phone number. The last section is a list of questions about
Nutrition and Wellness Activities at Your Site You are required to answer all applicable
questions. Once you complete the form, please make sure
to review the information you provided before submitting it. Click “Submit”, after reviewing all the
information. A submission confirmation message is displayed,
and an e-mail will be sent out to the email addresses for the Primary Point of Contact
and the Alternate Point of Contact that you provided. The email will confirm that the application
has been submitted and will be reviewed within 10 business days. If you submit the form with error(s) or if
required information is missing, the system will display an error message with the fields
that need to be reviewed. If you need additional assistance, please
email us at [email protected]

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