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I still did it oh oh hey no is anything new anything different I've got your sweatpants he's actually quite sick I'm redoing it oh so yes I am wearing flip-flops I'm just uh cool oh that's a great haircut whoa this is the shortest I've ever had in my hair and I don't know I don't have food about it gonna take a little Justin but anyway enough of the vanity back to the video why am I out breath already and the other drink I need to calm myself down honestly get it's like sometimes it's been raining like crazy possibility it supposed to be summer I feel like British weather hates British people what is it the sound time and everyone's like stressed about exams and no one can go out that's what it's the best weather every year exam time it is peak summer soon as exams over it's some holidays it's raining like crazy what's that about I should explain what's going on in today's video fabiani today's video is very random it was not money actually a result of one of you guys one of you guys sent me a DM of this video it was shown the difference between fake food and real food I didn't even know that was a thing I didn't know that they were searching the fake foods that's news to me so I watch this video where basically showed means the difference between fake food and real dude I would just like girl I'm sure let's make a video on it and here we are so in today's video we are doing a science experiment whoa hey hey I should not be trusted with this we are going to test out whether this is actually true because I am NOT a liar I won't be maybe I'm naive actually I like to believe that we don't have plastic in our food because that's kind of mess how's that legal okay to the process of what each item supposedly has but like they say like meat has glue in it rice has plastic in it baby food has like metal in it this is a real-life conspiracy but then again if it's real life then I guess it's not conspiracies just facts Chuck my whole life has been a lie oh we don't know yet that's what we're about to test okay this is where it gets controversial warning Todd is gonna have an opinion that might not be the same opinion as you you're probably gonna get fended and I can't control that you're entitled to your opinion as a lie what kind of dumb crap is he gonna say now when I watch the video it kind of looked like it was American food now I'm not saying okay maybe yeah they have different regulations or bill could pay to the UK now that's just a fuck that's my get you in the world I'm just thinking like I just I just find it hard to believe but we have plastic in our food like I feel like I would know if I was consuming plastic but then again I rather smartest humor in the world so today I'm going to test whether I believe in plastic my whole life customer or excited this is what they should have taught us in school in science lesson I would have been way more engaged if we did this in science class but we did it so now as a grown adult I am gonna create my own science class and you're all invited let's educate ourselves okay people let's get ready for lesson let's do this this experience is the cheese I don't know why this hey just make me go oh so dramatic first of all is covered and rock I just lost my cheeks I'll open another one for my point is it's already wrapped in plastic like crazy so we're not off to a good start now what point does the plastic and the cheese separate I mean you could argue it's at this point but maybe some of the plastic transferred into the cheese science wasn't my strongest subject in school oh it's very exciting this I don't know why I feel like I'm in school again let me go get it all this bending down is not good for that what that has been playing up like crazy the past few days so I'm getting old okay welcome to round one the first test is cheese here we have the finest piece of plastic I'm joking or maybe I'm not who knows we shall find out in this round this is what I've got as an example of fake cheese and this was my real cheese example if it melts quickly it's real if it melts slowly it's fake I should've done that you know Shane Dawson starting it today guys we're gonna find out if we even be your food this is conspiracy that this whole time the cheese we've been having has nothing these are just my opinions so don't sue me we're gonna find out if this is their treatment yeah I'm not gonna be making this race videos anytime soon but you know I tried now we're all gonna be witness to this one two three go oh this pretty much sums up how I feel about this video oh it's melted melted huh now we go to the plastic I mean that big cheese doing this right so far the only gonna say is my finger so oh it's not melted you know it hasn't melted how do I hold this without burning myself are still burning me it still is still did it oh you said yeah if I can put a piece of puzzle together for more Ashley melting cheese burgers yeah as we have discovered it does am now this is why actresses let's try again just to really solidify our results on black identity it's gone black but it's still warm out like it just refuses to mouth literally it's just not doing anything ah excuse me they have written what morosely melting cheeseburgers in what world is this cheese nothing okay I can consume cheese it's fake you know what do you say the test was for it cuz I bought an apple oh yes my cousin did this experiment and what you for hot war on it can you see all the wax on the Apple so if it's got wax on it I'll come look like that so let's do the experiment and see how this one turns up I don't do any variable by one is not waxy so I guess this is a good Apple that was kind of anticlimactic wasn't it as we saw by the picture yes you can buy apples are how wax on them but what does wax do why is it so bad that is a good question Wow we can't really philosophical in this video the question in this video is would you eat a candle well looks like I don't have to net round this is the one that I was most interested to find out the Sun as you guys know I consume a lot of rice this is all that most affects me call it a video sometimes they mix rice with plastic to increase manufacturer's profit which is crazy so now I'm gonna test out a pan you just put a bunch of rice on a hot pan because rice I can clear they must clean your plastic if it doesn't then that's solid rice i confused to believe this is real that's what probably what makes me an idiot I'm the deficit I was just chowing down plastic when moving good rice maybe I just don't like rice maybe I'll Institute the plastic when I'm gonna unload right I love plastic so in the video you put rice in a hot pan and if it goes clear it means it's got plastic in it this is what my pan looks like I think I failed this experiment only I could burn right so I'm gonna give this another girl I don't think is doing anything I don't think this has plastic it you know what I told you it doesn't have plastic in it like this will seem too extreme to me like I think I would know if there's plastic and rice look I'm reading ingredients there's no mention of plastic in the audience what's the rules and regulation on disclosing ingredients because I assume they had to disclose all ingredients yeah there's no mention of plastic in any two lighter interesting I think if you put masking food you should disclose it fYI having a nice portion of rice with your curry with a side side portion or plastic some people would really think we just see that a plastic and be like and carry your knee in it packaging full of plastic but there are things inside a plastic free in the video they should baby food I don't have in little bits of rocks in it and then they went through with the Magnar and like the Magna attracted it so clearly it's like metal based the theory is that there's metal in baby food which is crazy I want to show what kind of baby food would have metal in it I'll let you on the search on the hunt to buy metal face baby food what is my life I don't think this is if it does happen then holy crap I am gonna be shocked when you got diarrhea so in theory there was any metal in this they would all come to the corner birth as you can see I don't think anything's happening here try another one yeah again not really doesn't seem to have any metal in it I guess they're just not put a metal in baby food the babies are safe people I have done a thorough expose and I have come to the conclusion that there are no rocks in these baby food you're welcome I'm basically a scientist now baby rock conspiracy debunked max experiment is ice cream basically what you do is you put lemon on it and if it bubbles then that means they put washing powder in it to give it a shiny lightness effect what has the world come to I can't believe this is a legit thing and now I've even exposed through this video how do people sleep at night whoever is doing this how do they sleep at night how is this legal just gonna put it out there washing powder is not listed as an ingredient in this actually you want to get a nice solid amount of ice cream to really do a thorough scientific investigation experiment okay how we did it yet calm down chill up to that it's all good I'm just I'm just talking to the people watching this right now I'll be back with you in a sec quite disappointing really I was really hoping it would Bob put another one on just a good measure did do anything that is a sadist like an ice cream I've ever seen you know what's pretty slow but you gory we don't put any illegals in our food who's it gonna do we took what mint is illegal maybe play water Padres with people which is white does have in the UK I knew it I was thinking listen I knew it US UK people way sticklers for the role we like us I think we like follow the rules but there's a lot of bad people out there it's just good old-fashioned orange ice cream I know I'm disappointed to know that we're here let's see you what ice cream tastes like with lemon in it this is gonna go so Wow lemon drenched ice cream but surprisingly quite nice I know the ice cream doing really wet but I want to know what it looks like if it did I wasn't I did it so I basically got some washing powder and I'm gonna see what it looks like no it's still anticlimactic so next thing in the video was business now I've tried to buy like the cheapest version and whatever this is the most expensive but this started at 6 with that's expensive to me for bitumens that is faint bitumens it would melt if it's real bitumen it won't these are the cheap ones these are the more expensive ones now I'm going to put them in the oven and if they melt then that means they are fake okay interestingly the cheap ones aren't that bad it's expensive one that really melted another test I kind of feel there's no more to live I'm not to loosen totally why is this experimental too long hey you ought to kidding me I don't understand the expensive warning melted but the cheaper one didn't corseted of course also then why wouldn't happen so you have made it to the final round the meat the idea behind that one is the fact that manufacturers don't give you a whole piece of meat they get scraps of meat and glue it together which if that is the key and if that isn't a JIT thing again how they get away with that they say no that's not fat that could be glue but then when you look at it they do look like separate pieces glued together don't they I don't know with this one I can't I am NOT an expert when it comes to me so I don't know I'll let you guys decide on that one whether you think that's glue or fat meat fat that has been the results of today's experiment let me know if you enjoy these kind of videos I had a lot of fun definitely try some of these out and see what results you get because I do I definitely feel like the results will differ depend on poverty from because clearly in that video I don't know what part of the world they were filming that wrong but why I knew this for the people who are you food in that country because they had washing powder in their ice cream you don't follow me on Instagram and click the tag and who knows maybe you have suggested a video idea and maybe I'll do it I've kept so much fun though in this video there's nothing quite nice to do something different and I quite like the whole experimenting and testing things out idea the other day I tried to buy off the most depressing thing in the world I went into prime up to try on trousers and I took different sizes into the fitting room and I didn't fit into any of them like they were either too big or too small the size for would sometimes be too big and a site a would sometimes be too small like it was just I don't understand clothing sizes so that's another one that I want to do a bit of an investigation on clothing sizes in the UK don't make sense so what's up with a video whenever I get around to doing that probably you will forget but who knows my camera just died on me so that's great just want to say thank you so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video and as always I so see you guys next time Thanks so what do butts for watch it I hope you enjoyed the video I remember to click the top

34 thoughts on “testing if my food is REAL or FAKE | clickfortaz

  1. In the Netherlands meat and fish are sometimes 'glued' together, but is safe and mentioned on the package

  2. The "glue" in the meat is based on products from the animal itself.. for example a steak could be "glued" together from diffrent little pieces of (left over) meat from the animal. Whilst more expensive brands often dont do it and throw away the left overs. Its for prevention of waste. It's save to eat it's animal based.

  3. the thing about the apple one, most apples have a wax layer to make the apple seems shiny. I thought this was known lol.

  4. In the US, they do add things to our food that they dont disclose on the packaging. It's against the law but if they have the money, they pay people to keep their mouths shut. It's a sad world we live in anymore.

  5. Obviously the rice thing was real! What is plastic made from? Oil! The cheapest substance known to man!

  6. Taz your hair looks greasy don’t put conditioner in your roots basically on the end and put shampoo on the roots

  7. All apples have wax on them naturally
    The question is the amount of it
    If there's a lot – than that's a problem

  8. This may be like this in the USA but in the EU we have so many regulations that work against for example palstic in rice. The only thing i can aggree with is the wax on Apples, they put it on every (not organic)

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