Testing New Russian Military MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)

What's up everybody? Welcome back to my laboratory. Where Safety is number one priority. Today I'm going to taste test Russian MRE. This is another one; I have done one before but this is a new one. So it's a daily military MRE Let's open it up and see what it's all about Okaay. Let's see what we've got here Love russian food Nice, it comes in a big cardboard box Woah awesome Whole bunch of crackers What else we got here? So it's a concentrate, you put it in the water, and it's a fruits and berries You mix this with regular water Fresh napkins, whole bunch of them in here. What else we got here? Dry fuel with a stove. Beautiful Survival matches сахар, sugar That's a big bag of sugars We got here чай майский, I love tea And right here coffee соль, you already know what соль means So this is black pepper So this is dried.. Dried milk? Something. I dont know what it is, we'll have to find out in a little bit I think you're supposed to put it in hot water but we'll find out This is delicious look at that. I can not wait to open this stuff up. I love the cans. It's not cans it looks like this aluminum foil, but thick one. Awesome! Woah i love this, this is beef we call it тушёнка паштет Awesome! I love pate super excited this is beans in a tomato sauce Man I love this stuff! it's an apple jam I should get more russian MREs So this is um, i guess its a chocolate spread with a uh, peanuts or something. you put it on a crackers And there is three spoons because breakfast, lunch and dinner. And this one is some kind of vitamin. Im not gonna Take that. Ok obviously we're going to
start the fire first of all we're going to warm everything up and then, we eat. I'm so hungry today. So that's exciting it's packed up so well we open this up you take this out, and then you bend this together and this is like legs i love these things and then you get your dry fuel, and set it right here perfect, look at that. Little camping stove. With the dry fuel. Okay let's see what it's all about. Oh, man i love meat this is beef look at that. That's so beautiful We're gonna warm it all up, because it's better when its warm Wow look at that. And I love grits, man very nice lets light it up I love the survival matches, they're so good There you go, and its going First im gonna make some holes in it so that way, it's going to cook nice and evenly Ok Boom. And then we're going to warm this all up Okay we got here powder, and then we're going to put it in the water. You might have to put a little bit at a time and mix it all up So i got here a cup. Let's see what this thing is about Yep Looks like just dried milk. I wonder once we put hot water in there it will be just milk. Gonna put boiling water in there of course we've got to mix it up. Yep it looks just like milk Interesting. I've never seen an MRE with dried milk to make yourself a cup of milk very awesome. And there is coffee and tea. I want tea because it's kind of late i'm gonna get myself some (tea) Beautiful and of course i need some sugar with my (tea) That's a big package of sugar, oh my gosh. Oh well, we love sugar i guess Okay let's see what this *russian* is all about bunch of beans. Okay that looks like it warm Now we can put some *russian* on there and warm that up now Okay guys *russian* I love russian grits. There is so many different grits that we eat I miss russian food. So every time i eat former Soviet Union food it like brings me back. I love that kind of stuff While everything's warming up, let me show you what Pashtet is all about. And there is a lot of different types of Pashtet and my favorite is *russian* I've got some crackers. It's good with just toast as well. And look at that, this is like a spread. its very very spreadable You can even use a knife or a spoon and spread it even more There go. Thats how much spread you wanna put on the cracker of the Pashtet I can eat this stuff with a spoon. Let me wash it down with *russian* (tea) Oh yeah, very delicious. okay we got here *russian* pretty much beef in a can look at those pieces definitely a thumbs up from me for this food Man this is so delicious. This should be a restaurant, and all you can do is order MRE's from all over the world. That'd be so funny. Let me know in comments below if there is such a restaurant to exist and you just open it up, cook it yourself with the like, camp stove and stuff. That's a great idea next one right here *russian* *russian* beef with green beans, and carrots Wow i love these green beans so much i don't know why i have such a big obsession about meat. Maybe because when i was growing up, we couldn't afford to eat meat every day So every time i ate meat it was like a special day And there is beans. I'm not big on beans yeah beans are definitely not my favorite we'll we got here chocolate spread, lets see what that's about. Boom look at that. Gotta be careful not to break the spoon. look at that chocolate Maybe i shouldn't have put that much chocolate but there you go. Wow that looks delicious Wow. That's perfect desert. kinda tastes like nutella or something. Pretty close to nutella Now, let's try this milk Wow it tastes just like warm milk I love myself a cup of warm milk That's actually delicious milk i didn't think it was going to taste good. You know what? I'm very suprised how good the dessert is. You know what? this new Russian MRE Definintely much better I could definitely survive on that kind of food All my life
I would not complain And this is a daily MRE. So it's not just one meal. This is breakfast lunch and dinner Oh yeah one more thing, that mixed drink. Wow not bad. Tastes like Kompot Well guys, i'm very full and im happy but I thought it was over but of course, apple jam. Let's not forget about that. Put some on it. Boom. Look at that very very delicous Well that's pretty much it Russian MRE. This chocolate pudding (spread) Tastes like nutella, that's my favorite thing. I never seen anything like that inside of an MRE so this is definitely very unique But overall, amazing food. Huge thumbs up from me Hopefully you enjoyed this video. If you wanna see more MRE's dont forget to subscribe, thank you for watching and ill see you next time.

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  1. this guy be like wow awesome I love it.
    I think this guy should join military the guy has so many MRE than actually military

  2. He’s like me. He’ll try anything. Except for raw meat, especially raw seafood, i haven’t found any food I haven’t liked.

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