Testing The Facial Fitness Pao

Are you ready to exercise your face? Let’s talk about that. ♪ (Theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning! -Remember there’s a brand new sketch
called, “The Nose-Looker” over at the original
Rhett and Link Channel. – What are you looking at? – I’m looking at you. – Do I have a booger of something? -No. – I can tell you are looking at my nose. – Well I’m looking at your face,
I mean your nose is right there in the middle of your face. – So you are looking at my nose. – Technically, yes. Five sketches in October -Sketchtober-
Check it out! – ech… Sketchtober check it out! -Mythical Beast, a question is an ant crawling along the sidewalk searching for answers. But, they don’t find answers there on the ground. No. They don’t, cause those answers
can only be brought to life by the actual searing fiery photons
of the sun. So we take our giant, magnifying glass
and we shine that sunlight onto your question ant, then we focus the light until it burns through
your question exo-skeleton right down to your answer heart. That’s right, Mythical Beast.
You had the answer all along inside yourselves. – We asked you to ask us questions about shopping and–
(paused doubtfully) while the answers are already inside of you, we’re going to burn them out of you?
– That’s exactly right, Rhett. First question. Max askes,
“How to haggle people for lower prices?” – Well, Max. Great question. I actually
have some personal experience that I think can help answer this question.
-Do you? – Um, recently, my wife was driving our two kids
along down the road when a spider came down – (Link) Beside her. – from the rear-view mirror.
– (laughs) – Now, she did what any normal person would do, and instead of focusing on the driving focused on the spider. Meanwhile, the car decided to run into the back of a parked vehicle. – (chuckles) The car? – A large electrical… — (Link) Great decision -like work truck, and totaled our SUV. – Yeah, basically like a tank I guess. – Yes. Ah, the kids thought it was really cool and nobody was hurt. Locke and Shepherd kinda got out and they took a lot of pictures with Locke’s phone and- – I saw these pictures and (pause) it was amazing. Was the spider hurt? – I think the spider still lives, I think he has completely webbed up the inside of that car in the junk yard or wherever it’s at. But, the good thing about your wife totaling your car because of a spider is that you get some insurance money and you get a new carrr! So I took my insurance money to the car dealer and I was like, (sassily) I’m going to buy this car in cash,
it’s gonna be impressive. I’m gonna come in here and I’m going to haggle. Like I’ve never haggled before, cause I don’t like to haggle, I don’t like conflict, I’m from Buies Creek,
North Carolina. We don’t like to do that kind of thing. But I said– I was like, “Jessie, I’m going to get this car for a lower price and I’m going to stay here until it happens.” So we saw a car, it was like 5 or 6 thousand dollars less… – (Link) And she said as long as here’s no spiders involved. – 5 or 6 thousand dollars less than the blue book price that I looked up. So I was like, this is already a good deal. But, I went in there and I test drove it. We’re like, yeah, this is awesome. we went and go sit back down with the woman who has let us test drive and I was like, “I’m definitely interested in this car but you know what? I can’t pay that price.” “I mean I can’t pay that.” – You tell her that?
– Yeah, yeah. And she was like, “Well, that’s as low as we’re going to be able to go.” And I was like, “But I can’t pay that, you know I just, (stammering) I’m not going to be able to do that and she said… – Was that the tone you used because…
– (Link and crew laughing) -Well, just don’t comment yet, okay? – Okay.
-So she says, “Well that’s as low as we can go though, this is a really good deal. I think you know that, that’s as low as we can go.” I said, “I can’t pay that, I’m gonna have to talk to someone above you.”
– OHHSH. Escalation. -So then this dude comes down and sits down and I’m like, “I’m interested in the car that we just test drove and eh… but you know what, I’m not gonna be able to pay that price. And he said…” – That was your line. – He said, “Eh, well, you’re not going to be able to go any lower than that.”
I was like, “That’s what she said”
– (laughing) – And eh… so this continued for about 20 minutes and eh… – (mimicking Rhett) I’m just not gonna be able to pay that price. I just can’t pay it. – Well the long story is um, I paid that price.
– (Link laughing thoroughly) – I paid the price that was in the window of the car that I test drove. – Aw, wow. What could you have done with that, like 20 minutes of your life instead of repeating the same… – And Jessie later was like, ” I’ve never seen you behave like this before.”
I was like, “I was trying my hardest!”
– (laughing) – I paid the price that was in the… – You paid the price. Rhett the haggler. But the question is how to haggle people for lower prices. -Oh, I have no idea. (stammering) I mean I don’t know, don’t ask me.
– (crew laughing) – You know me, I pay the price on the window. – Rhett pays the price.
– Next question, from Zachary Jarrells, “Is there a product I can buy to make me better looking? Like, a new body?” – Good question, Zach. First of all, don’t worry about your body, just get your face right. Now, we have found a product. An amazing product, that I believe it to be very effective. You can use it within the comfort of your own home. And according to the ad, it would totally change the way your face looks. – It’s…
– Ladies and Gentlemen -(Rhett) It’s time for another weird product you must have. – We’d like to introduce you to the Facial Fitness Pao. A device that is designed to workout your facial (stutters) muscles.
– (everyone laughing) – It’s from Japan. Check out their official commercial here. ♪ (generic commercial music and Japanese commentatory) ♪ – (Link) Ohhh, look at that, saggy face, firm face.
– (Rhett) Whoa. That wasn’t done. – (Link) Tight face, slack face. That’s what they call it. – (Rhett) Ah, yes. That’s not an effect, Link. – (Rhett) Waho!
– (Link) There she is. – (Rhett) Are you sure it’s not a flying device?
– (crew laughing) – (Link) A focused 30 second workout for the muscles around the mouth. – (Rhett mimics commercial voice over) Pao! – (Link) The woman on the left looks… – (Rhett) Look at the transformation. – (Link) Training is easy. Just start nodding. – (Rhett) Yes, yes. This is working.
– (Link) Yes, yes. I agree with everything. – (Rhett) I am going to fly.
– (Link laughing) – (Rhett) She look very agreeable. Yes. – For the world’s best smile. And guys, we have one right here, ladies and gentlemen. Boooom
– Hey heyyyy! – The Fitness Pao 7. I’m gonna do it, oh no, I’m going to do it this way. Woooo
– That means there are 6 other of these, – Look at this thing. – it’s kind of scary.
– Alright, check this out dude. It comes with, like different colourizers here. – Those are probably different weights, like weights do.
– They’re supposed to be different weight but, Chase told me that they all weight about the same. I’ve not tried it yet.
And I hope… it’s been sanitized?
– (crew giggles) – Yes. – They’re nodding yes
but it’s meaningless. – Alright, so I’m going to give this thing a whirl, or a flap I guess you would call it. – Yeah, don’t whirl it. You never know what’s going to happen.
– Look at that. – (Rhett) Go for it, Link.
– (crew laughing) – (Rhett) Hey Link, is that thing cool? – (Rhett) Hey Link, you’re having a good time over there? – (Link grunts in agreement) Mmm-hm – Do you feel like your facial muscles are getting worked out? – I’m getting–I’m getting a– look I’m getting an fan…
– (Link continues to grunt in agreement) Mmm-hm – I’m getting a little breeze over here. I like that, right in the ear. I got a little ear breeze. – Oh gosh!
– (Link and crew laughing) – Sorry, don’t get too close to it. – I didn’t get close to you, you got close to me. – (Link and crew laughing)
– Oh don’t get too close to it! – Whip you into shape, man. – Okay. It looks like you’re having a lot of fun with that. – (Link) Mmm-hm. – Eh, but you know this thing cost– it was a hundred dollars?
– (Link) Mmm-hm. – A hundred dollars. So instead of getting another one so we could both fly away together. – I have sort of the poor man’s version of this. – (crew chuckling and Link laughing) – Yes, those are hot dogs. Foot long hot dogs. – (Link) Is it gonna work? – (crew laughing loudly, Rhett and Link chuckling) – (Link) Wow, I mean, we just saved you guys a ton of money.
– That is great, I mean I’m doing exactly the same thing.
– Yeah, and you get lunch out of it too.
– But I can eat a little bit of hot dog. – (laughing) Now, um I’ve had this thing for about a week. And em, I’m surprised I haven’t seen it in the comments, that I really think that this thing is been working. um, I just want to show you a before picture from just a week ago of me, before I started using the Fitness Facial Pao. – (Link) It’s not noticeably different…
– (Rhett) Wow. I never noticed that you look like that. – (Link) Right. I have a saggier face.
– (Rhett) But now that I see it, I remember that is what you look like. – It was just slightly saggier.
– (crew laughing) – And this, you may not remember but this is me before. – (Link) Before you started using a hot dog flapper?
– (Rhett) Yeah, I’ve been using this all week. Now, you gotta keep the weight balance so you took a bite out of the left dog,
you gotta take a bite out of the right dog. – (Link) Right, because if it is gets out of balance then the right side of your face will be… – Then you just go right back in. – (Link) it will be all messed up. – (crew chuckles) – And the dogs won’t come off, like I can’t get these dogs to fly off no matter what I do. – I’m gonna head bang and these dogs will stay on. –oh
– (crew laughing) – (Link) Oh! You lost your dog. – I’m sorry, I think it’s because I took a…, you know what, an abnormal bite. – See if you can get that one to come off. – (laughing) Head banging. Wow, she’s going in a circle. – (Link) Come on man. Work it! Rep it up! Every rep of every set, Rhett! Come on! – Let’s move on to another question.
– (Rhett) I think I gotta just whip it like this. – Hazel asks.
– Got it off. – Oh, man. My teeth feels so much stronger now. How do I get the best deal when shopping? – Hmmm, well. The best way to get the best deal when shopping is you gotta do your research. And one of the best resources that we have found for internet research is watching— – (both) unboxing videos.
– Yes. – Now, it’s your neighbors, right? They came to you…
– Yeah. …and said that they’re starting their own YouTube channel?
– A couple, yeah. – I was out of the loop on this, but sometimes Rhett would come to me and be like, “Hey, you know, I was talking to my neighbors, they’re starting their YouTube channel. They ask us for a little favor.” I’m like, “Why did you commit to promoting…
– I’m just a nice guy. I’m a nice guy …something before you talk to me?”
– Well don’t throw them under the bus yet, I mean …basically they asked if they could get a little face time on Good Mythical Morning. So I said we would promote their channel. – Which doesn’t have their faces. – It doesn’t, but here’s their first unboxing video. – (Rhett as Brax) Hiya, this is Brax. I’d like to welcome you to the first ever installment of Thinking Outside of The Unbox. I’ve invited my life partner, Miri, to be a part of this process. Hey babe.
– (Link as Miri) Hello. Let go of my hand, I wanna wave. – (Miri) Hello, this is Miri.
– (Brax) Okay. – (Brax) We have a very fun thing,
– (Miri) Ouuu – (Brax) We got a Kelloggs fun pack. – Now, typically we would not eat this kind of cereal. We’ve been eating a sustainable organic sprouted quinoa balls cereal. And there was that one year when Miri went and spent a summer with Devin, um, her ex. And, you know, I think you’re grew a lot and you didn’t eat quinoa balls during that summer.
– (Miri) No. – (Miri) Let’s open it. – (Brax) Alright yeah, well why don’t you,
cause your fingernails, I think your fingernails will be helpful for that. If you can just get down one in there and make a little incision and then work your way through.
– (Miri) Here you go. – (Brax) And then we’re just going to take it off and we’re just going to gently let the boxes emerge. So as you can see, some of the information that is important, like the fact that Fruit Loops are a good source of–
– (Miri) Get a close up Brax. – (Brax) Hold up, can we just talk about Fruit Loops, just one at a time?
– (Miri) Show them a close up. Show it CLOSE Brax. – (Brax) Yeah, but I think it starts to get hard to read that way, babe. I don’t… You tell me, which one would you like to open first because… – (Miri) Why do I have to make all the decisions Brax? – (Brax) Okay
– (Miri)You make a decision. – (Brax) Ehh, well I mean, how about Fruit Loops since
we’ve talked about it– – (Miri) Frosted Flakes it is. – (Brax) Well first of all let’s just, I… I really appreciate the straight lines on this, very mid-century modern feel…
– (Miri) Open the box Brax. …and cartoon tiger. – (Miri) Knock, knock, knock Brax. The cereal want out. – (Brax) And you’re gonna just gentlyy… – (Miri) Just rip open the cereal box! I mean, good graciousness! And look, here’s the cereal and then you take it out and you just pull it, you just pull it apart! Look at that. – (Brax) This isn’t exactly how I would’ve done it on my own but this is a partnership so… – (Miri) Well fine, let’s see how you would do it. – (Brax) Okay, how about we open up the Pops, babe? – (Miri) Good idea. – (Brax) Pops always reminds me of my mom. – (Miri) Open the Pops, just pull the flap. – (Brax) Just just, it’s like, I’m having a difficult time getting my fingernail under there cause it’s just…
– (Miri) Good gracious, just use one of these knives here and…
– (Brax) Why do you have that? – (Brax) Oh, oh, OHHH!!! Babe!
– (Miri) Oh! Good gracious! – (Brax) Um, I think I’ve stopped most of the bleeding but, I’m feeling a little light headed, so Miri why don’t you. Take things from here. – (loud drilling sounds) – (Brax) I think I’m going to drive myself to the hospital,
unless you want to. – (Miri) No. – (Miri) This has been, unboxing with Miri. – Brax and Miri, we want to wish you the best in starting your unboxing YouTube series. You’re off to a great start. – And we wanna to thank you. For liking, commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, we’re at the Farallon Islands and it’s time to spin The Wheel of Mythicality. -Remember to watch the latest sketch on our Rhett and Link Channel. It’s called “The Nose-Looker,” we think you will like it. – Make sure you watch it all the way to the end. Also click through to Good Mythical More where
we open your mail and find out what this is. – Good Cop/ Bad Cop: Turtle Smuggler. ♪ (siren sounds) ♪ – So. I know what’s up with you and the turtles. I can smell it all over ya. – Hey, so I hear you like turtles, I’m kinda into them too. – You smell like turtle. You smell like ILLEGAL turtles. COME CLEAN!
– So… you like them for pets? Or do you eat them? Oh I hope you don’t eat them. You don’t eat them do you? No you like them for pets like I do. – You know what, we can do a deal right now and you won’t get the chair. – (crew laughing) – We should. Me and you should go turtle shopping. -That’s it. The chair, here it comes. [Captioned by Angela: GMM Captioning Team]

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  1. For a second I forgot that I was watching an old episode and was like, "Whaaatt? They gonna start making scetches again?!!"

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