4 thoughts on “Texas health department investigating link between lung disease, vaping

  1. Look up PG400 its poison. the nicotine and non nicotine vapes are loaded with the crap. Pure distillate vapes are the ones that are not dangerous.

  2. Vaping is pitiful. It is almost identical to younger kids making "vroom, vroom" noises while riding bicycles. It is childish, not adultish.

  3. The
    state says 89 percent of people who have suffered a lung condition
    linked to vaping have used products containing the active ingredient in

    The Wisconsin Department of Health Services
    says that number is based on the 27 people they've interviewed to date.
    The patients have used the vaping devices to inhale THC products. That
    includes waxes and oils.

    “Vaping cartridges containing THC may
    include chemicals or additives that are unknown, unregulated, and
    unsafe,” said Department of Health Services Secretary-designee Andrea
    Palm. “We strongly urge people not to vape.”

    Health officials are still conducting interviews with patients.

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