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hi welcome to show me the curry calm I'm hit oh I'm anuja and in one of our previous videos we had to know how to make Thai red curry paste so let's put it to some good use absolutely today we're going to show you how to make Thai red curry vegetarian as well as chicken red curry so super recipes let's get started yep we had to have everybody covered so here we have a skillet and it's on meat we're going to put it on medium heat and it's got a tablespoon of oil now we have two pans over here and they're doing big doing exactly the same thing when we start doing different things we let you know so oil is hot in both of our pans and we're going to go ahead and add in the red curry paste which we made if it decides to come out so we're going to use about two to three tablespoons of the red curry paste but it will really depend on how spicy your paste ends up being how spicy your chilies were to begin with but the pace is already cooked so if we need to add more later on we can go ahead and do that if it put too much in right now it will be too spicy so just be careful about that yeah so just give this a couple of minutes head start and just make sure the Orang is mixed in and we're going to put two cans of coconut in each of them coconut milk and mix look at me coordination here yeah I do a good job anyway at this point now we're going to just allow it allowed both of them to come to a slow boil so this has been simmering for a while a little while and everything is mixed in well and now we ready to add in the rest of our flavors and then we'll give it a taste test so one of the key flavors in this dish is a palm sugar and it comes in little disks fists like that if you don't have palm sugar it's okay to use regular sugar but if you can lay your hands on it it has a really unique flavor and but you could also find it all compressed into like a jar so this is easier for us to work with because we can take one of those disks and shred it up and then use how much we need so it's a little more convenient right and if you don't can find this you can always use brown sugar right or jaggery great substitutes things that we have more easily available and again this is to taste but Thai food is all about a balance of sweetness and spiciness and salt so we're going to start with about a tablespoon of this and we can always try it and adjust if necessary we also have about a tablespoon of soy sauce so this is just substitute to fish sauce so if you okay with fish sauce go ahead and add it at the same time at this point after you've added your sugar and your soy sauce you can give it a taste test and the flavor needs to be a little on the intense side because we're going to be adding a lot of things in there but it's a perfect time to taste it and adjust as necessary and a lot of times when you have red curry at restaurants it's really bright red and I think it really matters on what kind of chilies you found and so forth to get the nice red color but if you feel that your curry is not as red as you'd like it you can always put in some pepper a cow sprinkle it in there and just let it cook through and it'll really brighten up the color yeah and we over here we're ready for chicken so here we used a pound and a half of our chicken breasts you know or any other meats that you like and I'm going to just increase the heat a little bit just so that it comes up to a boil again because the boiler is reduced since I've added the cold chicken in there and you just pretty much cut it to bite-sized pieces and now we're going to allow that you can do cook and we'll cover it and let it cook until the chicken is done so it's been 5 minutes and we have actually been stirring it in the middle just to make sure it doesn't burn and it cooks evenly so it looks good it looks very good and it's chicken breast and chicken breast tends to cook very fast it cooks a lot faster than your chicken thighs or legs so and this is about 3/4 of the way done now it's going to cook a little bit more once we add in the veggies so we're going to stick to this and we're going to carry on with the vegetables now we also have our vegetarian version we had switched off the stove while the chicken was cooking but now it's come to a simmer again and we're back to the same procedure again now so we're going to do the same add the same things in both so we'll start with the vegetables that take a little longer to cook and we have some snow peas here add a handful of it again vegetable amount is really to your preference and what you have available exactly there's some beautiful red peppers mmm gives a wonderful splash of color handful here and we also have some green peppers some baby corn straw mushrooms bamboo shoots carrots thinly sliced some sweet onion and about a quarter cup of green peas and we're going to mix this is the chicken one we're going to just give it a good mix and for a vegetarian one our protein source for this is going to be tofu and we're using the extra firm tofu and we've cubed it into nice big chunks and here is the tofu and mix it very gently because it's tofu and it's tends to break up so just be very gentle about it and finally we have some really fragrant Thai basil it's such a fabulous flavor to this yes Thai food is amazing this is a tribute somebody we do a good job yes we just love Thai food so I'm just tearing it up tearing up the leaves non-stock does not go in and just going to put it in the cooking just so that it flavors everything and then we're also going to keep some for garnish now at this point for the chicken one you just have to allow the chicken to cook fully and the vegetables will also get cooked all the way through while the chicken is cooking and for the veggies you just need to make sure that the vegetables are cooked and once they are it is pretty much done I remember this is Thai food not Indian food so you don't want your veggies to be mushy at all they should still have a nice crunch about them it looks fantastic really so while we're waiting for these wonderful veggies to cook one of the things we wanted to mention is you don't use a lot of snow peas in our Indian cooking but they're wonderful they give a great crunch and it'll pretty much look like peas that you get in India with the shells and you know you just open it up take out the peas and throw away the rest of it over here you actually get to use the whole thing it's so tender so what you're going to do is you just you use it the same way you wash it and then you just stick both the ends snap it towards the thicker end and just run it through pull it through gently and this thready this fibrous part will come off so what that does is it just makes it easier to chew right so here you go so this discard this good keep so you can just we just did this little prep work before so our curries have been cooking for about three or four minutes and basically as long as your chicken is cooked if you're making the chicken version of it you're good to go because all the veggies basically can be had raw and for the vegetarian version that tofu needs to be heated all the way through and again same with the veggies you know they can be had raw so it looks fabulous right I think you've made a very good point or your petal that the veggies should not be overcooked I think we need to keep that in mind they need to have the crunch that is the beauty of you know Thai food they like everything rush and it needs to have its original texture so here the chicken is done we have we just try to break it and it's done and plus a chicken breast cooks very fast so keep that in mind don't overcook it it will end up being very rubbery and very chewy so you don't want that so I'm going to turn off both the stoves and we actually ready to serve so red curry is ready we've got the chicken people taken care of we've got the vegetarians taken care of everybody's happy we're doing it today but it looks so delicious our final step of course is our basil leaf so you can again take one and tear it hmm and put it in just releases so much flavor delicious might was already did again absolutely you have to incredible the balance of the sweet and the salty and the spice and the fresh vegetable is nothing yummy absolutely good yep so enjoy your red curry and join us again on another episode of show me the adding a pinch of spice to your life

43 thoughts on “Thai Red Curry Recipe, Thai Cuisine

  1. thanks for the recipe, how did you make the red curry past, what did you put in it. or did you buy it from the store, which one ?

  2. Could you help me with recipe of mayoneise like sweet sauce used by chinese vans in delhi in burger n salads please

  3. Thanks ladies! I recently discovered Thai curry at a restaurant recently and fell in LOVE! I decided to stop by a korean grocery store near my house and ask them how I can recreate the dish from home. They led me to the canned curry paste and coconut milk and cream. I followed this recipe tonight using the canned curry paste and a can of coconut milk along with coconut cream to thicken it a little. I also substituted in regular sugar and used soy sauce since I am out of fish sauce. I added chicken and it turned out almost exactly as the restaurant version.

  4. For every time I eat Thai red curry two servings of rice are always not enough. So delicious. Thanks Ladies.

  5. Great video! Curry is one of the tastiest cuisine not just in Asia but around the world.

  6. Anuja is sooo good. She has a beautiful smile which really lights up her face. Hetal – are you Gujarati? 

  7. My grandmother makes it and it just has Thai green eggplant and bamboo shoots, they are traditional in this. Her mom taught her how to make it. She learned when she was little girl in Thailand with her Swedish father and mother were Diplomats working for British Government in 1930's. She told me the King of Siam did not like peppers in his Red Curry dishes, just eggplant and bamboo and she got recipe from the cooks in the embassy. You can use regular eggplant but the baby green Thai ones are a bit sweeter tasting. Use canned bamboo shoots, just rinse them or throw in boiling water for a minute to get rid of canned taste. Also we cook the chicken in the red curry paste till it is 3/4 of the way done and then add the heated coconut milk to it and cook it till tender, it makes a difference in the tenderness of the chicken. Top with Thai Basil, Cilantro, green onion and lime wedges or juice. Serve with Jasmine rice. 

  8. Thanks for sharing such a delicious yet simple and easy recipe. Every time I make red Thai curry, I turn to this recipe and its always a hit. You ladies are awesome! 

  9. chicken… the major cause of urinary tract infections.
    if you keep getting these, keep chicken out of your house.
    it will contaminate your kitchen. you don't even have to eat it…
    my sister suffered for years, unnecessarily.
    chicken: unclean.

  10. This was the first thing i prepared for my boyfriend in our new house! Thank you so much for the recipe. Really!

  11. what no fish sauce ? thats what add the intense flavor !!!!!! thai ppl never put soy sauce in red curry!,but it never hurts to try!

  12. Curry paste using in this dish is not fit for the vegetarian cos there's shrimp paste added in. Another one, you can put any kind of vegetable you like in the curry, but not "sweet onion" HarkzOr is right, Chef McDang's cooking is the typical Thai curry.

  13. I made it and I just can tell you it was so delicious and taste. I recommend it to everyone who loves eating yummy food. Thank you ladies for sharing your secrets with us. EXCELLENT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I love this recipe! I've used it multiple times, and it's so easy to make! Best of all it's super tasty 🙂 Thanks!

  15. Thank you for a wonderful video! You inspired me to make this with fish (halibut), cut into cubes, and it was fantastic. I also added a whole small bulb of freshly crushed garlic and fish sauce, and used brown sugar and rice bran oil. It's also good to saute the onions in the wok first (with the curry paste) to bring out the lovely caramelized flavor.

  16. I, too, find watching the videos really therapeutic! I finally got around to making the curry paste and the red curry last week, which was excellent, btw, but I've watched the videos many times before, just to get familiar with ingredients and technique. But most of all, I find it so relaxing to watch a good cooking video. Thank you ladies: you do do a good job!

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