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We’re getting nutty for
today’s healthy eat, so let’s out about the
benefits you’ll see from making nuts a
part of your diet. So today I’m with Stephanie from Food Wonderful
to learn more. Now, Stephanie,
there are so many great health benefits to nuts, but what is it exactly that
makes them so good for us? – Yeah, nuts are full of
all kinds of great stuff, so first, they
have lots of fiber, they’re very
filling, they do have a high fat content but it’s lots of good fats that
we really like, then on top of
that they have lots of vitamins and minerals, too. – So if we reach for
a handful of nuts then we’re gonna reap
all of these rewards and health benefits. – Lots of health
benefits of nuts, they’re very heart-healthy, so they contain
omega 3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory, they’re also high in
medium-chain triglycerides, which we call MCTs. MCTs are a saturated fat, but they’re very easily absorbed
and processed by our liver, so they give us
some fast energy, they have lots of fiber that
helps to keep us regular, and helps us to feel full, also. – All the way around, nuts
are really good for you, but there’s so many different
kinds to choose from. You’ve got walnuts,
you’ve got cashews, you’ve got almonds,
you’ve got peanuts. Are they all the
same, or is there one you should be reaching
for over another? – I wouldn’t say that there’s
any one that’s better. Each nut has its own benefits. I think that a variety of nuts is what’s gonna be
the most beneficial. – So we love to
put ’em on salads, we love to grab a handful, but today you’re gonna show us how to make a really
great dessert. – Today we’re gonna make
some chocolate-covered nuts. – I love the sweet and savory. Let’s make this and
let’s get a little nutty. – Yeah! (Stephanie laughs) – [Jane] First, we toast
the nuts in the oven. – We have one cup of pecans
and one cup of walnuts. You can use any kind
of nut that you want. I like pecans and
walnuts ’cause they’re a little bit bigger, the actual
size of the nut is bigger, and that makes them a
little bit easier to manage. – [Jane] Next, it’s time
to melt the chocolate. – You don’t wanna
melt it on anything that’s real hot because it
has a low melting point, we don’t wanna burn it. So we’re gonna actually
make a double burner. We’re gonna put
this bowl on top, and the steam is gonna
melt the chocolate. – [Jane] Perfect. – Now all we’re gonna do is just get these nuts into this bowl. – I am so excited. You just upped the game
on my favorite snack. – The final step is setting
the nuts on parchment paper and letting them harden for
a few hours in the fridge. – Just gonna put these
all in this bowl here. You could top these with
a couple different things, so I like to add
some coca powder. – I think the biggest takeaway for all of us to learn is that nuts are loaded with nutrition and are great to have as a
healthy part of our diet. – Absolutely. Nuts are great for
your heart health, they’re great for
your digestive health, they’re so filling,
they taste delicious, and when you have
a recipe like this, these chocolate-covered nuts, it’s just such a satisfying
and enjoyable snack. – For Stephanie’s recipe and
other healthy eating ideas, just head to our website, Mm. (mumbling through
a mouthful of nuts)

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  1. UGHHH, what an obnoxious blonde. Clearly she doesn't know anything about this topic, so she ought not venture her idle input – it actually reduces this clip's credibility: 2:28. Trying to have a categorically "cute" chairperson is typical, but when her comments are clearly personal, it's more appropriate/ credible if the comments are rooted in a verifiable foundation – unlike this demo.
    The guest speaker clearly had the expertise to be teaching – the "cute-ish" host should have let her present the knowledge in plenty. In short: highly unbalanced clip and distractive from the material intended for display.

  2. ๐Ÿ˜‚ she said if we reach for a handful of nuts. I got a handful of nuts you can reach for that will provide u with great benefits.

  3. Watch out the dark side of eating nuts! Nuts contain high concentration of Potassium and eating nuts every day for a long period of time can increase the level of Potassium in your body (with extracellular risk) which can develop kyperkalemia with high risk (even death if hyperkalemia levels superates 7mEq/L)…so eat with moderation!

  4. Lol ! Adding chocolate to ruin all benefits. And btw why only walnut ? I though you might be mixing 5 or 6 different kind of sry fruit. Well such a waste of time

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