The Best Calisthenics Exercises For Each Muscle | 2018

(rhythmic music) – What’s up? THENX athletes, it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another video. Of official THENX. Today I’m gonna show you
guys the best calisthenics exercises for each muscle group. Now I’ve narrowed down these exercises from my usual experience into what I believe is the most
efficient calisthenics exercise for that specific muscle group. And I’m gonna show you all these exercises in today’s full-body workout. Now our first muscle
group is gonna be biceps, and the calisthenics
exercise that I’ve chosen, that I think delivers the
best bicep gains has got to be the hefesto. And the reason has a lot to do with the position and the angle of this movement. When your hands are behind your back and you’re trying to curl,
that’s gonna reduce the help from other muscle groups. And it’s gonna emphasize more on that bicep, and from this angle, you’re actually curling with strictly just with your bicep all your body weight which is something that you
definitely don’t normally do. So this is a huge overload on the bicep, so you don’t need to do that many reps with this exercise. But if you can do a lot of reps, you’re definitely gonna notice your gains in your biceps. So let’s go for some hefestos right now. In fact, we’re gonna use a resistance band so we can add more reps. All right. This is how you wanna put it. Across your waistline. Hold it on one side. Hold it on the other side, and we’re good to go. And then we’re gonna
slide our body right off. All right? Here we go. Hold it tight, tight, tight, tight. Hold, control, go all the way down. Full range of motion. All the way back up. Back down. (rhythmic music) All right. So that’s basically the pulling part of the hefesto. And as you can see,
pulling from over here, you really have to focus
all on your biceps. You’re not really using any help in your back, your
shoulders, and so forth. So that’s why I think that this move specifically
is the best move for biceps. Well, let me know what you think is the
best calisthenics exercise in the comments down below.
All right, so we’re gonna move on to the next muscle group. That’s gonna be your back, and I personally think
the best back exercise, calisthenics exercise, has
gotta be the L-sit pull up. And the reason I chose
the L-sit pull up is because when you’re in this position, it’s gonna reduce the amount of momentum that you use to perform this exercise as well as forcing you
to constantly engage that back and engage more of your back. If you notice that when your legs are up, you can see a lot more activation in that lower back. So now we’re broadening our activation of our back. All right,
so we’re gonna go right into some L-sit pull ups. So make sure that you have
that perfect form, guys. We’re gonna go about shoulder width apart, have a nice over grip, get into a nice, straight line with that L-sit, and then pull. (rhythmic music) All right. So there you have it. L-sit pull ups. If you
can do the eight to 10, that’s a perfect rep range. Definitely start off on ’em. You’re gonna feel those gains right there. So now we’re moving into lats. And my favorite exercise with lats, what I think is most efficient as well, has gotta be front lever raises. Doing a front lever raise
simulates the exact same motion that you use when you’re
doing lat pull downs in the gym. In fact, gym machines are designed for this motion that you’re doing. So this is the most natural movement that you can be using
for your lats especially when you’re pulling down
with your arms straight, that’s the best way for lat activation. So in my opinion, front lever raises have
gotta be the best especially because of that overload
that you’re applying when doing this exercise. And I’m pretty sure you don’t do it with the same amount of weight when you’re in the gym as well as you missing that balance
and stabilization factor. So this is gonna get you shredded. Let’s get ready too. Shoulder width apart,
have a nice over grip. Lean from your back and
see scapula activation and from that position,
you’re gonna lean back. Lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back. Come back down. Keep those arms as straight, as straight as you can. (rhythmic music) There you have it. Some front lever raises. So, again, I would say eight reps, eight to 10 reps of that
move right there, perfect. Moving on to the next exercise, we have chest. In my opinion, the best calisthenics chest
exercise has gotta be the explosive push-ups. And the reason is because
training explosive especially with the same angle that activates the chest the
best is gonna make everything a whole lot easier. It forces you to use full
power with every single rep. Another great benefit to
this move is the overload that you get upon impact, being able to slow your body down. Tense, tighten, and
control that body weight. So I’m gonna show you guys how to do ’em right now. We’re gonna drop down. Go for some explosive push-ups. So same position as a normal push-up. You wanna make sure that
you’re straight lines from your heel to your shoulder as well as your hands are about
shoulder width apart. We’re gonna go down, leaning forward. But when we come back
up, we’re gonna explode as hard as we can. A full range of motion. Arms straight. Boom. Come back down. Especially when you come back down, guys, don’t slam on your wrists. Absorb that amount of
energy that comes down, catch it at the bottom, push, absorb. Push, absorb. Here we go. (rhythmic music) Make sure to keep that full range, and don’t break that form no matter what. (rhythmic music) All right. So there you go. Explosive push-ups. Eventually you guys will get better at that. If you can’t do it
like that, you can always start on your knees. But of course you wanna make sure that you can do proper push-ups before you even try to do this stuff. All right. So moving onto
the next muscle group, we’re going to be doing triceps. And in my opinion, the
best calisthenics move for that is advanced bench dips. Let’s get right into it. So we’re gonna get some dip bars, or you can take another side of a box, get to the other side of that box, put your feet up. Now when you normally do dips, bench dips, you come down, and you come up with that forward lean, right? I want you guys to start leaning on the back of your triceps, right. So when you go down, you’re leaning on your triceps. When you come up, you lean back on your triceps. All right? We’re gonna do this for reps. (rhythmic music) So always looking up, always leaning back. (rhythmic music) So you see when I lean back? I’m emphasizing all the weight back onto my triceps,
which is reducing the help from the shoulders,
reducing the activation from other unnecessary muscle groups. So lean, lean, lean, lean, lean. And if you’re falling backwards, that’s how you know you’re putting all that weight on that tricep. So now we’re gonna move on into shoulders, and I think you already know what the next exercise is gonna be. That’s gonna be handstand push ups. By far, hands down, no pun intended, is the best shoulder
exercise in my opinion when it comes to calisthenics exercises. And the truth is that
the list for the reasons why goes on and on. It has a balance factor,
it has an endurance factor, it has a control stabilization factor. You’re using and pressing full body weight above your head. Doing this all simultaneously. But another important factor is that when you have your
hands on the ground, when you’re upside down,
your body weight is stacked on your shoulders. And just like when you’re
doing a squat all the control and strength comes from your hips. The same thing applies
when you’re inverted for your shoulders. So in my opinion, the
handstand push up is king when it comes to the best
calisthenics shoulder exercise. So we’re gonna get into some right now. If you can’t do ’em free standing, of course do ’em up against the wall with your nose facing the wall. And we’re gonna get right into it. All right, guys, let’s go for it. (rhythmic music) All right, a little quickie right there. I love that exercise as you can tell. It’s one of my favorite
moves. All right, moving on. We’ve got abs. The best calisthenics ab exercise in my opinion has gotta be toes to bar. You guys see me
do that all the time, and there’s a reason why you guys see me do
this move all the time. And that’s because of the full range of motion you get through your abdominals. When you’re hanging in this position, one, you’re already activating your core. And then from this completely open, neutral position, you’re gonna
curl your entire abdominals up all the way to the top and fully crunch and come back down. So you really don’t get that full range of motion with any other exercise. So this is the best, best, best, best move for abs in my opinion. All right, you guys, so
we’re gonna get right into it. We’re gonna go for 10 reps with
this workout routine, guys. Try to do it as perfect as possible. Hands, slight over grip,
shoulder width apart, hanging nice and comfortable, feet tight, tight, tight, pointed everything, and no momentums. Pull straight up. Toes to bar. Back down. Don’t let your feet drop. Let’s go for it. (rhythmic music) Holding tight, tight, tight. Squeezing that core, breathing. It’s the best thing you can do for this exercise. Don’t swing ’cause then you’re
gonna take all the difficulty out of it. It’s not gonna be as efficient for your body and for your abdominals. Let’s do this. (rhythmic music) So honestly, guys, the tighter you squeeze on this exercise and the better
of an over grip you start with, it’s gonna be a lot easier to complete this exercise. Now we’re gonna move into
the last muscle group I have for you guys today. That’s gonna be legs,
and the best leg exercise for calisthenics in my opinion has gotta
be the pistol squat. Now the first reason to
why I chose pistol squats for legs is because of the obvious reason that what you normally do for two legs, if you’re doing it for one, that’s obviously a greater overload. It’s gonna require a lot more strength, a lot more stability,
a lot more endurance, control, and of course power. So that’s why a pistol squat in my opinion is enormously
beneficial for the legs when it comes to calisthenics exercises. And of course there’s more muscle groups in your legs. Such as the calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, and so forth. But this will be an endless video if I went through every
single muscle group, so we’re just gonna sum
it all up, the legs. Next time let us know if you want us to cover those specific muscle groups, and we’ll get right into it. But for legs, pistol squats is king. So if you’ve never done
pistol squats before, you can always start with some assistance, holding something, as long as you keep that leg straight. You keep this leg straight. Don’t let the knee past your toes. Should be good to go. So with that, let’s
get some pistol squats. (rhythmic music) Sometimes you just need balance. Plays a huge factor. You might
be strong enough to do it, but if your balance and stability isn’t on the same par with your strength, you’re not gonna be ultimately as functional and as strong as you’d like to be. So that sums it up, guys. What I think is the best
calisthenics exercises for each muscle group. Now I know there are some muscle
groups we missed like traps and so forth, but these
were the muscle groups that I had for your guys today. So let me know what you
think in the comment section down below. What do you
think was the best exercise, if there are better exercises out there, and what muscle groups you’d like us to cover in the next video. So with that said, thank you guys so much for watching. If you enjoyed this
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