33 thoughts on “The Best Diet for Gout: What to Eat and Avoid

  1. You went through your information a little too fast to keep up. If you would do it a little slower with Someone who doesn’t speak so fast. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  2. What not to eat from now on?

    "Anthing that tastes good and don't drink alcohol or soft drinks."

    Got it. I'll just go eat a bullet.

  3. So pretty much don’t eat nothing. I can see a diet like this getting rid of gout cause we’ll be dead of starvation.

  4. Pork,beef,mushrooms and tuna is what causes my flare ups. But chicken doesn't, so if u love meat, and need a daily dose of proteins, chicken is the way to go

  5. Great video. He just summarised all the papers it's taken me four days to read in four minutes. This is the latest research from scientists, not something a quack made up, unlike much on utube.

  6. Valuable
    information indeed.
    5 FOODS

  7. Uric acid is PRODUCED by the body to clean the blood. It is not a waste product. It sees medication as toxin and increases, hence the gout epidemic . Diet affects it less .

  8. Why is it impossible to find a list MEAT that you CAN eat with gout?
    Every list is too vague!
    Any suggestions?, thanks!

  9. Hi. I hope you can help me out: I switch to vegan / begetarian lifestyle 2 month ago and I do like it a lot. However I have checked my uric acid levels about 1 month and they were high. Also today I started with some pain on my foot. I don´t drink sodas, I eat a lot of vegtables, nuts, grains and some fruit. Haven´t eaten chicken, seafood or meat in 2 months and also I don´t drink. So how come I might be getting this high levels? Any thoughts? I have taken some nutritional yeast but hasn´t been that much thoough. Hope you or some one reading this can help me out please.

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