The BEST Fricken Chicken Fingers Recipe……EVER.

okay I haven't done a recipe in a long time but I'm going to make up for it with this one this is Yankees famous chicken fingers one of the strongest skill sets for a prepper is being able to cook I don't care who you are single married young or old it doesn't matter learn how to cook that's one of the best things you can do to protect yourself and your family this is a great recipe for kids it's just a knock out of the park you guys with kids and family out there going to love this one but it's great for adults to this is a great beer food these chicken fingers are really crunchy juicy you're going to love it I'm telling you this one is going to the best things about this is that it's really easy to first ingredient of course is I start with two or three pounds of chicken breasts I like my chicken fingers like chicken fingers kind of chunky the most important thing is that you cut everything up evenly so it'll cook evenly the next most important ingredient is panko breadcrumbs if you've never heard of them trust me they're in your Asian section of any supermarket they're Japanese breadcrumbs i buy mine at sam's club actually they come in to these big barrels super cheap no and you know additives to them they're just really tiny bread crumbs basically really crunchy that's what they look like you're going to need two or three eggs usually three eggs out of the hen house pick your spices ah California garlic salt goes good with this I'm actually going to use a tony chachere's tonight the creole lowery's works good and then pick your array of your favorite barbecue sauces I like to put honey on the side for the kids as well that's it and some hot oil okay beat your eggs up and then put your spices whatever you want in there that's why this is great for adults too because you can make this as hot and the spicy as you want it or as mild as you want it take a hand pull whatever you're going to fry in the size of your pant once mix it up in the egg okay let the excess drip off I'm showing you this because it may seem simple but this is an important step this is key let the excess drip off you don't want it too wet I'm code them real quick how to do this with one handful should be impressive to all of you out there hold them quick give it a minute at the most and then put them in your hot oil that would be hot I'm going to cook for few minutes okay none left one hide here's the key do not coat these because you're going to want to do this you're going to think I'll quote these now and then put them in the panko and this was done I'll just take them out don't do that that's what will ruin them if you coat these now you'll soak your panko crumbs and they'll be soggy and it doesn't come out right the key is to coat them with the egg dip them in the egg i should say then coat them with the panko and then put them into the oil at once don't do it ahead of time okay after three or four minutes they'll come out golden like that these out to the sides be drained okay then start your next batch that's the key take it for me I've done it wrong before I'm trying to save you the mishap so all of them can come out looking like this is the last batch there's some brown those are telling this is a total five-star knockout try it you'll love it I usually have some panko leftover that goes out to the chickens and the leftover egg of course goes with the dog unless it's too spicy there you go guys again yeah I'm gonna have some but uh okay honest a blessing okay take my hat off here bless us Lord and bless this food which we're about to receive from your bounty through Christ our living Lord and Savior amen try it out try it out and tell everybody all good dads chicken fingers are what do you think good just as good nah uh-huh I do not pay these guys to do this yeah Stan chance so there you go it's a quick easy recipe great for kids but this is also great for adults have you know I don't know anybody doesn't like these they're really crispy good easy I just serve them with some rice and I don't know why we got started on rice but we do I guess there you go girl with french fries whatever you want but I'll make a little rice on the side with tormek and a vegetable and couple dipping sauces and you're good to go I just I had the film look at this we get a good one pick this up yeah mmm and all that you see that's wrong I'm talking guys this is goods crispy juicy bad side mm-hmm why

22 thoughts on “The BEST Fricken Chicken Fingers Recipe……EVER.

  1. I just love the YP cooking show! Your recipes are so easy and dang if they don't look yummy! Thanks for this one.

  2. I can tell you're kids really approve of the chicken fingers. I've always loved it when they get excited for one of their favorite meals. My kids are 21 and 18 and they still do it. Heck, I'm 40 and I still do it. Thanks for the chicken recipe.

  3. ROFL. y'know whenever I make chicken fingers, mom makes me use that goopy, gluey pancake mix crap. I think I'll recommend this, she always makes the most godsawful messes…. this looks more clean. onto other recipes! *zoomms*

  4. Yankeeprepper, I really love the recipe you did. I must try it out!!
    What are the dippings you had ( the red and the yellow one)? -ketchup and honey?

  5. awwww….my favorite part is your son saying the blessing at the end. I MISS that age!!! my teen used to like my cooking. will try this recipe. ask your son to say a prayer for favor that my son will just try his mom's cooking again 🙂 this might do it as chix strips n fries are his favorite meal!

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