The Biggest Loser Fitness Test

Bingo you’re on crutches what happened? I fractured the side of my foot. How did that happen? I was playing basketball and
I jumped up and I landed on the side of my foot. Let’s look at this from a
positive perspective. Bingo was playing basketball, he broke something in his
foot but he was being more active so there is a positive here. It’s not about
getting you guys on a scale right? We’re not gonna be weighing you guys. We’re
gonna just–we’re trying to get you healthy. So we thought it would be a
really good idea to put together this Biggest Loser fitness test. We’re gonna
have you do it here now, and then we’re gonna have you do it
toward the end of this whole experience and we’re gonna see your gains from this
perspective. I always dread fitness tests at school because it’s hard to be an
overweight teen. I’ll try not to kill myself while doing this. You guys ready?
Yeah. All right let’s do it. Let’s go! The Biggest Loser fitness test
is a good indicator on how these kids will compare to the national average for
their age in gender. First thing we’re gonna do are sit-ups for one minute. Go. That’s determination, huh girl? The
Biggest Loser fitness test is definitely not easy for these kids, but you know
what? It’s a crucial first step in them starting to get healthy and it gives us
a benchmark so that when all is said and done at the end of the season they can
go back and compare their progress. Get it up get it up get it up get it up
get it up. Exhale breathe breathe. 11, that’s good. Well I’m gonna count
it though 16…17… This is not gonna be easy for any of the
kids, being obese is real hard. Read hard emotionally and physically. Good 10 seconds. I’m gonna count it though, 16. 17 18 and stop. Okay what did Sonny get?
24. Lindsey? 13. I’ve tried to do sit-ups before but I could never. It was
really hard for me. You did 18 right? It is obvious in the initial test that
childhood obesity is a huge problem. Our kids need our help. Alright Sunny, you ready? Mhm. Begin. I kind of just have like this image in
my head of me going to college being the person that I’ve always thought I could
be. Somebody who’s you know smart, accomplished, who’s fit and healthy and
who’s just really happy with where they are in life. 31 seconds. Go. The hardest
thing about being unhealthy as a teenager is when you’re in PE and they
tell you to do push-ups and pull-ups and you just can’t do it. 35. 35? 35. You want to be healthy
for once you know make a change. So we’re gonna time a mile okay? Get set… go. The one-mile run is the most important exercise in our test. How fast these kids
can run is a clear indicator on their overall fitness level. And this will show
us how much we need to train them just to get them into shape. Lindsay said to
me that she’s always the last one when it comes to any activity that she does
in school. She feels left behind and alone. If I can just get her moving, then
she can believe in herself. 13 minutes Go go go go go! 13 minutes 35 seconds. We
obviously have a responsibility to give the younger generation every opportunity
to succeed. You’ve got a hurt foot right now. So I want you to stay positive. I
don’t want all of a sudden you to get home and you just go oh my foot’s
hurt and I’m just gonna play my video games all day because that’s all I can
do. I just want you to be really careful with that. Okay. We just need to get kids
off the sofa out from under these video games that they are spending nine hours
playing and not doing anything but just eating crap. I want to make sure that you
really watch the sugar. I want to make sure that you’re getting really healthy
choices. You know and I’m gonna talk to your mom about that. Bob gives me
homework and it’s three things: to cut junk food, to stay active, and… to stay positive! We you missed you out there. Our kids are a window into the growing
problem in our country. Go! I can’t even test our kids with standard
push-ups and pull-ups because they couldn’t do it without assistance. We are
responsible and we have to do something. I want you to try to improve so give
yourself a goal every day and just get better. Got it. You’re a little bit older, but I
would love for you to try a dance class. I’d love for you to try a kickboxing class. I’d love for you to try a spin class okay? And 60 minutes a day that’s what I’m
looking for right now. All right. Doing the Biggest Loser fitness
challenge, and I realize just like how out of shape I am completely. But I feel
like you know we’re gonna improve and we’re gonna do better next time. All right. All right. Have fun.

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  1. When the red girl said the part about the PE, talking about how she can’t do pull ups and push ups, I’m just here like “haha girl I can barely pick up a leaf let alone do a push up,” 😂😂

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