The Biggest Loser || Nutrition Quiz

All right the players have a goal weight
to lose this week. If they lose 70 pounds they are all safe from elimination. So
today I’m going to ask you five questions. For every question you get
right, I take a pound off of that goal weight.
After we ask you five questions, we will move on to five exercises that are in
the Biggest Loser fitness test. You did that test a few weeks ago. So if you can
beat your previous score, they will get another pound off their goal weight. So
today you have a chance to lower the target goal by 10 pounds. 10 pounds
that’s a lot to take off. So I’m like okay let’s give this challenge started so we can
get this number a little lower. Let’s start with the questions. We’re not
competing in the pop challenge. The weight is gonna get lowered depending on
how well the kids do. So I’m sort of nervous. Have a look at that. Question one,
which of the following dishes has more fat: two large eggs scrambled with two
slices of turkey bacon, one plain bagel with two tablespoons of cream cheese. It’s unhealthy but it’s carbs and sugar. We’re looking at
these foods and I’m just thinking which one has more fat? This one looks healthier than
this one. Yes but which has more fat? What do you guys think? I just want to scream out
its the eggs the eggs have more fat because they have the yolks in them. But
it’s about fat, and this one still has fat since it’s meat. All right. All right looks
like we have an answer. Scrambled eggs with turkey bacon. And what makes you
decide that? Because turkey bacon still has fat and the bagel is a carb. That is
correct. Good job guys! Question two, how many chicken nuggets would you have to eat to reach 18 grams of fat? A) plate with 20 chicken nuggets on it, or B) 6. So three per
nugget opposed to like half a nugget. Bingo Lindsay, you have a final answer for me?
6. Two right good job. Thank you guys. Even though nutrition’s not my thing I got
one right and I’ll take it. Guys that is 2 pounds off your total goal. They got it
right again I am. just thrilled to see that they’re losing weight for us. We are
on to question 3. Which of the following plates has more carbohydrates? A)
spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread, or B) a bean burrito with chips and
salsa. Salsa’s good for you. There’s no question. Final answer is A. All right your answer is A) spaghetti and meat sauce
with garlic bread, and that is incorrect. The plate with more carbs are the bean
burrito with chips and salsa. Beans are carbs, the tortilla is carbs, and the
chips are carbs. When they got the question wrong I was just like…because
you know it’s a pound. That counts. I mean I’ve seen people go home over that so
I’m thinking oh God just get the next few right. The beans, you know we all
missed out on that one. We had forgotten about the beans and you know those beans
push the carbs up, the chips push the carbs up so we would have gotten it
wrong, as well. We’re gonna move on to question 4. Which food has more calories,
double cheeseburger or a large order of french fries? I’m thinking about the
cheese because the cheese has calories. I would have to say the fries. Fries. I
guess I’m gonna have to go with them. That a large order fries have more
calories than a double cheeseburger, the answer is correct. When you’re talking about calories it’s
difficult to figure out which one has more all the time, you don’t know what
everything’s on it especially when you’re going out. So this one got me. I’m
so proud of how much they’ve learned at home. Another pound off your total goal
for the week. Okay so far you’ve gotten three out of four right. You have one
more question to go, and then we’re gonna move on to the fitness test. Which of the
following movie theater foods have over a thousand calories, personal pepperoni
pizza or a large bucket of buttered popcorn? This is right up my alley
because I work at a movie theater. I know how that popcorn is prepared. Nothing
about it is healthy. You’re like thinking well you know
popcorn’s actually not that bad for you in moderation, and then you see this
pizza and you’re just like. Hands down I say the popcorn. I would say popcorn. Yeah. Bingo, unanimous? You’re all right. You got four out of five
right which means you have a four pound advantage so far.

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