The Cause of white wellbeing : a movement of Redemption – No White Guilt

so it should be almost the theme of this show is that this is a movement of redemption and what we have here in front of us is a attractive young woman who was in the pornographic industry and she has left that all behind and she has taken up the cause of white well-being you know for all I mean we don’t I haven’t we we don’t know her Electress in Tyre background we’re accepting what she has shared with us as truth we have no reason to believe that she wouldn’t share the truth with us so we have here a woman who was in this industry and who has come to the cause of white will being so it doesn’t matter what you were doing in your past folks it doesn’t matter your past mistakes don’t matter it doesn’t matter if you were a drug addict in the past it doesn’t matter if you were an alcoholic in the past it doesn’t matter if you were abused your spouse in the past it doesn’t matter if you were anti white in the past we are a movement of redemption a redemption for our people a redemption for our white brothers and sisters we will rescue you come to the cause of white well-being join us give purpose and meaning to your life indeed give give value to your life live for something that really matters really truly the only thing that can warrant your life is the cause for white well-being it is the blood from which you spring it is a responsibility to your descendants and to all of our descendants who are yet to come to give them what they have given us this glorious Western civilization we are a link in a chain right now and you can look back to all of our ancestors the greatest ancestors of our history you can name them all and we are as important as all of them because folks our duty our effort our love our honor our courage will ensure that more of those exist again that there will be more Shakespeare’s one day there will be more max planks there will be more Beethoven’s in the future there will be more Edison’s in the future men and women whose names we can’t even fathom will take us to the moon again to the Mars to the Stars we have a glorious future and you know what it’s going to exist because we lived it doesn’t matter what you did in your past become a hero today make your life worth something today join us and be one of the heroes as we move forward into history

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