The Doctors Health Intervention for Honey Boo Boo

reality stars dominate the television landscape and for the past 10 years many of those stars have come to the doctor's to share their personal stories of triumph or to seek advice on a variety of health concerns what we found with many of these reality stars is that their backstories might be too real for reality TV the doctors work closely with reality matriarch mama June to stage a life-changing health intervention on her daughter Alana Thompson better known as honey boo boo at that time the 9 year old had a body mass index of 30 putting her in the obese range and at risk for future health problems this is a flashback to their story you would think oh she's ever weighed because like she's all the time and that's not the case I like a lot of stuff deep-fried she has respiratory issues Claire dumps she's on a lot of steroids everyday deep-fried turkey she's done a lot of breathing and I was like surprised maybe and that's what keeps a lot of think I like chicken nuggets I want to do it normally honey mustard some and joke maybe Arkansas my pediatrician themes not chicken sir because he knows why I took it chocolate builder to create a milk that's really there he thinks it's more steroids sounds I've said we'd only done my shirt sounds like at school but like too much itself today deep-fried Oreos are you worried about her are you worried about her health I didn't worry about our health she has a weak immune system because she has like if she's asthmatic child she has respiratory issues she's got a lot of breathing inhalers she's on like a breathing machine she's on steroids quite a bit because she keeps the croup and stuff like that we got a doctor quite a bit there's no question that we've got to address Alana's asthma asthma is inflammation of the airways what's ironic is we're learning more and more about how the foods we eat the life we live how it all can increase inflammation in our bodies part of our treatment is going to be trying to minimize these steroids what's ironic and something I've learned in the emergency department is the common culprit in a lot of these things believe it or not is what you're eating it you need to take some responsibility here you really do and I I'll take as much time as it requires until you say okay well maybe you know maybe I can do better yeah I mean every parent can do better I'm not I'm not saying that maybe I do a heck of a lot better yeah I'm like I know I'm not the perfect parent let's pull up the picture of your your average breakfast bowl this has almost a thousand milligrams of sodium over half the daily recommended allowance these fruity yogurts have as much sugar sometimes as a candy bar you've got this beautiful nine-year-old daughter dealing with severe medical problems which are based on this whole idea of inflammation nine-year-old is not going to be doing the shopping a nine-year-old is not going to be cooking the meals and a nine year olds not going to be making the decisions that's on you it's time for a health intervention please welcome miss Alanna to our show – you're like checking yeah now I'd not get like Nuggets corn dogs corn dogs you like pizza oh yeah you like dessert yeah when you do a fun little taste test with me I guess all right grab that pizza give it a whirl do you like fried chicken right yeah I guess it's time for dessert I thought dark chocolate create them so I have a little secret all of these foods are good for you house fried chicken good for you you know what that's actually baked chicken with whole wheat flour and rolled oats okay I would never you know that pizza that's made with cauliflower crust this dark chocolate and avocados would you eat all these foods if your mom helped make those yeah this is where I go back to you would you be willing to make these kinds of foods for your family yeah I mean like I said I mean how do anything just like you though you know what [Applause] healthy foods that are nutritious high in protein lower in sugar you

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  1. Unimportant but if you gonna dunk chicken nuggets in something sweet curry sauce is the best to do it in lol but why would you do that to your child also have never had a corn dog what is it and is it delicious

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  4. Yh like moms like she doesn't eat unhealthy she eats pretty healthy…. HONEY BO BO BE LIKE:deep fried foods.. Fried OREOS OO AND I LIKE CHIKEN NUGETS OHH YEAH PIZZA CORN DOGS DESERT OH YEAHHHHHH…….

  5. Question is. Which came first. Unhealthy eating resulting in weight issues or breathing difficulties (asthma)? I strongly suspect that once a healthy lifestyle and weight loss is achieved the asthma will improve.

  6. I understand where shes coming from. I was diagnosed with asthma at 4 and they plumped me up with all those steroids.😂 I was 199 in 5th grade. My doctors never mentioned anything to my mom because it was "just the steroids". When I turned 14 I realized that I ate SO MUCH MORE than probably an average adult it wasnt just the steroids. I reached my heaviest of 235 lbs at 15. Just turned 16 and I'm 25 pounds down😭. All ya gotta do is eat right I swear it makes such a big difference.

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  8. who the hell cares? i hate how they care about some girl they don't even know! and who gives a fuck if she's fat

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