46 thoughts on “The Dr. V Diet

  1. Leafy greens are so necessary. Just look at how the animal kingdom grows from just eating grass, like cows!

  2. As a vegan VSG patient, thank you! No nutritionist I’ve seen post op has stressed raw fruits and vegetables. They constantly push protein. This is a more natural way to eat for me & I can’t wait to start!

  3. I’m so lucky I’m moving to Albuquerque and going to be able to go to his practice! I’m so glad I found u

  4. Can someone tell me if it's zerofilter Or zero water .. I want to buy the pitcher .. And can't find zero filter..

  5. Hey Dr. V.! I'm 39 days post op. My surgeon gave me a goal of 100 grams of protein a day. With that, I have no room for greens. I really love your videos, and feel it may help me. You're very educated. Should I try your diet, and see where it goes? Or follow my surgeon's diet?

  6. I was wondering about the soy you recommend. Most US soy is not produced in a healthy way (GMOs) . In your opinion is there truth to one should only consume limited soy products in general? I understand the meat market/dairy market is not that healthy (in general and in production) if we were to compare them as protein sources. Many people balk at soy these day and I would like more info about its pros and cons.

  7. So I just had Gastric Bypass yesterday. Based on what you are saying you don’t think I should do 2-3 shakes a day to start?

  8. I haven `t Got the operation yet, but I am implementing your ideas, we have started to have the green smoothie every morning, my children love it. So thank you for getting more green and fruit in to our diet. Eleonor from Denmark

  9. Just bought three of your books, bad ass salads, green smoothies and love is fishy from Amazon UK. Keep up this awesome work.

  10. Dr V, I’m happy to hear you mention Ayurveda. What are your thoughts on the cold aspect of a morning smoothie “putting out” the digestive fire per Ayurvedic philosophy? Would you suggest room temperature ingredients, or will the cold smoothie help with excess acid after VSG?

  11. Finally someone who can prove the reasons why you do and don't do something. Destroying myths (pouch stretching, etc) Your a godsend!

  12. Dr. Vuong.  I am sorry if you've answered this elsewhere but I've spent a while searching and watching.  Maybe you can just answer here.   I know what you recommend for breakfast (green smoothie) and lunch (big salad and protein).  WHAT about the 3rd meal?  Can some healthy carbs like root vegetables and certain grains be added with healthy organic/wild or pasture raised natural proteins?   I don't feel well on a too low carb diet and have adrenal/ hormonal/ menstrual issues whenever I try low carb.

  13. You or kids don't like the taste of the new stuff? I taught my kids they had to take a bite and chew it up and if they still hated it they could spit it out in the garbage and eat the rest of dinner… but they had to have that taste test bite each time I made that item, and sure enough after a few times they liked it 😀

  14. Dr. V, you are a GEM! So grateful I found your channel. I am scheduled for VSG on Monday, 10/2. I am super hyped to do this. Its really a lap band revision (it broke and my stomach prolapsed). I did really very well on the band until it broke, so this sleeve thing has me excited.

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