The Fitness Model Without a Pulse

– I essentially don’t have a pulse. You can check everywhere you’d want and you won’t feel a pulse. So I’m pretty much the best
looking zombie you’ll ever see. (laughs) My name is Andrew Jones
and I’m a professional fitness model, living
with an artificial heart. I always have to have batteries charging. At night when I’m going to
bed, I’ll plug my phone in and then I’ll plug myself
into the wall outlet to make sure I have power overnight. In 2012, I was diagnosed
with a cardiomyopathy which affects the heart’s
efficiency to pump blood. I was incredibly ill at the time and I was admitted to
the ICU for four months where they had to implant
what’s called an LVAD, which stands for Left
Ventricular Assist Device. And it’s considered an artificial heart. It’s taking over the
work of my heart for me. These devices, the two
batteries and the computer, these are what are
powering and controlling the artificial heart, to make sure that it’s working efficiently
and working properly. I started feeling strong
again when I was recovering after having the
artificial heart implanted. And, of course, it didn’t all
come at once, I took baby steps and I found myself back in
the gym sooner than later. And I got my strength back
and once I’m able to find the right match for a heart transplant, I’ll no longer need my artificial heart. At first I was upset about
having an artificial heart and then there was the
moment where I realized that this is my life for now
and either I can dwell and feel sorry for myself, or I
can continue doing the things that I love to do, the best way
I can and I haven’t stopped. I’m proud of the scars that
I have from my surgeries because scars are beautiful,
they’re a part of you. They tell your story and no one
can take that away from you. (heart beating)

100 thoughts on “The Fitness Model Without a Pulse

  1. Here I am still waiting to loose weight like a typical fatso American idiot who eats too much and this zombie is 💯 percent more fit than I am! What a shame.

  2. I wonder if having an artificial heart helped him fight fatigue better then most of us with heart in the gym, considering his heart is computer-controlled, therefore, it should raise the pulse when necessary and it keeps pumping blood without getting tired than most of us with real heart would.

  3. So basicly he can do cardio and his heart doesn't beat fast and shit…unlimited cardio? Or how does it work…can he do cardio and charge his heart? I GOT SO MANY QUESTIONS

  4. Well done my friend, you are an inspiration, I myself have a heart condition since childhood, I’ve also had surgery resulting in scars, but as you say the scars make us who we are, If not for them scars we wouldn’t be here inspiring others the way you are, once again well done & good luck for the future, God Bless, from Ireland 🇮🇪 ✌🏻👍🏻

  5. So he doesn't have a pulse that can be measured by normal means because that device is continuously circulating the blood while normally functioning hearts has short intervals? What I'm asking is why doesn't he have a pulse?

  6. I'd own several high capacity UPS devices if I were him. In an extreme emergency he could be without power for days, weeks or longer.

  7. Wow , and here I am healthy but not wanting to live , clinciallndepression for years , and this guy just wants to survive and live. I feel sorry but my mind too sad wish I had his.

  8. mah boi. i broke my back a while ago and got dropfoot and generally weak muscles in my legs, but as soon as i was able to kinda walk, i started going to the gym and moved on. adapt, adjust, overcome.

  9. Now I put a thumbs up for this video. But I'm trying figure out how in the hell do you put a thumbs down on the inspirational video LOL!

  10. That's amazing. Soon we'll have artificial hearts that will be permanent, no batteries and will last hundreds of years. What an amazing future we live in.

  11. So, yeah, this man is literally a cyborg, no two ways about it. His life is fully integrated with machinery, and he is totally dependent on it. Legitimate cyborg. Edit: Was, I guess he got a transplant.


  13. This guy is a warrior. Just seeing g this literally makes my heart ache…I mean literally. My insides feel really weird seeing him hooked up to all that.

  14. This dude is a hero. An inspiration to all. And his device is a credit to the miracle of science. Great spirit and technology merged together.

  15. Now is the time to accept Christ Jesus as Lord and saviour. Christ Jesus is the truth, way and life. And he will give you eternal life at the end of this life. May you blessed with the eternal Word of God in Jesus name. Amen

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