12 thoughts on “The Importance of Intensity in Physical Activity

  1. Physical activity is very important for everyone. Without physical activity people would become obese and lazy and nothing would ever get done. People’s physical health would fall increasingly fast and they would develop many health problems. You don’t have to run every day and go to the gym and do things you don’t want to do. The best activity you can do is the one that makes you happy and that you find to be fun! That way you won’t dread doing it every day. Cardiovascular disease is one of the most common killers of people in the United States. Just be increasing your physical activity you can decrease your risk for any cardiovascular disease. Intensity is the most important part of your exercise. The more intense your workout, the greater decrease in your risk for heart disease. Cardiovascular disease isn’t just your heart, it’s your whole cardiovascular system like your veins and arteries. Just a little bit more effort in your daily exercise routine can go a long way to helping prevent a cardiovascular disease.

  2. Great video and love the graphical treatment. I'm curious what you might have to say regarding plateauing and the degree of intensity? When working out, after I while it's easy to get desensitized to a routine and no longer get the same cardovascular benefits… To what extent should this be expected, on average? Any strategies for how to overcome these "ruts"?

  3. I disagree with some points of this video, but let me say that a lot of it I agree with. I am a physiologist and a sports science graduate. I deal with clients everyday and I suggest that 3/4 bouts of aerobic exercise is better for health than anaerobic exercise. Aerobic is obviously fat burning, sustainable and is better for the heart. Human's aren't evolved to exercise anaerobically for extended period of times, yes interval training as you suggest is very beneficial. However, prolonged anaerobic exercise is not, it is actually rather detrimental. Anaerobic exercise produces stress hormones; i.e cortisol; which promotes fat production. Research has shown that those who regularly participate in long bouts of anaerobic exercise it increases the likelihood of heart arrhythmias by 18%. Sustained periods of anaerobic exercise also compromises your immune system temporarily and can cause insomnia. I know i'm going to get bashed, so if you don't believe me, do some research and read some of Dr Phil Maffetone's research.

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  5. To reduce carb cravings, eat more meat and beef – the most nutrient sufficient food. Snack on raw coconut. Eliminate processed foods/sugars and chemicals.

  6. hi Doc, I am really impress the way you have describe the whole picture of Physical Activity specially INTENSITY.
    I have also tried to describe Fitness and trying to take it at the next level. Would you like to have a look and give your valuable inputs?

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