The Lion King McDonalds Happy Meal Toys Build a Scene Full Set 2019

it's the circle of squirrel we're trying to observe it on the table today it is the circle of squirrel well no it's McDonald's Happy Meal Disney The Lion King full set collection of toys 10 toys to collect this time let's get right to the number one toy Mufasa and Mufasa outside of the bag looking very well detailed for a Happy Meal toy pretty impressive lifelike sculpt – I detect it might actually be real there's an action feature of a sound effect oh where would that be must be on the bottom huh there we go click on nicely done James Earl Jones pretty good the only thing I really dislike is the battery stuff because they will eventually go out the gimmick with these are built at your favorite scenes and you can see how this will be able to attach to other Lion King toys also inside hey parents for a chance to win there's a code to scan using the new mcdee app I'll have to give that a try one of these days so that is Mufasa pretty impressive start to the collection the number two toy Rafiki and Rafiki holding up Simba and one of the most iconic scenes of The Lion King out of the package Simba almost looks like Winnie the Pooh or something up there so this one may have an interesting action feature let's give it a shot here kind of a booming Rumble sound not really sure if that's supposed to be all the animals in celebration or just Rafiki doing some cool sounding noises vibrates the hall toy I do prefer that over mufasa's battery sound effect though as this will last pretty much forever so I think we have one more to get before we can start clicking them together and this isn't the one but it is the number three toys Simba cub and the Simba out of the package with a big bolt hole in its side looks like big-game hunting is still alive and well around Pride Rock so like Mufasa Simba has an action sound click on I am going to be the king of Pride Rock mm-hmm Hakuna Matata haha I love how fast the character turn around I'm gonna be king of Pride Rock huh Hakuna Matata what's that pretty cute toy I almost wonder if the head rotates on this and it does finally a little real-life action and the number 4 toy Sarabi I have to remember to switch them off or they'll keep talking Surabhi out of the packet looking like an ancient Windows 95 wallpaper this one should complete the scene with Mufasa and Rafiki back there but real quick what is her action feature I don't see a sound button for clicking by the way each one of these has The Lion King and printed on the bottom of the pad sounds like some sort of celebration noise that or Surabhi works at a very busy and distressful call center so let's connect these three together real quick you can see that it's like a puzzle piece they'll just fit right in together kind of like what we saw with Avengers just a few months ago only a little more scene specific that's a pretty impressive idea happy male I kind of like how they picked only three pieces out of the tendon connect together like that although that makes it pretty random and hard to get all the exact pieces you need you're going to have to hunt a lot for these pretty fun little Lion King puzzle idea and of the fifth toy Nala cub Nala cub outside of the pack also shot by big-game hunters Oh her action feature is a shaky noise hella must like hunting rattlesnakes she's scaled just right to Simba and the two will create some scene we just have to find one more piece and I'm thinking it's this giant pack here number 6 Zazu looks like all the budget of the entire Lion King movie was placed into this toy I guess we have to build it real fast did I get it right we've got Zazu flying around a tree and as we spin him around he flies around whoa poor Zazu you've got to be Zazu dizzy kind of reminds me I've been oh the school burger king kids meal toy we have original Burger King Edie and what did Ed do I love ed one of my most favorite cherished kids meals toys and you can see over 20 years later still works because there are no batteries of course that Zoo here no batteries – that is too much fun alright well let's build the little Zazu scene let's see I'm assuming this goes towards the back somehow and then these two are going to connect in somehow there we go there's an extra peg coming out from Simba over here so there must be multiple different ways to display these they're so cleverly cool they are we must be entering official hakuna matata territory now with the seventh toy Timon ah cute it's a meerkat squirrel hey just a meerkat to you Timon also with a battery backed up sound effect pretty amazing how simple these sound effects are going off this time just a real simple tap to them much easier than those minions about a year ago or so we'll probably be building some more logs to this one of course there's another log with Pumbaa the number 8 toy and Pumba out and about looking pumba rific what is Pumbaa supposed to do here no switch so this is non battery-powered that's a good thing so more on the natural sound effects around of Pride Rock maybe that could be a cricket I like it though and I really like the detail still going on with these alright who is next in line of course it's Simba the number nine toy what is going on with this one Simba looking good a little more brightly colorful than Mufasa and we've got another cookie toy it looks like we're gonna shake this back and forth and these little sticks move back and forth on the log creating a cool sound that's fun Oh Simba double shot by big-game hunters it is so sad we have got to build a fence around Pride Rock and of the number ten toy we finish with Nala adult Nala that's interesting no scar how did they miss scar and what about the hyenas and not let out of the bag there's a lot of animal activity going on the screen right now she is also on a rock very similar to a Windows 95 wallpaper Nala has some sort of dial here for sounds well that's about as basic as you can get gotta say symbols a little more exciting even Pumbaa but this one hmm okay we'll live with it so let's get our final scene built I think it starts with Timon up and front kind of looking back maybe and then we're going to put Pumbaa here on the log and then Simba and then behind knowledge chasing get back here King you got a job to do and there we go cousins kind of fun you can kind of move it around like the log was over a chasm fine I think the best one out of the three well kind of like this by itself then it's a little better now left behind is a little odd but I think the best one obviously is Pride Rock that is the most iconic and fun stuff going everywhere yeah Pride Rock is my favorite and this one's kind of a cool one too just because of the bright greenness to it and I suppose you can mix and match a little bit these little puzzle pieces look to be made to interchange a little bit although that's weird why would Nala be chasing Nala but you can certainly add some pieces into this and create your own puzzle environment and that's good because again it would be really hard to actually get all three of a set if you just go to McDonald's a couple times a month so that is the amazing Disney The Lion King McDonald's Happy Meal toys 2019 collection again tend to collect really wish they had bumped that up to twelve or fourteen with the scar and some of the hyenas these are definitely more shelf display like pieces than play pieces for a $2.00 Happy Meal toy pretty realistic though I enjoyed looking at this collection that must be in the skwerkel Disney The Lion King McDonald's Happy Meal toys arrived in McDonald's restaurant July August 2019 they are free and a happy meal or I think about two dollars a piece if you are a big fan of the length ping and wish to collect puzzle piece characters of plastic that may or may not have been shot at by big game hunters this is the collection for you just remember if you're clicking some of those weird clicky sounds do it at 3 in the morning and drive someone crazy that's what I'm to say about that it's the circle of squirrel thanks for watching squirrels stampede please like share subscribe

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  1. Already have three. I decide that I want to stop collecting happy meal toys because I'm seventeen and then a set like this or Avengers comes out. And then there is the yearly Pokémon set. That set is an obligation, I run my school Pokémon club.

  2. is that me or there is a lizerd and skunk and rakon magic squuirl minion and chiken and cow looking at sambi

  3. I wonder if squirrel stampede starts a gaming channel I bet the name if the channel would be squirrel gaming

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