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hmm now now once you've scanned your client and can see the distortions and imbalances in their energetic body field the nest software then recommends a personalized set of remedies to drink now these are drops that are imprinted with information which literally reset their bioenergetic body field now we call these info suta khals now Ness health we use imprinted water because it's one of the best ways of correcting the information in the body field and remember 99% of the molecules in our body are water so this makes it by far the best medium to influence the field and as far as your client can see they're simply taking drops in a glass of water similar to homeopathy but what's really happening is that their bodies are being given new buyer information to correct distortions in their energetic field now the imprinted water is really a carrier of information a carrier wave of energy if you will now this happens because water has this very curious property which enables it to store a memory so when your client drinks it that information is then picked up by their body field that can then in turn affect their physiology and pacifically targeting problem areas that are picked up in the scan and what's amazing with these safe non-invasive remedies is that once ingested they then trigger the body's own innate healing processes a bit like activating a reset button to get the system back on the right track now the information that's encoded into the water works on a deep cellular level every single cell that gets sent a new message there's exactly what to do this new information and the information then shifts Pacific physical and emotional issues and removes blockages so that balance can be restored to the body literally reimprinting the body field back to its original blueprint with the exact information that's right for your client now it enhances the strength of their body field and it regulates the energy flow of information now thanks to emphasis goals eventually healed my chronic fatigue syndrome after being bedridden and searching for a cure for almost eight whole years now at first I thought imprinted water remedies sounded too good to be true but after having such an undeniable healing reaction I knew there had to be something – and so I stuck with the experimental protocol that was given to me by the late scientist professor peter fraser which we then went on to develop together and likely say the rest is history arthritis is a disease of information failure in the joints and now let me just give you a little bit more history on the water science and how this works it's been a number of researchers going all the way back to Samuel Hahnemann who was the father of homeopathy now what he did is he would take a substance and he would then dilute it up until the point there was nothing left apart from the actual information from those substances that was left over in the water now a lot of people poo pooed homeopathy one of the ways where you can visibly see whether something has been imprinted with information or not with an emphasis cool is you can basically use a technique that was developed by Professor Emoto where he would freeze water samples and then he would look at the crystals that have come off those frozen water samples and what he found was that the ones that have been imprinted with healthy information had really beautiful current structured shapes and the ones that hadn't been imprinted were much more chaotic and what professor Pollock has been able to show is that water under certain conditions ie when there's lots of minerals present or when it's next to water loving sources such as you get in normal cellular tissue in the body is that water has a structure or if you like it has a crystalline properties now while that matters is that as soon as you have a structure you're basically able to record an imprint information into that structure which is extremely useful when you're trying to transmit information into the body so we did experiments and the experiments show that really there is a fourth phase of water and the fourth phase of water is is somewhere in between a liquid and a solid it's a kind of crystalline type of water and there's a lot of it you know people have questioned the idea of water memory for good reason the good reason is that is that the studies have shown that h2o the stuff that's here that the molecules the molecules are moving around at a very high rate of femtosecond rate and so any molecules that are randomly organized and moving around so quickly it's hard to imagine that it could store any information whatsoever okay but now we've discovered the easy water and this easy water has a crystal like structure it's sort of like computer memory if you think about computer memory the computer memory is basically silicon silicon dioxide atoms arranged in a regular three-dimensional array this is similar to that and so there's a possibility that the same principle that's used in computer arrays could be used here so the possibility exists that this could store information when we first started working with with water and discovering this phase of water we didn't of course at first know know the structure and the idea of information in water was something that seemed weird and strange and you know maybe possible but but now with each passing year and seeing information experimental evidence clear experimental evidence that it can exist it has changed my view a lot in the late-1980s Jack been Avista was able to show how he could take a dilution of antibodies and get them to affect white blood cells and he was doing this again to the point where there was no actual antibodies and all that was left was pure information in water and able to in turn affect the white blood cells what was more incredible cause he was not only able to use dilute antibodies to create this effect he was also able to record the information of the antibodies and then imprint that information back into the water and exposed the white blood cells to that imprinted water and those white blood cells to react as though the antibody was present however you know he had a lab with 50 people he said there's a corner go go sit in the corner and and do yourself and well pretty soon everybody in the laboratory was curious about what was going on and this fellow was able to demonstrate that this really was the case and so Jacque being in intellectual and having a good experience and immunology he thought there this is very interesting you know it related to homeopathy but Jacque had nothing to do with homeopathy he was just a scientist who was interested in what happens especially at high dilution so they tried to publish it in nature and the editor Sir John Maddox came back and it's a sorry no way he said if you're right everybody else is wrong this experiment has now been repeated by many people and confirmed so there is no doubt about the authenticity of the result where water and the earth is covered with water and water is so central through all of nature even even out in the stars but there's no field of water odd crazy we're trying to change that but you know biology moved from the entire system down to the organelle to the molecule to the part of a molecule and people forgot about the water and I think they need to restore this information because there's so much evidence that water is so central to everything that the body does antibodies and genetic material can be transmitted digitally by imprinted water now the Nobel Prize winner Luca on Tanya he took Jack Benny vistas research further and not only showed that you could transmit an antibody digitally you could also transmit genetic material digitally too so he was able to record genetic information then transmit it into a sample of water and had a number of base pairs in it and then just from the information and the base pairs was able to reconstruct the original genetic strand the first time I heard about dr. Mountaineers work it just unbelievable and we believe the key point relies on the structure of the water that can actually contain the information basically you have a doctor Mountaineer find a way you have two glass of water you put something in the first glass of water we sell physical contact you put two glass of water sits side-by-side together for certain amount of time couple hours and then the information started transferring from the first glass of water to the second glass of water to a little bit more detail he put DNA in the first glass of water filter it and diluted to a point scientifically should be nothing left in the first glass of water and it's stay with the second glass of water for a couple of hours and then the magic scene happened dr. Monson eared is expert in DNA and virus field he discovered the HIV for AIDS so he put a segment of HIV virus in the first glass of water and later on he used the second glass of water to do a DNA amplification pretty much like electronic amplifier but when it's no signal coming there should be no signal go out noise come in bigger noise come out so very very interesting the the the second glass of water after DNA amplification find the exactly same sequence as the DNA doctor Montaner put into the first glass of water and it's been double-blind experiment be conducted if that experiment really work that means not only water can talk communicate transfer information from one body to the other they also has to has a memory and I think most of us prefer to rely on pharmaceuticals you know the drug industry can provide this and that to take care of every conceivable syndrome that you might have and I have some friends who are taking you know dozens of different pills each today so that's one approach another approach is to think about natural kinds of aids for for for cure and and water I never could imagine 10-15 years ago that this would be the case but now I've seen enough evidence that that certain kinds of waters can actually reverse pathologies this is the future so what Peter and I did is we took this gene information idea a little bit further because what really matters when you're trying to heal someone is the particular epigenetic expression because that is what decides which proteins are going to be made to repair particular parts of your body now we took this concept further by directly recording the positive expression of epigenetic information of healthy tissue which has since become a breakthrough in non-evasive healing that emphasis goals are really like homeopathy 2.0 where homeopathy is tricking the body by giving it a minut dose of something which indirectly affects the field and triggers a reaction in the person whereas emphasis goals take this to the next level giving the body something that directly links into and corrects the field allowing it to go back to normal and I've seen some therapies also presented where where information is is actually given or transferred to to the cells and some of this seems to have a beneficial effect on health so your sales in my cells are susceptible to information information that we receive from the outside I think there's a lot of promise out there I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer when I was 20 which resulted in habit to have surgery and removed all but 1/4 of my thyroid gland I've had to take a synthetic hormone to give me the thyroid hormone that I needed ever since which you know I just continued to get sicker and sicker my husband had to pick me up out of the bed if I had to get up he had to feed me set me up in the bed and feed me they really didn't know what to do for that type of illness I was pretty much told that she just kind of had to live with it I couldn't help you know and no matter what she told me what hurt or what felt bad or what was happening I couldn't help her and neither could anybody else we didn't think my doctor finally said Vanessa you know I really don't know what to do for you at this point all I can do is try to give you medicines to make you more comfortable she had lost a tremendous amount of weight she was allergic to almost everything I was having a lot of trouble finding any foods that I could eat at all which really resulted in me being so weak the inside of her mouth was had a lot of sores inside of it the lips had multiple sores on them like a cold sore type thing and her hair was like straw and coming out the first thing I did was they nest testing the system is designed to determine areas of distortion in the body field new information is made available to the body by ingesting drops that have been imprinted with an information pattern I started her out at the dose thing that we would have addressed a child because her energy fields were that weak so we started out very very cautiously one morning I woke up after I had been seeing Deborah probably for a couple of months and I just had this feeling that I hadn't ever had and I knew I knew that that this was the answer and I felt so good that I just cried I just said up in the middle of my bed and I just cried and cried and cried in about six months she reached an energy level of where the body was beginning to transfer a message more effectively to where every layer that we went through she was showing remarkable health changes being from a man's standpoint in a southern country boy tell type person it's how it grew up I first thought it was hocus-pocus you know and I had my doubts and it took a while but I see now that it's it's phenomenal it truly is I've become healthy enough to what I think is living a normal life again because now I can clean my own house I can cook my meals I can even work in the yard I can even wash my car I can do things that I never thought I would ever be able to do again it's a hundred and eighty degrees from where it was it's just a total turnaround it really is I really don't know how to explain the difference and the way I feel it's like I died and I come back to life and I never thought that I would ever feel this way again I got my life back I got my life back and it's wonderful now what is amazing about imprinted water remedies like the kind that Vanessa use is that they allow the body's energy flow to return to its perfect natural state so its own innate healing intelligence can do what it is designed to do now the body's ability to heal itself is a miracle of nature and imprinted water encourages that miracle by helping to activate the body's own healing system on an energetic and cellular level every major function of the cell everything the cell does from contracting and muscles from dividing from transmitting information water central to all of these processes and if you if you don't understand that water is central if you get about the water you'll never get the right answer everything becomes so hopelessly complicated that's where it is today so I think we have to come back to what we knew 50 60 70 80 years ago that water was so central to everything and begin to study it in that context we're on the threshold of an entire new understanding of how disease happens how information is transferred and how to enhance information transfer within living systems there's a vast increase in chronic disease in our community and I believe using these information methods that we can treat the chronic disease that couldn't be treated before you

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