The motivating power of the Y’s group fitness classes

When people come to group fitness, they expect
to be motivated, energized, and inspired to reach their personal best. Our instructors are not only educators; they’re
facilitators. They want to make sure that we’re connecting people
to people; people to communities; and people to their goals. So I think a lot of people are attracted to
group fitness because there’s a bit of a communal approach: you’re going through something that
the person next to you is going through. They’re laughing before and after class, sometimes
during the class. And it’s awesome to see that they’re sweating,
but they’re smiling too. All of our classes are open to people of any
ability. We’re committed, at the Y, to making everyone
feel welcome. The YMCA is for all ages, and everybody is
welcome here. We want to make sure that everybody has the
opportunity to be active and healthy, and that really means a lot to me. There’s no better fitness experience than
working out in a group fitness class. The energy, the drive, the motivation—there’s
no experience like it!

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