The Queen of Cuisine dishes on St. Louis' food scene and how to step out of your comfort zone

well say goodbye to the anxiety that goes along we're going to a new restaurant and say hello to suzanne corbett the local food writer and historian has been called a queen of cuisine she set down the dish on this week's Abby eats st. Louis it was food history goes way beyond the toasted ravioli and the popularity of the ice cream cone from the World's Fair we have so many different ethnic groups that contribute to who we are today you have to start back at the very beginning which is the French colonial what advice do you have for these people who are trying to get out of their comfort zone and step into a new restaurant try something different order an amp that will give you just a little taste of what they can do and chances are it's going to be one of their finest dishes that'll knock it right out of the park for you thanks to a lot of travel writers and some of the other media across the country st. Louis is finally getting the recognition that it so richly deserves my goodness when you say I want to go travel for food st. Louis should be in your top five and it's really affordable I think that's the other thing that's really helping us is we're more accessible than a lot of those cities well that makes us go to the top of that list

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