The TRUTH About What's Really In Your Food

Hey 42 here do you know what you're reading I mean do you really know because you may think you do but you'd be lied to your entire life now this may be hard to stomach but a lot of the food you eat is fake okay this is not true for everyone watching different countries have vastly different food regulations and some countries are far far worse offenders it's dishing of fake food to its citizens I reveal the worst countries for doing this in a minute but first let's take a jar of harmless honey it started as one of nature's superfoods it can prevent cancer heart disease it's a powerful probiotic and it boosts your immune system and all of that is true if you're eating actual honey that is Germany is the world's largest importer of honey those Germans just love their honey but the world's second largest importer of honey America tells a very different story when it comes to this supposedly holy natural products a study found that over 75% of pudding sold in the US doesn't contain any honey according to the FDA honey has to contain pollen otherwise it just isn't honey it was discovered that the vast majority of commercial honey brown on the shelves and American stores contained no pollen at all and therefore were not actually funny so if all this honey isn't honey then what is it well there are many different carefully engineered cocktails of artificial ingredients that are used to replicate real honey and each producer uses their own unique mixture most are mainly made up from the infamous high fructose corn syrup sometimes labeled as multi loss syrup which is cut with sucrose syrup and water sometimes some plant extracts and essential oils are thrown in there if you're looking so you thought you were being healthy by swapping your pancake syrup for honey put in reality it's probably the exact same so why do American honey producers sell billions of dollars worth of artificial sugars labeled as honey simple economics real honey is expensive just think about what has to happen to make honey bees have to visit two million flowers to produce just one quart of honey traveling fifty five thousand miles in the process and over its entire lifetime a single bit will produce just half a teaspoon of honey high fructose corn syrup and other similar ingredients are incredibly cheaper to produce and so companies can sell fake honey for much much cheaper to consumers who are none the wiser there are also no regulations in place in America concerning the actual percentage of real funny content required in Europe there are very very strict rules about what can be labeled and sold as honey EU regulation stipulates that anything souls as honey must contain more than 60% actual honey seems fair enough and they cannot contain more than 5 percent sucrose ie syrup the vast majority of honey sold across Europe was found to be 100% pudding also through no fault of their own Americans are not used to the idea that fully crystallizes very quickly and 100% raw honey will usually already be highly crystallized when you take it off the shelf what honey never spoils and crystallization is completely normal after all it is a sugar and sugar just love to crystalize europeans have always been sold crystallized honey and so are used to the idea a survey found that most Americans would wrongly consider crystallized honey to be spoiled but when you're selling syrups disguised as honey you don't have to worry about crystallization 2.3 billion cups of coffee are drank every day around world but what goes into your let me guess ground coffee or instant coffee if you're an animal hot water then maybe milk or cream and perhaps some sugar oh and of course let's not forget the wheat soybean seeds corn twigs and dirt yes you heard me correctly your ground coffee which should just be coffee right actually contains a whole array of fillers and more often than not these fillers contain twigs and dirt well you did say you like your copies with an earthy flavor Coffee is in trouble big trouble Coffee is very sensitive it doesn't like being called names but it's also very picky about where it's grown the plant will only produce coffee seeds known to us all as coffee beans in humid and very altitude earnest mountainous areas according to several expert climate change is threatening these sensitive environments and forecasts show that by 2050 half of the regions in the world where coffee can be grown will be lost forever and by 2080 coffee could go extinct due to these growing fears some unscrupulous ground coffee manufacturers have resorted to padding out their happy using fillers such as soy beans brown sugar barley and corn some byproducts of coffee production that should really be removed from the final product are also purposely being left in to fill it out such as wood twigs parchment husks and even soil if you buy whole beams then don't worry there won't be any fillers in that Brazilian scientists were so concerned about this that they developed a brand new technique using liquid chromatography and statistical analysis that allows them to detect exactly what percentage of a bag of ground coffee is actual coffee the procedure is 95% and what they discovered was that some grams or ground coffee has such a high percentage of fillers in them but they must be purposely added in there's just no way it's an accident if coffee isn't your thing then maybe orange juice is you may have been told many times that most diamonds juices are artificial but do you really know just how artificial what if I told you that the flavor of most major orange juice brand is 100% fake to make orange juice you just squeeze oranges right maybe throw in some preservatives and added sugar no that would just be too simple for big brand orange juices they squeeze their own jizz and then they remove all of the oxygen from the extracted juice this allowed to juice to keep for a year without spoiling yes your morning juice is anywhere from a few months to a year old but that's not all that removing the oxygen doors it also removes all of the natural flavor and I mean all of it so they're left to have a very old completely tasteless liquid that slightly resembles something that came out of an orange wants the orange flavor is then artificially re added to the juice using a concoction of artificial flavorings but why purposely remove the flavor and then put it back in again if it only makes it worse I mean that's not easy or cheap to do well it's all about consistency each big brand orange juice has their own unique flavor that their customers are all very familiar with just imagine if the taste of Tropicana changed slightly millions of people would notice and kick up a big still article the natural flavor from oranges is just not consistent and not to stick a brand name on it and have people associate that flavor with that particular brand because the flavor would constantly change depending on the variety of the orange location of the oranges and this high year our industries manufactures than millions hiring flavor and fragrance experts the very same people that work for large perfume companies to create our unique and recognizable orange juice like flavor for that product they call these flavor packs and the worst part is that the flavorings don't even have to be listed under the ingredients because they're derived from orange oils which is a dubious claim but it technically means that these artificially flavored drinks can be sold as 100% orange juice so that's orange juice I bet you're wondering which of your favorite foods I'm going to ruin next what about a simple steak no not the steak a steak is just a single cut of beef right what could possibly be suspicious about that well if you opt for cheaper steaks whether it be from the supermarket or even your local butcher you could be eating tens of different cuttle in a single steak you're purchasing Frankenstein steaks that have actually been glued together from a whole array of off corns and this doesn't just happen with beef it could be lamb pork venison or any meat really when many animals are being turned into various types of small food products ready to throw into a pan at home also the waste is created and general chunks of meat that would most likely get thrown away some unscrupulous companies and butchers use a meat glue called trans luta man eggs which is well known within the food industry and is completely untraceable within the final product they basically glue together the leftover pieces which could have come from many different cows to create one big Frankenstein's sake for your enjoyment transglutaminase is so good at fusing these together it would take an expert to examine a snake very closely to detect any wrongdoing the best part it's not a legal requirement to list it of ingredients so to be safe to stay away from cheap steak but what is you already do maybe you are a cow connoisseur who ops to spend 40 50 or even $100 plus on a single steak in a restaurant and your favorite steak of all is of course a very pricey Kobe beef the Kobe beef craze has taken America in particular by storm thousands of restaurants all over the country and many large chains now offer highly prized and highly prized Kobe beef burgers Kobe steaks and other Kobe beef products on their menus Kobe beef comes from Kobe cows a breeded Wagyu beef that comes from Japan the steaks they produce are pride by chefs all over the world for that impressive fat marbling flavor and that melt-in-your-mouth texture it is the ultimate steak but it's incredibly exclusive Kobe B you can only come from Japan and just 3,000 cattle are deemed worthy enough to be slaughtered and turned into Kobe beef each year they are all fathered by just 12 highly prized bulls that are considered genetically ideal sounds to me like they're trying to create a cow master race over there Kobe cows are fed beer and sake to improve flavor and every cow is massaged daily to improve its fat marbling hell I want to be a Kobe cow now that is some serious dedication to creating a tasty steak it doesn't come cheap it varies but it will cost you on average about three hundred and fifty dollars to eat a real Kobe steak in a restaurant because supplies are purposely kept small to focus on quality the amount of real Kobe beef that reaches the u.s. each year would only feed 77 Americans and yet millions of Americans are going out and regularly eating Kobe beef in restaurants and buying it from the shop to cook at home for far far less than three hundred and fifty dollars per steak so what's going on here it is one of the biggest food scams in America's history as you have probably guessed by now the vast vast majority of so-called Kobe beef sold in America is just plain old regular beef that has never even been to Japan it's just outright lying and clever marketing if you can call it clever some farms in America are even now creating fake Kobe beef for much cheaper often called Kobe beef by those in the know this fake Kobe is sold to thousands of restaurants and customers pay upwards of $100 of steak for it but in reality there are only nine restaurants in the whole of America that sells real Kobe beef imported from Japan yes just nine and they have a special license allowing them to cook and sell it the faith food that you consume in the average day is sickening your olive oil is actually peanut oil soya bean oil and palm oil your cheese and even bread contains water pool yes wood pulp which the FDA says is safe to eat thanks for the advice but last time I checked I wasn't a beaver your dried spices and herbs contain a large amount of garden weeds your tea contains sawdust and some yummy yummy yummy blueberries are also often faith most product containing blueberries such as muffin cereals and pancakes contain precisely 0 blueberries real blueberries are expensive and so food scientists have perfected a recipe of sugar purple dye and other questionable ingredients to craft imitation blueberries that have no health benefits whatsoever in America most of the champagne sold is not actually champagne most people believe that it's illegal to sell sparkling wine has champagne if it doesn't originate from the champagne province in France and this is produced using the method shunkan wants a second fermentation within the bottle well yes this is true in every country in the world except America a 100 year old legal loophole allows any American sparkling wine a simple bottle of Californian bubbly for example which may be nice to be sold as champagne which it isn't with in America do this in any other country and French lawsuits will take your fake champers off of the shelves faster than you can say is this the bloody French Inquisition or what of course all of this changes depending on where you live in the world every country has its own unique food regulations and different levels of food quality what which countries have the most fake food and which have the least British charity Oxfam conducted a study comparing the quality of food in every country in the world the best countries in the world overall for food quality and lack of food related health issues were found to be the Netherlands France Switzerland Denmark and Sweden well done guys but shockingly at the other end of the spectrum was America for quality and health related food issues the USA ranked a hundred and twentieth out of 125 countries putting it in the same league as Saudi Arabia Jordan Ethiopia and Chad it's one of life's great ironies that the world's wealthiest superpower some of the lowest quality food in the world but it's not the fault of the American people large American food companies that have monopolized the market use every trick in the book and some horrifying techniques and chemicals to make terribly poor quality food seem more appealing to shoppers and in America and some other countries the regulations just arms in place you properly regulate what goes into people's food at least they're nowhere near stringent or not we'll just remember every time you shop you are voting avoiding cheap processed and general dodgy looking food will reduce the demand for it choosing to instead shop at local stores with real high quality food will make a difference and you'll live a longer and happier life for it as well just for the sake of a bit less convenience you wouldn't eat garbage out of the bed so don't settle for buying it off the shelves thanks for watching if there's some reason you actually enjoy my videos then click here to support me on patreon supporting me helps me to make better videos and you can get some pretty cool rewards as well click here to check out another video and if you haven't already don't forget to subscribe for new videos every week

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  1. I legit eat rice, canned beans, peas, green beans, tomatoes, frozen veggies, chicken breast, eggs, diluted fruit juice, water, cow milk and swiss cheese with a variety of fruit….oh and butter and bread

  2. For what its worth many foods such as breakfast cereal in the US add calcium carbonate also known as limestone to the recipe, That's right you are eating rocks ground into powder and intentionally added to your captain crunch cereal, when they say with added minerals, they mean it, literally.

  3. All you hate on the foods but if all food were real food prices will have sky rocketed and created food shortages and most of the far away imported food will no longer be axesseble anymore

  4. about coffee. if global warming is removing the zones where we now can grow em. in the same matter, wont it allow any new areas, which where the coffee may thrive?

  5. There's absolutely nothing wrong with meat glue, zero negative effects, it just binds proteins together

  6. I buy honey locally, never in a supermarket. I like to know from whence it came. Frankenfood has infiltrated so much of our food. All for money making by greedy people who should be force fed their own creations.

  7. Please. How do we stop this Brexit!? Please stop it! We working and importing all foods from america meaning we will be eating e numbers, meat glue, chlorinated meats, artificial colourings and flavours and just chemicals we don't even know about AND it won't have to tell us what's in it! Please can we take.back Brexit! Your killing us cause your racist bastards! Let people live in England! Please I'm so scared for how stupid the people that voted Brexit were! Do NOT let Brexit happen! This is one of the examples!

  8. Wow im glad i dont live in america. On the top of the world , yet they dont even get the real food and drinks… Seems to me that life in europe is not that bad afteral.

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