The Try Guys Danish Food Taste Test

Denmark Danish cake our friends Millie and Lynette are visiting us from Denmark I've never been to Dane Lynn I hear it's very nice I've never eaten Danish food I don't even know what to expect this fish maybe I really have no idea I know Legoland is there so I'm hoping that the foods can like connect in cool ways Millie is the food like Legos no have you ever tried uh would you look at that it's like a poppy seed it's gone I like any food that I can spy through do you think they need this many poppy seeds to make it taste like poppy seeds what is this called tape look what it's table mmm tapeworms mmm it's like a croissant yeah but it's so sweet in the mill it makes a great sound – mmm it's like it's raining outside bring on the next dish oh do they still call them danishes well we call them cake oh this isn't a cake it's Danish our cakes and pastries really popular in Denmark yeah especially for breakfast and how are you guys so skinny hmm so this is a cake oh you're encoded Rina would be Noble let's find it's like a little raspberry nipple no I don't like it that much what Isis well I ate for breakfast I eat think I don't know eggs this aching this Limi cannot read them do you want an answer the question dogs are here a hot dog yeah with purple on it we got red cabbage and fried onions so vinegary huh yeah that's the smelliest wiener I've ever encountered all right any any words of advice and just put it anywhere you guys have seen lady the Tramp I think we should ladyandtramp it no mmm what a fun way to you know do people in Dane Lin laughs at Wiener jokes Denmark Denmark it's really good it's a really solid dog I really like how oniony everything is also onions most overrated vegetable of all time overrated all right I mean I have seen which is little tiny toasts what's up with this bread it looks like banana bread lot of seeds in Danish it's called import and it's very healthy so this is like the national bread of Denmark yeah Denmark's favorite bread what a joy to have a bread for your country is it a secret to that great Danish skin oh yes this is pear gotta cheese salmon there's egg and shrimp and huh little labogen I still have sausage bread I like watching you eat like watching a baby mmm oh good yeah good apartment isn't my perfect meal I think the bread is really unique I've never had shrimp on my bread before Kevin no I haven't Oh I'm the crazy person oh that was a little upside down half Oh what is that there's like yellow stuff orange stuff green stuff what is this it looks like yogurt with bacon in it it's come to look what little blue would it look like chimichurri sauce oh then it starts scooping it there's more underneath and yeah supposed to look like me you know in sci-fi movies where a scientist tries to make some sort of new animal and then it comes out like this professor come quick we've made a new rule of law what is this made of it it's made of a beer and bread beer yeah your country is amazing let's eat this delicious multicolored food that is shocking it is a copy cake it's like liquid coffee cake that's really good interesting it's sweet what is going on blah more like cool oh wow the entire food pyramid in one you got grain you got fruit you got vegetables you got beer so final thoughts I'm actually surprised that we don't have more Danish food saturating restaurants worldwide like you'd think if Legos could take over the holy goddamn world why didn't the food join with it obsessed with Legos yeah cuz Legos are awesome yes good I Denmark and Damon is Denmark I'm not sure if this is offensive or adorable a little bit of folks well then we nailed it

26 thoughts on “The Try Guys Danish Food Taste Test

  1. I'm glad Ned and Keith went Lady and the Tramp on that wiener dog. Looked like they were having sex. Mmmm

  2. As a Danish person living in England I always search for people trying Danish things when I feel homesick .. I keep going back to this video. 😀

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