The Try Guys Take A Mental Health Vacation

50 thoughts on “The Try Guys Take A Mental Health Vacation

  1. I’ve never seen a red panda before so that was cool lol. I love watching you guys but I’m glad you got to relax in the place of your choice.

  2. Did eugene just go to the same zoo for all the days they had a mental health break?

    Nvm he also called out some bs

  3. Oh God not this bitch, she’s not a therapist, in Shane Dawson’s series she was calling mental health disorders disgusting and creepy, I really am not a fan on her

  4. wait that’s the same girl who was a kind of uneducated psychologist about people who are sociopathic in shane’s series. glad to see she’s in her zone here.

  5. I'm so mad that I wasn't a fan while Eugene was clapping back at people CAUSE BOY WOULD I BE ALL FOR IT

  6. I feel for Eugene…i love animals…and my mental break would be a trip to the zoo….but damn.. Eugene is lonely….😭

  7. Yo so I would be hyped for a try guys graphic novel !!! I love art and am artist myself and would love to see your guys comedy turned into a graphic novel I’d buy that shit man
    Ps truly love you guys I think you do amazing work and I hope you read this cuase y’all always make me laugh and brighten my day

  8. Guys… Like 90% of their time making videos is just editing and all that other stuff… Not being in the actual video.

  9. “I’m on vacation, Best dad in the galacy, I’m on vacation bi*ch”


  10. as soon as i started i realized the same lady from the shane dawson jake paul series was on here xD

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