The Weirdest Canned Food Taste Test

– Every once in a while
I'll eat canned food, but it's usually like in
a dark time of my life. The Weirdest Canned Food Taste Test – [Voiceover] Brown
bread, raisin flavored! – You're gonna have to… – Oh. – Oh, it's coming. I loosened it for you. – Yeah, sure. – I like it. – Oh, it's so "raisin-y". – It doesn't taste like raisins, though. – I do feel, though, if
they would serve this to me on a plate at a fancy restaurant, I'd be like "oh, chante, this is amazeur". – You can can bread. – I, for one, would rather die by zombies. – [Voiceover] A sample of rattlesnake meat in the purest form. – Aah, no! I don't even want
to eat normal rattlesnake, let alone in a can. – God, it's awful looking. – How we go from bread to rattlesnakes? How did that happen? – (laughs) This was a
very quick escalation. – That smells pretty damn good. – Smell it, smell it, smell it. – No, that's from a snake. (man laughs) – [Both] Cheers. – Aah, I'm sorry, aah! – I mean, it's more like venison, pork… – Ew, the spine, it's a spine! – There's a snake spine in here. – We work hard, we deserve
boneless canned food. – And especially boneless rattlesnake. – Like, you could
definitely put this in foods that a chicken would be in or something, (man laughs) and you could just pass
off and get away with it. – I hope there's a prize in here and it's just a little rattle. – [Voiceover] It's octopus.
– [Man] It's octopus, oh! – Ooh! – [Both] Ugh! – Don't waste time nor
money in cooking it, cutting it, or keeping it frozen. – Oh, it's a tentacle! – Yeah, tentacle! – When they get calamari,
all the white people are like "oh, I want the rings,
I don't want this stuff "with the tentacles". – You would hang out with
people that say stuff like that. – Freshy fishy. – It's too chewy, it's like it never ends. Like, I keep chewing it
to get it to go away. – I know, and then the
flavor keeps coming out. – I don't like it. – I mean, if you're trying to
improve your jaw strength– – [Woman] Yeah, like that.
– [Man] This is the best meal. – It feels like gum. – Ugh, stop it. – [Both men] Fried chicken in a can. – [Woman] Fried "chik'n". – So you're giving me
fried chicken in a can, and it's not even real fried chicken? – Ooh, how does it, it does
not need to be that thick. (man laughs) – There's no reason it
needs to be this big. – It smells like dog
food, like one you mix in. – Oh yeah, it smells like Fancy Feast. – Hmm. – It became a liquid so fast. – We can call it fried
chicken, they're vegetarian, they won't know, they don't
know what fried chicken tastes like 'cause they're vegetarians. – It makes me feel lonely. – Are you gonna give us a fake turkey now? – It's Thanksgiving, you're gonna give us a fake processed turkey in a can? Jesus tap dancing Christ. – [Voiceover] Alligator
in Cajun-style gravy. – We got some Cajun-style "alligata"! (man laughs) – That smells delightful. – It look primordial as shit. – Kind of smells like Cup O' Noodles like with Sriracha in them. – Really Cajun. – Nice spice. – If I had to have a choice
during the Apocalypse or whatever this would be it. – Like, too soft, it's too soft. – This opened up a whole new world for me 'cause this is not bad. – I don't think most people
have alligator and rattlesnake canned foods, but, for a
lot of people, canned food is a reality, it's a part of life, it's something you need eat to survive. – Mm-hmm. – The fact that I can sit here in a chair surrounded by lights and say which ones I, joke about which ones
tasted disgusting to me, I mean, that's coming
from a place of privilege, and I don't forget for a
second how lucky we are. – Yeah. – Also, fuck this and I don't
want to eat it ever again. – True. – How is smoke-flavor an ingredient? – I don't know, maybe they just
have a smoker standing there at the end going (blows smoke). – Ew. – And now you "'ave" fried
chicken with smoke "flava". – So they're French as well? – I mean, if I had to hire a
person to smoke on my food, I would hire a French person,
'cause at least it'd be sexy.

31 thoughts on “The Weirdest Canned Food Taste Test

  1. Iโ€™m Asian and I also only like the calamari rings and not the tentacles lol. The texture is just different man ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. You're not supposed to eat the vegetarian chik'n right out of the can. It's a meat substitution. You have to cook it. While there now exist much better vegan faux meats, Loma Linda's just old school vegetarian. It's also not all that cheap to be honest.

    I want to gag at the thought of eating it cold from the can. At minimum pop it in an air fryer for a few minutes and thicken the gravy if that's your thing. Or toss it in wing sauce and make boneless buffalo wings. Just never right from the can. Millenials…

  3. I would also pick a French person…. It's ok Eugene, I get you! Also, I'm 51% French… But I don't smoke…

  4. My mom introduced us to brown bread. We ate it quite a bit for a while. There is a lot of weird American Baby Boomer cuisine that I had the "pleasure" of eating at home.

  5. Fun fact if something you are eating spells sort of wrong i.e. the fried chick'n that they ate, isn't allowed to be called chicken because it doesn't have a high enough percentage of chicken in the product to legally be called chicken, so it has to be called something close to what it is supposed to be.

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