Hey guys I want to introduce you to this new piece of exercise equipment I got that specifically targets that tennis elbow area After doing 25 years of rings and doing a lot of malteses and crosses with a rolled wrist that can cause a lot of stress on that specific area And this actually rehabs that quite well. It’s called a Theraband Flexbar And I’ll show you an exercise I do with it. I’m going to hold the opposite ends like this keeping my wrists straight, not rolling this way or rolling this way And just by moving my arms from this position out to this position is twisting the bar And I’ll do 10 like that and I’ll hold the last one for 10 And just that resistance right there works that specific area And I’ll switch and put my hands on the opposite end and do 10 this way and hold it out for 10.

5 thoughts on “THERABAND FLEXBAR – STRENGTHENING ELBOW AREA FOR RINGS – Gymnastics Physical Therapy Rehab Exercise

  1. Dude have you actually seen the actual instruct video its main purpose is eccentric strengthening. And the thing you just did in the video is more concentric than eccentric. And you are also holding it wrong but anyway how is you doing with the blue is too easy or too challenging for you depending on your grip strength.

  2. This is a great product. It helped clear up my tennis elbow very quickly. Unfortunately, Theraband Flexbars are almost impossible to find in stores, but Amazon sells them for under $20.

  3. Cool, I like the static hold idea. Do you find that the blue bar gives you enough resistance when doing concentric strengthening?
    I'm doing a lot of ring work too, and I wanted to pick one up to prevent any tendon issues from popping up.

  4. but i don`t have any tension or pain in my elbow but its just hyper extantion out of the range of the natural range is this about eh biceps in this case ?

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