This is Environmental Health Science

I think environmental health sciences is pivotal to everybody on the planet I think about the air we breathe. I think
about the food that goes into us. Between 25 and 33 percent of disease around
the world is related to our environment. The science of understanding the interactions
between the environment we live in and our bodies. The science which enables us to prevent environmental
impacts on health. The integration of the science of understanding
what in the environment impacts our health. If we’re able to improve the quality of
the water that we drink, for example, we can impact many people. How to protect our lakes, what to do with
our fish, what to do with our environment. Environmental health is all around us. It’s
in our food, our water, our air. It’s in things that we encounter everyday. Nanoscale science and engineering. Lifecycle assessment of products. Micro-analytical systems. Noise. Synthetic biology. Air quality issues. The effects of chemicals on the developing
embryo. I’m interested in cancers. Understanding why women get breast cancer. The role that healthy diets may play in counteracting
the effects of toxicants. The world class faculty. Expertise in every conceivable discipline. The quality of students here is fantastic. The University of Michigan has a reputation, it always ranks very top The interdisciplinary research in the department
is key. Graduates from our program are going out to
be managers and leaders. A degree in environmental health sciences
provides the basis for a rich and varied career. We have a terrific track record of placing
students in their first jobs coming out of school. Environmental health consistently ranks towards the top in terms of professions that there’s a need for. We have one of the oldest industrial hygiene
programs. We have one of the longest running toxicology programs. And so if you go through
those programs you’re well set up for certain careers. I have students who go into industry. I have friends that have stayed in academia.
I have other friends that have gotten really interesting government jobs with national
government organizations like the EPA or the CDC. They’re trained to be dietitians. They’re
trained to be toxicologists. They’re trained to go to Africa. They’re trained to go into
inner-city Detroit. Whatever you want, you’ll have the tools.

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