Timi is worried about her mother’s health condition | MMK (With Eng Subs)

Good morning. Doc, what’s wrong
with my mother? Her liver cirrhosis
has worsened. How is that possible?
She has regular check-ups. Couldn’t you have
known sooner? You know how stubborn
your mother can be. She didn’t want to spend on
her check-ups and medicine because she felt like a burden. You can get a second opinion
from a different doctor. But according to my findings… I’ll be honest with you. With her current condition, she only has one to four
months left to live. What? Doc, don’t we have
other options? Isn’t there something
you can do? Can’t you operate on her? Are you sure? Liver transplant is an option,
but her body is too weak. She might not survive
the surgery. I’m sorry. Doc, if we’re willing
to risk the surgery, how much will it cost? Liver transplants can
cost a million. Toto. Ma, how are you? I filed an absence at work
to take care of you. Ma. You should’ve told me your
condition was getting worse. I’m sorry. I should have taken
better care of you. Next time, bring Carlo here. So you have someone to talk
to when I’m asleep. Ma. We broke up a long time ago. But we ended things
on good terms. I’m sorry. We don’t really talk
about our lives. There’s so many things
I don’t know about you. Don’t worry. With how pretty you are, I’m sure you’ll find
the right guy. Who else would
I have gotten it from but my handsome mother? Of all the bad things
I went through in life, only one good thing
ever happened. You. I’m sorry. My vices kept me from
being a good mother to you. I gambled and drank so I could forget
all of my problems. Eventually, I couldn’t live
without them anymore. Ma, you should stop
thinking about that. You should focus
on getting better. Get better, Ma. Please get better.

30 thoughts on “Timi is worried about her mother’s health condition | MMK (With Eng Subs)

  1. Tara guys, magtulungan tayo at magyakapan mga yt
    Hug me din rest back agad ako sa bahay mo pabalik at lagi ako nakaabang sa bahay nyo po

  2. Jaya: …sa ganda mong yan
    Awra: …pogi mo eh

    See how beautiful the world would be if meron appreciation and acceptance with differences. 😭❀

    Pa subscribe na rin po ng channel ko. Salamat.

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