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Parents know that
a big milestone in their little one’s
lives is when they start switching over to solid foods. An important part of
making that switch is ensuring that your kids
are keeping it healthy. So today, Jackie’s
talking to an expert on how to start them on
the road to healthy eating. (upbeat rhythmic music) – Hey guys, it’s Jackie
and I am here today with registered
dietician, Lara Field, and we are talking today about introducing new
types of healthy foods to your toddler. So I think the first question is what is the appropriate
timeline for this. – As our babies get older,
around nine to ten months, they start reaching
for things on the tray. So at around 10, 12
months is a good time to offer real foods, things
that we would be eating as well. – You have a lot of
strategy and tricks and tips for how to best do this,
a lot of tips for parents. The first one is to eat the
rainbow, serve the rainbow. To make it more visually
interesting to them. Some research says actually
if we offer a rainbow, a variety, not just that
single color on our plate, our babies, our kids, are
gonna be more interested. Now not only will our kids eat
it but also our parents too. – Okay, yeah, for sure
everyone likes variety. And the other thing you suggest
is mixing up is the texture. – Right, and at varying
stages we may wanna offer up an alternative option. That might entice
them to want more. A lot of grocery stores are
offering quick cuts of veggies that make it a
little bit more fun. Changing it up and making
it fun is really the goal of getting our
kids to want food. It’s not just
about offering raw, but also trying to
do a combination of raw and cooked vegetables
to get them more motivated. – The size of the individual
bites too is important. – Definitely. I like to ask parents
see what could fit in their little baby hand
and that’s a good guide for a portion. So when we think about
beans or butternut squash, not overwhelming the plate but
rather having small amounts and you can always offer more. – This is an example of
three different presentations of the same thing that
might appeal differently to different kids. – So, depending on again,
if they’re teething, they might be more or
less willing to like chew. So at some stages as they
age they might not want that you know, crumbly texture
and actually be ready for our meatballs. – [Jackie] If your
kids aren’t crazy about new, healthy foods,
Lara says you shouldn’t worry. (ukulele) – It takes about
five to fifteen times of an introduction
for a baby to like it. Try, try, try and try again. But the other thing is,
maybe encouraging mixing into certain things to
encourage consumptions. I have an example
of a berry smoothie that has, as we see, this
hidden ingredient, spinach. – [Jackie] Finally, Lara says
it’s important for parents to lead by example. – Parents should be eating what they’re offering
their kid, too. So if you’re making turkey
burgers for your family then you know maybe crumble
it up and maybe offer it to your baby as well. I like to always reinforce
having a family meal. – So I think the main
takeaway here is that there’s a lot of
strategy in this. There’s a lot of
different tips and tricks that you can try,
different presentations, and just keep trying
different things. – And you know, Jackie, I
think the biggest message is for parents never give up. So if parents can have
a plan and stick to it and also be prepared, those
are kind of common strategies that I think will help
our kids be successful and get the nutrition they need. You know? – Okay, thank you so much! – Thank you! – And for more tips
on eating healthy, head to our website
living healthy tv dot com.

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