Tommy Marquez on Training, Nutrition and Life Post-CrossFit

Hello, welcome everyone inside the
update studio I’m Tommy Marquez joined at the desk by
these two distinguished gentlemen Everything from what’s happening from
the season what our role has been with it and you know the rulebook and what
these events are going to look like like all of these changes we’re talking about
like monumental changes to a season in a system that had been relatively
untouched for the most part for the last six-seven years and now you have over
half a million participants and fans based on last year’s numbers that are
just like having this whole world changed like there’s going to be some
clarification that’s needed and people were used to getting that clarification
from us Conversations that I’ve had with people
just out and about they don’t seem to understand what the level of coverage
that they are going to get throughout the season and what they can expect as
fans to see from all these sanctioned events the Open and the Games and I
think some people are surprised that it’s going to be a lot less than what
they’re used to and I think we need to set expectations there so everybody
knows ok this is what we’re walking into here in 2019 During that time period when all of this
was going down there was radio silence as directed on our side we weren’t allowed
to say anything we weren’t allowed to clarify anything and then that for the
most part has continued there are other media outlets that have touched on some
of that stuff but like still to the level that you know that they’re used to
that hasn’t happened so hopefully we can kind of fill in the gaps for them Since I’ve turned 30 I’ve had to notice
that like certain aspects of the training have to dial down I can’t crush
myself every day going heavy within an hour training session I can’t try and
fit like three workouts in it’s like you know I can stick to a class time
where it’s a little bit more moderate I can just do a classic Jiu Jitsu where
we’re only drilling or you know like kickboxing is you know a lot of
technique work and stuff like that and be okay with that
versus like feeling like I have this need to just like empty the tank every
time I think that’s maybe the maturation process of not being 21 or 22 anymore We’re gonna push it on the bike this thing’s evil In my role kind of as an analyst and
as an on camera person for CrossFit and someone who studies the sport and
studies the lifestyle methodology also as a trainer I was also a gym owner as
well and I’m like I’m essentially on the frontlines in terms of being a
spokesperson for CrossFit so there is a great deal of importance for me to not
only not only you know be a good spokesperson but also to practice what I
preach when it comes to like certain lifestyle factors like training,
nutrition, sleep, taking care of my body it’s not like I was eating poorly before
but maybe from a nutrition standpoint I hadn’t like fully fully committed one
way or the other and so I think from when it came to kind of that I think
there was definitely some value and some authenticity in me committing to something nutritionally that would be benefit me greatly and
add to the other things that I was always doing as part of this like
holistic approach that we kind of preached at CrossFit and I was
kind of representing every time I got on the camera so from from that standpoint
from a career standpoint it definitely made sense for me to like you know back
up what I’m saying what I would preach to other people because you
know we’re at events and I’m out there doing the media thing and I run into
people and they’re like hey you know like asking advice and talking shop and you
know those are opportunities for me to impart wisdom or anything that I might
have learned or to be able to share and swap stuff like that so if I don’t
have a basis of understanding from a nutrition standpoint or something that I
can commit to or say with any sort of authenticity then it kind of takes away
and it’s a missed opportunity and in my opinion in that it happened a couple
times where I’m like I’ve done zone a little bit but I haven’t fully
committed to it then I’ve done a couple other things but I haven’t fully committed but you know like I want to commit to something be able to have first-hand knowledge of like how it made a difference for me and be able to maybe share that because that’s I mean if I’m being honest that’s why I
got into working for CrossFit is to be able to help people and it’s not just
helping people in the gym if I can offer up some help nutritionally like from my experience and that’s just another way I might be
able to help another person so that was I think that was the final nail in the coffin for me when like I need to start tracking macros
or at least do something you know committed for a long term to see how
that plays out Right after the Games they started
announcing changes for the CrossFit Games season so that they were gonna start
sanctioning events starting with Dubai and that the rumor that we had been
hearing that Regionals were going away was starting to manifest itself and we
were told Regionals were going away that was more specific to the Games season although it was kind of a signal towards larger changes organizationally that
was gonna happen with us and involve us right after that happened first round of layoffs hit a bunch of all of us got
together within the company then we had a company meeting we asked if this is
gonna continue or if we’re gonna be safe we were told we’re gonna be safe that
wasn’t the case a couple months later after more sanctioned events were changed more details started being known about the changes to the season like
qualifying through the Open with national champions and then eventually we just
got an email one Sunday and we were all told we had an HR meeting and basically our entire media team was laid of It was kind of this drastic change
and complete 180 away from the the media approach and all the things that we had
worked for the last five-six years so suddenly we were no longer employees for
CrossFit and we were put into a not just a new employment situation but a new
landscape for the CrossFit Games season in the community that we had been
working for so everything that we had like been working around and working
with that we could potentially work with in the future was all changed as well so
it was like this huge state of flux and you know that’s kind of where we
started to pick up from here and almost immediately afterwards the Morning Chalk
Up hit me up Justin their owner wanted to asked if I wanted to come on board
and help with them some of their Games coverage which after you know some
deliberation and talking with him it was a good fit to work with them so that was
really cool and then just has slowly been kind of figuring out what other
avenues to continue to cover the sport continue to work for the community and to continue to do what I love which is support CrossFit, the CrossFit Games and the CrossFit community and the affiliate
community as best as possible by you know through media and
legitimizing and shining a light on the amazing things that go on I think that in general the idea that
like you’re pushing yourself to be better and like touching on the like
your limits on a daily basis and trying to expand that is something that is
pretty common amongst all the entire community and I think at least there may
not be a direct one-to-one correlation but putting yourself in that environment
where you’re testing yourself like that and you’re not necessarily guaranteed an
outcome is like a kind of like a daily crucible thing that I think in general
makes you a better person and then it’s something that like you mentioned the
top athletes are doing as well so by doing so I’m putting myself in a similar
mentality as them daily to some extent if I’m putting myself in a similar
situation as them every day I’m learning about how someone would respond to that
right and I’m seeing the benefits the drawbacks to all the minutia and details
that come with putting yourself in that environment and so when those similar
things play out in the competition floor or play out in a in a training setting I
have a first-hand experience in understanding of that it allows me to
relate and it allows me to take that and then translate it as an analyst in a way
that other people will understand that too having been there I had the backing
of CrossFit previously you know I had the CrossFit stamp of approval but it
also meant like that I had to make sure that I lived up to that there was an
expectation personally to live up to that stamp and now that I’m freelance I
have to continue that right I have to continue that level in my opinion that
level of excellence that we tried strived for at CrossFit to make sure
that I’m still providing something of value because if I don’t provide
something of value to people then as an analyst and with my perspective and my
my take on CrossFit and the CrossFit Games then I can totally understand why
people wouldn’t listen to me wouldn’t give a damn what I say and that’s not what
I’m shooting for I want to provide value and ultimately help people so
so putting myself in situations that require me to analyze and figure out the
best way possible will definitely kind of keep that edge that knife sharp for
me when I come over now I’m looking at you know the same Open workout as 50,000 other people or I’m looking at the same sanction event you know athlete
roster and I’m trying to pick what the best story is or the story that the
community might pick and so far at least in the last year of me doing martial
arts it’s been a huge help for me it’s a way of not like just kind of
resting on my laurels and trusting that what I’ve built so far is good enough
and that I need to continue to build on that and keep that like I said keep that
edge sharp so that you know when unexpected things like this like
getting let go from CrossFit happen I’m ready to go to continue on that path
to help people I think the reason we wanted to start
this is that we’ve talked for a long time Tommy and I about staying involved
in the sport and wanting to continue to cover it and bring our perspective to
people and we kicked around a lot of different ideas we talked about well
maybe we can do an update show out of my garage and we looked into that and we
talked about trying to duplicate what we did in the update studio at a different
location financially it just wasn’t gonna make sense for us we just didn’t
have the resources to do it at a level that we wanted to do it yeah we didn’t
want to immediately jump in and like provide something that is less than
people’s expectations of us you know because we worked pretty hard over the last you know six-seven years to get things to a certain point
that the community now expects I would hope and like secondly what they
deserve you know they deserve top-quality coverage of their sport they
deserve legitimate media so this definitely was
one of the ways that we could help provide that as quickly as possible
There wasn’t a whole lot of planning behind it we tried to get some stuff
together and we said let’s sort of shove this thing off and see what happens and
if people like it then great then maybe we’ll take the next step but right now
we want to limit it to starting small with a podcast something that we can do
on a regular basis and continue to use our contacts you know Tommy has a lot of
conversations with athletes and coaches and people who are involved in the
sport I still do as well and this we thought was the best way that we could
bring that to the community Hi everybody welcome to another edition of The Talking Elite Fitness Podcast – thanks for joining us I’m Sean Woodland with
Tommy Marquez and on today’s episode we are breaking down the second sanctioned
event its Wodapalooza taking place this coming weekend in Miami, Florida Nutrition and fitness I mean you can
boil it down to all a bunch of different things I try to simplify it as much as
possible for me for me it’s a simple matter of input-output like I
want my output whether it be Jiu-Jitsu whether it be you know being a good boyfriend a good son a good brother good in the CrossFit community
good here kicking Thai pads I want my output to be as good as possible so in
order for that to happen I needed to make sure my input is good and it supports
that that may be oversimplifying a little bit but it’s really been a
sticking point for me that allows me to understand why I’m why I’m eating the
way that I do why I’m tracking the way that I do why I use WAG to help me do
that and why it’s important to continue to do
that and build a lifelong system that’s gonna help me be successful The future of fitness is a little up
in the air and I don’t say that to call in to question whether or not it will
continue and continue to be a viable thing it’s more so the direction for the
longest time sport of fitness as the CrossFit Games was essentially controlled
by CrossFit Inc and they’ve since decentralized the media output they’re
kind of decentralizing the event organizations by basically
outsourcing regionals to all these sanctioned events and I think there could
be a point where the CrossFit Games as an event is no longer the premiere test
of fitness

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