Toned Arm workout For Women Over 50 | Start Losing Those Flabby Bat Wing Arms Today!

today I’m going to show you how to
transform your flabby bat-winged arms over fifty just five exercises three
times a week it’s super simple and you’re going to be so proud of yourself
when you start seeing results if you’d like to know how please keep watching hi
I’m Schellea this is fabulous 50s a lifestyle channel that explores fashion
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video today’s video is all about toning our arms and getting rid of the bat
wings and as we get older our metabolism slows down so we tend to wake up one day
and everything seems to have gone soft that’s what happened to me I was
exercising every day but I was walking fast walking get my heart rate up I was
doing it for an hour a day but I noticed more and more as I got older everything
was getting a bit soft I was fit and healthy but I wasn’t in the way dude yeah encouraged me to go along to the
gym and start working out my arms and my legs and and all the other parts of my
body so I could tone them up because resistance work as you’re getting older
is so important because we tend to our muscle mass when we don’t use them
if muscles aren’t used then the fibers within the muscles are partially
replaced by fat and that’s why we notice everything gets a little bit soft so as
we’re getting older and into our 50s we have to work hard at getting some
strength because we need to keep our bodies moving for a lot more years to
come yet so getting some strength in our arms and our legs and our core is one of
the most important things we can do there has to become our job as we’re
getting older everything else won’t work unless we’re strong so I’m going to show
you what exercises I do what exercises my kids have taught me to do to help
encourage you to give this a try and stick with it because when you start
getting results you’re just going to be so happy with yourself yeah I was
feeling soft and flabby and I did something about it so here’s what I did
before you start exercising just know that you’ve got to keep your muscles
stretched so I always stretch before I exercise and it’s a great idea for you
to do that too it doesn’t take long if you can do this a couple of times a week
or do it every day if you’ve got the time to do it you don’t have to be doing
your exercise this is a yoga strap you can use a piece of fabric or you can use
a broom handle but what you do is you hold it like this and then come up
behind your head and then go back very slowly and just do this so you’re really
loosening up your shoulder muscles if you do this every day it just lubricates
your muscles and makes everything feel better if you don’t have much movement
you hold your strap out a lot wider and if you want to challenge yourself you
hold your strap in a little bit tighter so this is that the hard part and oh okay that’s when you challenge
yourself to keep it easy make it comfortable it’s to start with so you
can just do lots of these this is the first of our five exercises we’re going
to work on our shoulders and I’ve got some four kilo about 10-pound weights
here and you can do this at home if you don’t want to go to the gym and you will
be able to get the same results as if you’re going to a gym you just got to
keep doing it okay the first exercise out of the five
is a shoulder exercise and you grab your weights and bring them up to your
shoulder height okay so I’ll just show in the picture here where this is
actually working on your muscle and you don’t kind of bend back all or lift
throwing your body around you hold your core in and be very purposeful with each
move okay we’re going to do three sets of ten of each of these exercises as you
get a little bit better you can go up to 12 or 15 three sets of okay the second
exercise is also a shoulder exercise it’s working on another part of the
shoulder so you grab your weights and hold them like this and then you pour
like it so you’ve got a glass of water so here is where you pour you can
imagine the water’s coming out so keep your arms like this and each movement is purposeful and not
fast to get them over and done with think about what the muscles doing while
you’re doing your exercise the part where we get our bat wings this part
here this is called our tricep and we’ve got to work on our triceps and it can be
hard for a lot of people because they don’t really get that much use so when
you start exercising them it can hurt if you wake up the day after you do this
first and it hurts that’s fantastic because the pain means you haven’t been
using your muscles and now you are and they’re alive and they’re away hold your
weight here at the top and then you support just with a finger you support
this arm so that it stays straight so you want to go up and down keep in mind
if you use a heavy weight for this it will hurt you to start with because this
is not a strong muscle that’s just too getting a workout so I’m the reason I’m
holding this is so that it doesn’t fly all over the place it’s just a little
bit of support and you can see that working okay I’m puffing out because
this is a workout and to finish off our triceps we’re going to work a different
part of the tricep and we’re going to work on this part of the arm here so
we’re going to go back like this and you can see in my arms what part of the
muscle is getting activated there you’d be very careful with each move and be
gentle and use a light weight to start with because we can definitely feel
these guys ok 10 of those each arm three times the next thing we’re going
to work on is our biceps and most people have heard of a bicep curl and if you
just sort of touch your bicep you can feel this working and you bring it all
the way down so this would be the wrong way to do it just like this that’s the
wrong way to do it it’s got to be on purpose you think about how your muscles
being activated while you’re doing the exercise and you bring it all the way
down and then up if you just do these five exercises three times a week you
will start noticing results but the most important thing to know about exercise
at our age is we’ve got to do cardio as well so we’ve got to burn and increase
our heart rate and the fact that sits over the muscles needs to be worn off so
the muscles grow strong and we start stripping the fat you’re going to have a
body that is constantly changing and you’re going to be so happy with the
results that you receive and you will have done it all by yourself just get
motivated to do this we’ve got a long way to go yet and our bodies need to
take us there so it’s time to start looking after our bodies like the temple
that they are and give it some love and attention the secret to having a healthy
strong body is resistance training like I just showed you
cardio work which we can all do we can all go for walks where we’re puffed out
and reducing the amount of sugars and whites flours and breads and rice and
pasta and processed foods so if we reduce that and do those other two
things you’re going to start to have changes and your body will start feeling
great if you have the gift of a body that can do exercise start doing it
because it will keep giving for the rest of our lives and it’s not about being
skinny at all strong is what we need to be in our 50s 60s 70s and 80s and beyond
there’s so many things that I would like to improve but I’m happy I’m proud of
myself for being able to tone my arms when
a flabby and to slim down when I was overweight so it’s a process and I’m not
comparing myself to anybody else because this is my body and I can only make it
as good as I can make it I can’t make it to be perfect what I see on other people
so I’m happy with that and I’m proud of myself thank you so much for watching
please give a thumbs up if this was of any help to you and share it with any of
your friends who have got a flabby arm issue thank you so much for watching and
have a beautiful week

100 thoughts on “Toned Arm workout For Women Over 50 | Start Losing Those Flabby Bat Wing Arms Today!

  1. Hi Schellea I just wanted to let you know this video changed my workout routine for the better! I was exercising everyday and could never tone my arms which drove me crazy … but since finding your videos and following your suggestions I have been seeing and feeling results – so now I feel more confident wearing sleeveless tops! Thank you again for your great website I really am enjoying the information and love your genuine personality which is very refreshing!!!

  2. Good Evening, I just found you while searching for some exercises for seniors to get rid of the bat wings. I can't wait to get started. I am 62 and have lost about 62 lbs in the last year and my arms are so embarrassing. If you have any other suggestions , keep me posted. Thank you for the videos.

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  4. I'm going to start these but with lighter weights. I broke my shoulder last years but it still hurts when I move it so I've been lazy. However, what I really wanted to tell you was that I was "forced" to do most of these exercises when I went through physical therapy, 3 months after the break. Now I have no excuses and my arms certainly need it.

  5. Thank you for being such a blessing! I have never worked out in my whole life – I'm now 56! I have always been so intimidated by beautiful and fit women, that I thought I was a hopeless case, so why bother. But, you have a grace and peace that comes through you, and I wasn't intimidated by you … thank you so much, and keep up the good work. I am grateful to the Lord that I found your YouTube channel.

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  20. Just new to your video's…I've been working out for 18 months now, trying to incorporate core strengthening. Sadly I injured myself (inexperience. Wasn't belting & bracing. I've since gotten an excellent, wide, sturdy harbinger belt). Anyways, any suggestions when you have limited range of motion? I started the gym (couldn't get into physiotherapy) to try & rectify strain/overuse injuries. I have PF in both feet & had chronice, severe left shoulder impingement_crepidus. Still struggling with the left shoulder & it's definitively different than the right (more rounded & lower!!). I try to keep off my feet (agonizing, excrutiating pain in the tendon for months now & developed a corn πŸ™ No doubt because of 'weight' training. I liked to pull 110-120 lbs…& sometimes stack [200 lbs] using legs, ab crunches]. I liked the seated leg and/or foot press but it's causing me such discomfort & inflaming the foot because of the 'pressure' (though I've gotten orthotic inserts). I TOO had such flabby arms…incidentally I still do (I have muscloskeletal & CNS nerve issues_fibromyalgia & other anomalies), but i have gained slight lines in the shoulders (progress; and I'm proud of that) also some bicep…but I still have flabby, flabby arms (go figure). I no longer hide in flouncy tops…I wear spaghetti straps & tanks now & I get compliments on my shoulders, upperchest πŸ˜€ Thanks SOOO much for what you do! Love the accent & Oooh lala your son is SUPER handsome.

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