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  1. wow, no offense, but ur english pronunciation is really horrible :-), still good content and thumbs of for trying english in order to make the content understandable for more people

  2. its good to stretch your tight muscles before you start working out. e.g if youre doing push ups and you feel it most in your bicep and lats. it means you have very tight bicep and lats. so you have to stretch your bicep and lats before doing your push ups so when youre doing your push up , you can feel it in your tricep and chest. correct me if im wrong. newbie here

  3. Ich hätte da mal eine Frage, in letzter zeit beklagt sich jeder bei uns im Team über schmerzen am Ellenbogen um genauer zu sein etwas oberhalb des Musikantenknochen, besser kann ich es nicht beschreiben, meistens kommt es bei den muslce ups oder bei den ganz normalen Klimmzügen, mir würde mal gesagt, dass es ein Muskel sein soll der selten genutzt wird und deswegen wird der schnell überreizt, was wisst ihr drüber ? Danke im vorraus

    BTW gutes Video 🙂

  4. I have learned recently about muscle hypertrophy. Eventually at some point if you want to keep growing muscle (if that is your goal) then added weights are needed. Your body is only so heavy. I knew about these myths so was happy to confirm them again at the start of a new semester.

  5. Great video and valuable information! Thanks for your effort in explaining several myths that make some people to have excuses and not work out.

  6. Thank you for posting this. Ever since I came across your channel (and a few others, e.g. FitnessFAQ) I have put all my effort into pursuing bodyweight fitness/calisthenics, but I have had to shed a lot of the weightlifting/bodybuilding fundamentals that were so ingrained in my mind from my past. This post helps to affirm my current approach. 

  7. Great video and insight. Of what materials are the poles you guys use made of? I live in Puerto Rico and would love to build a strength training spot for me and my family. How much will it cost me?
    Thanks in advance!

  8. What are your thoughts on workout durations? Do you need to put in hours of training a day or can you make progress working on skills for an hour or so a day?

  9. I have to give you props to your 1 arm push up man, i always wondered if it could be done with great form, yours is by far the best I've seen!

  10. omg realy helpful i have another question though. How many times can i train per day can i do my routine once in the morning and once again at night or the afternoon? And if i do is it bad for my muscles? hope you guys reply and thanks! 😀

  11. 1:20 I disagree with #7. When you do high rep calisthenics you are burning more calories at one time, helping to tone out the body

  12. Tessastorone ha ha ha (funny pronunciation), however well done vid…..  Gut gemacht echt geil danke.

  13. You also have the opposite! I tend to sweat a lot when doing exercises but in my case this is not by any means to be interpreted as a sign of exhaustion. I believe it is just the way my body works to get rid of toxins. Thanks for the great video, guys!

  14. Well, I have to disagree on some of the myths about calories. If you eat less thank you consume, one will have not enough long carbs and HDL fat-level to maintain your anabolic level. By not having your calorie intake in proper form, you will "run to a wall" after a very short while and then you quit because you are hungry. No recovery (parasymphatic nervous system activation) is made and then you will just lose the muscle you´ve supposed to build. I have never in my life met a bodybuilder that get´s bigger muscles by eating less than he consumes, sorry. Always eat MORE than you consume or the body´s amino acids will deplete. Also the supercompensation of your body will not start to produce new cells to correlate the depleted ones you´ve lost in a training.

  15. Number 2 is the myth I hate the most. People insist that I need weights, that I need a gym. I've been doing calisthenics for about a year and I like it, I'm getting strong.

  16. on women thing . There are women body builders. if train a way eat more meat. they will bulk up. i also agree that if women do castectics docent mean there going to always look like body builder. there going look like girl gymst at olympics.

  17. Thanks for the videos. I have been a fitness buff for a very long time and I am finding lots of truth and lots of useful information in your videos. Keep up the good work. Beautiful physique also. Thanks again. I'm glad to be taking something home after all this video watching.

  18. I don't think this video was optimally worded and I feel like some factors were left out or not correlated as accurately as they could be. I watched the video, took in the ideas and summarized and revised them to include some things that I thought should have been included
    1. Doing crunches or an machine will get rid of belly fat
    This only accomplished through taking in our burning more calories than your body stores and pepper nutrition

    2. You need to sweat to have an effective workout
    There are no correlations between seat and fitness, it is only a biological effect to cool your body

    3. Running is counter productive to strength training
    This is not true unless you run so much that you delete your calories and fat where your body will then eat on its own muscle
    4. Doing more reps will make you more defined
    While this may be true it is just a stimulus to and effect what actually causes more muscle definition is a low body fat percentage

    5. Cardio is more important for fat loss than weight or strength training
    The direct cause of fat lose is the amount of calories burned or taken in by what means of exercise and diet

    6. If you don't feel like crap after a workout you didn't work out hard enough
    Workout to train smart not solely to train hard
    If you workout in the way that is most efficient fit you then you have met your goal

    7. Stretching before a workout is crucial to preventing injury
    Yes, stretching before a workout is very important to preventing injury but a proper warm up will work as well

    8. You will be overtraining a muscle if you work it more than once a week
    Volume, intensity, and time to repair are the factors you need to go by rather than an irrelevant weekly bases

    9. Weight training is more effective than weightless
    This is very untrue and these two should not be compared as better or worse because they both have their strengths and faults

    10. Women would become bulky doing weight training
    This is not a good correlation to make because muscle is formed more by the presence of hormones such as testosterone along with genetics and the way each muscle group is trained

  19. Hi, finally one serious and honest video on fitness! Maybe you should have mentioned the use of supplements and steroids and how people lie that they don't use any 🙂

  20. 5th one about "feeling crap after wrokout"… I have some problems.. Cause.. In most times I don't feel different after hard wrokout.. It goes to the point were I'm kinda scared if my workout was even successful :/

    I do have some muscle ache from time to time, but it usually sticks untill next workout (like 3 days of rest)..

    Meh It's so weird :S

  21. Number 2 definitely makes me want to slap people across the head. I've gotten good ass results with calisthenics. I hate how all these self proclaimed experts try to bash these exercises. Unless you tried muscle ups, dips and chin ups on gymnastic rings; no one in hell is going to tell me that shit won't build muscle. I can't stress enough that in order to grow with calisthenics, focus on progressive overload, time under tension & variations to make them harder.

  22. can stretching session can be done everyday or should it be done on alternate days so that muscles can get rest on alternate days

  23. When you are told something with the german accent, you are more likely to believe it! Best Calisthenics videos on the net!

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  25. It is awesome to see the improvement throughout the years of the great blue shorts and your efforts to bring quality content to English speakers. Kudos to you guys

  26. 8. Is actually kind of true. Cardio interferes with adaptations from strength training. The more you are advanced and the more cardio volume you do, the more this effect is significative.

  27. About the last myth… Sure women cant get as big as men but they'll still build enough muscle to significantly lose their femininity due to physical appearance, like bigger waist to hip ratio, V shaped back, emphasized deltoids, wide shoulders, veiny arms etc. which are all masculine traits.

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