59 thoughts on “Top 10 most Aesthetic Physiques – FITNESS & Bodybuilding motivation

  1. On which planet do you guys live where Lazar, Sergi and Ulisses are more aesthetic than Artemus Dolgin? The pictures of him you showed were weak, he looks so much better!

  2. Why arent u showing more of artemus dolgin, his the best ever! Best mid section, best V shape, best breast. Best everything exept the biceps thoe, but his complete body looks so classic like in the old days. He should defently been number 1 on this and every list! Best physique after arnold and frank zane in my opinion. You should have shown more of his body:/ sorry for bad english, im norwegian…

  3. I can see why people watching this video could be confused on the placement of these great bodybuilders,they are all fantastic. It's hard to say who deserves what place among them;that being said,it confused me also,and then I thought that it would of been better if there was more poses that defined their aesthetics. The thumbnail shows a bodybuilder posing a vacuum,which is very aesthetic. Anybody that has that much muscle and can pose a vacuum like in the thumbnail deserves a better place.

  4. Sergi looks like he has never trained triceps in his life ! 🙂
    Also, no love for Ryan Terry ?
    Looks better than a lot of guys in this video .

  5. https://youtu.be/m28bz5X9UIA hope to see your opinions thoughts and evdyrhing I would love if you would check it out !

  6. Jeff Seid isn't exactly the most ripped or shredded but he's attractive. He wins body building events mostly because he's attractive. His body is still shredded af brah!

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  8. Artemus on 4 ist the biggest joke ever Artemus Dolgin is Aesthetics ulisses on 1 sergi on 2 and lazar on 3 haha pls let them stand next to wach Othello and u will See you have no idea about Aesthetics

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