Top 3 Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This is the Top 3 Exercises for Carpal Tunnel
Syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome involves a nerve called the median nerve.
The median nerve starts at C5 to T1 which is right here. So about the middle lower part
of your neck. The nerve travels down your arm, down the front of your arm, in front
your elbow and into the hand. It innervates or gives sensation to the thumb, index finger,
middle finger and half of the ring finger. So that is your median nerve. That is the nerve
that is problematic in carpal tunnel syndrome. The carpal tunnel is right here.
So carpal means wrist bones. There is actually a little tunnel formed with a little
sheath over top where that median nerve goes through. People with carpal tunnel syndrome
what they will see is they will have numbness in that area. Then this area right
here in the thumb is called the thenar eminence, that area will begin wasting away.
What happens is frequently that is becoming pinched here. Also what can happen
is you can get pressure on the median nerve in the neck, in this area right here
especially with an elevated first rib. It can also happen down the arm as well. So these are
the top 3 exercises that we do for carpal tunnel syndrome. Frequent problems are this.
This movement right here. If that is painful or causes numbness or tingling into
your hands especially into this area, that is carpal tunnel. That is called Phalen’s or
reverse Phalen’s test. Exercise #1 that we do for carpal tunnel syndrome.
To stretch the median nerve, you do palm up, hand down, elbow straight. You
should feel a stretch right through here. Then what you can do is take your ear to the
opposite shoulder. So you head is going away from you hand. In the clinic we do a
30 second hold. As people get more advanced, they put their hand on the wall
and lean the opposite way. 30 second hold, 3 times. Another thing that we do is a something called
a median nerve release and it goes like this: Hand stretched out, make a fist, first.
Hold it for 5 seconds. Hand out straight, hold 5 seconds. Make almost like a puppet
position, hold 5 seconds. Palm up, hold 5 seconds. Reach underneath, grab the thumb,
pull back, hold 5 seconds. That is exercise #2. Frequently we will have people
go through that 2 or 3 times. Exercise #3 is called a first rib stretch.
What we do is this: we take a towel, if I have carpal tunnel on the right side, and I have
some sort of tightness right here in what is called the brachial plexus but basically right
here, this area. If somebody has carpal tunnel and they are going like this a lot
especially if they are a right-sided sleeper, this is an area that we want to address. You can get
carpal tunnel symptoms from pressure on the median nerve right here. It is frequently
missed even with an x-ray or an MRI. What we do is we put the towel directly on
this area which your first rib is right here. The towel is over top of your shoulder, pull
down, one arm in the front, one hand in the back. Then you lean the opposite direction.
You are going to feel a really nice stretch right through here. In the clinic here, we
do a 30 second hold, 3 times. That is the top 3 exercises for carpal tunnel syndrome.

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  1. I am 20 and I have weakness in my right index, middle and ring fingers as well as muscle wasting in my right hand. Is this carpal tunnel syndrome? Will this exercise help to improve my right hand?

  2. I'm not sure if I have carpal tunnel, I'm only 14 but I do play guitar and bass a lot, do you think these exercises will help prevent it? My wrist, fingers and pretty much my whole arm aches really bad sometimes, and I don't usually cry when I'm in pain but it makes me cry a lot so it's pretty bad, just want to prevent it from getting any worse

  3. play guitar almost constantly and have had signs of carpal tunnel like pins and needles and soreness in my hands/wrists, so afraid I will get it, these exercises will hopefully maybe prevent it, thank you very much

  4. I now have tingling/numbness on my middle finger caused by the way I hold my Xbox one controller it jams into my middle finger and that's why I'm here

  5. Very useful video. my aunty is in Arizona and she underwent the carpel tunnel syndrome surgery few days ago. it was troublesome for her but the hand surgeon was quite helpful. Now her hand is in a good condition, I would recommend that hand surgeon if anyone needs. the doctor has recommended same exercise but I found this more useful.

  6. thank you so much for this!! I'm a library assistant and artist so i got carpal tunnel and this has really helped!

  7. I have used a computer keyboard for many, many years. For the past year I have been at a new job and only in the last week have I noticed any pain in the area indicated. However, this happened the same time I think someone must have adjusted my chair to suit their needs and the small of my back, and my shoulders and knees have almost instantly taken on a pain of their own. I know everything has a starting moment but could CTS come on this 'suddenly'? I am pretty convinced I have a pinched nerve somewhere outside the wrist that is putting my entire body under stress.

  8. i had some pain in my hands and wrist freaked out and tried some exercises online as well as getting a wristband for when i game on pc and sleep. wrist and hand pain seem to pretty much be gone though i still do the exercise every now and then and often where the wrist band.Then i started getting the thing in the lower neck/shoulder area and it hurt and progressively got worse for 2 or 3 days. now that seems to of faded (i feel it every now and then) but the last 2 days i have experienced twitching in my right index finger (same side as the shoulder neck thing) This will hopefully help the problem. EDIT i guess my thumb muscles also twitch occasionally but i'm not exactly sure when that started.

  9. I like the first rib mobilization. But nerves should never be "stretched"…a "glide" is more appropriate and less damaging on the nerve.

  10. Thank u. I have been out of work for a month now due to carpal tunnel issues however it seems that I have only began to heal the past three days and have been doing PT for the past three weeks yet have not done any of these exercises! I am excited to start these today!

  11. If a person has a heart condition such as needing a Pacemaker, do you think this can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

  12. Mate, just started boning at a meat processing plant – carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms have started – constant pain in neck and palm of hand.

    My question is – will doing these exercise relieve and prevent any further damage etc ?
    will it be worth it !?

    Thanks for the video

  13. For some reason, I got this overnight after a long journey by car… At first it was just neck pain then the next day I can't even straighten my hands it is so painful idk how ಥ_ಥ

  14. Thank you for this! I was really hurting yesterday and suspected carpal tunnel. I did these exercises along with intermittent cold compresses and had a total turn around today. 🙂

  15. been suffering from it for four days now and I'm pregnant. and I thought my misery was over when I got clear from UTI and disastrous morning sickness haha! welp…let's exercise and get better

  16. Thanks so much. For over two years I've suffered severe pain in both thumbs that puzzled doctors. They wanted to operate on my hands. I found this video and did the towel exercise. Apparently it "popped" my first rib back into place and relieved pressure off the nerve because the pain disappeared right then and there. Took care of the problem completely. I owe you.

  17. I only did 1 set of all 3 exercises and it completely removed the numbness in my hand that has been bothering me for the past hour. Thanks for this video and I plan on doing this every day!

  18. Thanks for these easy-to-follow and easy-to-do carpal tunnel exercises. I have already done them just a few minutes ago and hope to keep them up daily.

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  20. I have a small lump a little off center on thumb side of inner wrist also my elbow has strange needles sensation occasionally. Possibly carpal tunnel? I play drums and think may have got it from practicing. Thanks for the stretches. Any advice or suggestions greatly appreciated.

  21. Is it normal while exercise these steps to feel pain around the forearm area?Just want to make sure before I continue .Thank you !

  22. Thanks for the advice! I'm 19 years old and my doctor seems to think I have carpal tunnel. My range of hand and finger movement has significantly been affected. My wrist can only move back half as much as it used to and my thumbs in particular cant move normally. my thumbs can only make a "V" shape, they can no longer move to an "L" shape. I haven't been to physical therapy yet but I am planning on it. Also, in the mornings when I wake up my ring finger is stuck shut and I cannot extend it. It takes like an hour of moving it and warming it up for it to return to the normal extended position. I will try these exercises, but if you or anyone has further advice it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  23. When you say advanced do you mean when the carpal tunnel condition has advanced or when the person has stretched enough over time that they can put their hand against the wall without a problem due to stretching. I’m trying to figure out if being able to put your hand against the wall is a good or bad sign?

  24. here's several things for relieving carpal tunnel syndrome pain quickly
    Do stretches – the pain is casued by tension in the nerve
    get expert advice as it can lead to permanent damage
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  25. hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to uncover at home treatment for carpal tunnel try Niposcu Tunnel Remedy Adviser (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my mate got amazing success with it.

  26. I’m not quite sure if I have carpal tunnel problems cause I don’t get the numbness or tingles through the fingers but I have developed from what I can work out trigger fingers in 3 of my fingers in my left hand from middle finger to pinky and also I have severe pain in the top of my wrist (not underside) when I bend it up or down or by gripping something or putting any kind of weight on it and also when I moved my hand around my thumb moves all by itself like trigger finger to? The reason why I think it might be carpal tunnel is cause race car drivers can get it apparently from gripping the wheel to hard for long periods of time and that is basically what I have been doing the last couple of weeks on my racing sim wheel setup what are your thoughts do I have it do you think?

  27. Hi there I had a bike accident and now I do not have full movement in my right arm but I am all ways in pain in my hand can you tell me what too do too help the pain

  28. Is it normal if i can't turn my hand into 45 degrees i think, i mean i can't turn it into maximal position because it really hurt. Should i force it with another hand?

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  31. PT,
    Great video. I saved this from 3 years ago. I'm starting them again. THEY WORK. THANKS,,,,,,Continued success.

  32. I know a lot of crocheters who would benefit from this. May I directly share this video with them?

  33. second and third exercise are awesome!! I have immediately relief in such a bad bicep throbbing pain due to c tunnel !! 1st one is too much painful and was unablt to do it at all!!! running tolerable hot water under over the thumb and wrist for 2 min is also an immediately relief in stiff hand shoulder and bicep pain …

  34. I get carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms when drawing. However, if I tap e a quarter size, high gauss therapeutic magnet at my wrist with Nexcare tape, I have no problems. Always put the north pole side down on the skin. It may take day a or so to see the pain all go away. Magnets are prescribed as part of medical care in Europe btw.

  35. wow! I play a lot of video games and stream on my other channel. after playing for so many hours my wrists hurt like hell and my thumb feels like its being dislocated over and over again. These exercises worked amazingly. Thank you so much. Now I can go back to streaming and entertaining people. 😀

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