Top 5 KIDNEY KILLER Foods – Avoid Them to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

This is maybe the unhealthiest grocery haul
I’ve ever made! With their added sugar, added salt and added
fats these 5 foods considered healthy can literally KILL YOUR KIDNEYS. LET’S SEE WHAT’S INSIDE Hello, how are your kidneys doing? this is
Katherine, welcome to 00Kidney. Usually, when you see me in my kitchen I’m
preparing something good to keep the kidneys healthy in a tasty way! Today instead, I’ll show you 5 foods that
consumers eat regularly. Because they’re blissfully unaware of how
dangerous these supposedly healthy foods truly are!
these 5 foods considered healthy can literally KILL YOUR KIDNEYS. Are you eating them? Do you know what they are? The good news is that if you stop eating these
supposedly “healthy” foods, you can lower your creatinine and start to support your
kidney health right now! There are a lot of misconceptions in food. We live in a society where the FDA is supposed
to control everything that ends up on the supermarket shelf, so people should be able
to safely shop without worrying, without checking the labels. But this is clearly not true. And we can thank for this the marketing departments
of the big food and beverages companies. These companies have been using marketing
tricks to make you think you’re eating healthy foods, when you’re actually eating sugar packed,
kidney killers food items. Well, let’s just say that all these foods
are a lot less healthy than they look. In fact, the opinion of the general public
on the “healthy” way of eating, is so biased by the commercials and the advertisings, that
we end up eating the most unhealthy things when we think we are eating healthy. So, what happens if you actually go shopping
around without checking if what you’re eating is actually healthy or just sold as “healthy”? You may end up eating foods like… Number 5… let’s see what’s inside… fruit
juices! They told us that everything that comes off
a tree is healthy. Yes, in fruit juice there are vitamins, minerals,
antioxidants… but are they really healthy? Quick answer: no they are not!
fruit juices have been associated with an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. A real danger if you want to keep your kidneys
healthy! And yet they keep selling this as healthy! What the commercials forgot to tell us about
fruit juices, is that all the healthy fibers of the fruit have been carefully removed and
replaced with sugar! So, you think you’re drinking a glass of fruit,
but what you’re basically drinking is a glass full of sugar! And I’m not exaggerating, just take a look
at the label of any fruit juice and you’ll see. If you’re drinking a cup, or 250 milliliters
of fruit juice, you’re ingesting up to 30 grams or 8 teaspoons of sugar! And, while this is unhealthy for everyone,
kidney patients are exceptionally susceptible to the insulin spike caused by an excess of
sugar. An insulin spike can damage the tiny blood
vessels inside the kidneys. An insulin spike destroys
the filtering units of the kidneys the nephrons
and cause serious kidney damage In fact, diabetes is the number one cause
of kidney disease because of this process. And there’s even more! The liquid calories contained in fruit juices,
and in other sugary drinks like sodas and alcoholic beverages, are actually known to
cause even more troubles. They don’t provide any filling effect, and
as I said, will cause a blast of sugar into the bloodstream. All this sugar will stimulate the production
of insulin, a hormone related to the feeling of hunger. So you’re not just introducing a lot of calories
from sugar, you’ll even end up eating more! Yes, I too used to think that I was drinking
liquid health when I drank fruit juices, but they’re basically… liquid diabetes. Bottom line, even if they used to be perceived
as healthy, it is better to avoid fruit juices and other sugar-sweetened beverage if we care
about our kidney health. Number 4… let’s see what’s here…
diet sodas! Now, you may think that if you remove the
sugar you remove the problem, right? Well, no. Not at all. Let’s talk about diet sodas. These diet drinks are actually sugar free,
and are artificially sweetened with Aspartame or Saccharin or other synthetic sweeteners. Diet sodas have virtually no calories, so
they get marketed towards diabetics, health conscious people athletes and people who want
to lose weight. Seems, straight forward, right? You reduce your sugar intake and your health
will benefit from this. There’s just a problem with diet sodas. Diet sodas and other artificially sweetened
beverages may be even more dangerous for our kidneys and overall health than fruit juices
and sugary beverages. How is it possible? Diet sodas are full of tooth-eroding additives,
possibly carcinogenic food colorings and artificial sweeteners that are proven to cause risk of
stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and kidney disease. Now, if this isn’t bad enough, there are even
studies showing a direct correlation between the regular consumption of diet sodas and
chronic kidney disease. The synthetic sweeteners, like Aspartame or
Saccharin present in diet sodas have been proven to cause a sharp decline of kidney
function in people that consumes them regularly. So, in short, there are some big studies that
have compared the kidney function of people who drank water to the kidney health of people
who drank 2 cans of diet sodas per day. After 10 years the group of people who drank
diet sodas had a rate of decline of kidney function 30% faster than the group who didn’t
drank diet sodas. So this means that if you drink diet sodas
regularly, your kidneys are going to be damaged. All the test subjects who drank diet sodas
got some kidney damage, nobody got out clean. This is actually pretty scary, if you ask
me: these beverages, marketed as “healthy”, are actually doing more damage to our health
that their already unhealthy sugary counterparts. So, if the risk of death caused by the tooth-eroding
additives and the possibly carcinogenic food colorings present in diet sodas wasn’t enough,
there’s even proof that diet sodas are killing the kidney health of people, now. What to do, then? Avoid artificially sweetened sodas and never
look back. In fact, you don’t actually need anything
besides plain water, if you want to keep your kidneys healthy. You shouldn’t drink any calories at all. So no soft drinks, no fruit juices, no diet
colas. But, if you absolutely can’t resist some sweetness
in what you drink, make yourself a smoothie. Drinking real fruit pureed raw is a lot healthier
than drinking fruit juices or diet sodas. I’ve just made myself some watermelon juice! Yummy Number 3 salads
Ok, what could be wrong with salads now? People are eating more salad when they want
to be healthier, and green vegetables are actually one of the best foods to support
our kidney health. Yes, eating salad is an healthy way to improve
kidney function naturally… but you may be undoing all the benefits if
you dress it too much! Have you ever watched someone eating a salad
with a ton of croutons, and salt, and dressing, and oil in it…
do you actually think that’s healthy? I don’t think so. Yes, heavily dressed salad can be really unhealthy,
when you think about all the ingredients we are adding to the salad. That’s not a salad anymore, it may be tasty
but it’s actually junk food! Salt covered junk food, absolutely not healthy
for a kidney patient or for anyone else! Number 2, oh this is a big one, I’m wondering
what it may be… fruits and veggies too rich in potassium Why are these unhealthy? Potassium is a micronutrient way too familiar
to kidney patients. If you’re in an advanced stage of chronic
kidney disease, there are really high chances that you’re on a low potassium diet. When the kidneys cannot filter the blood well
enough to remove all the wastes and toxins they should be removing, potassium is one
of the most dangerous things that can start to accumulate. Hyperkalemia, the excess of potassium that
kidney patients risk when they eat too much bananas or potatoes for example, can cause
symptoms as severe as chest pain, trouble breathing Palpitations, irregular heartbeat
and even heart attack. While fruits like bananas, oranges and veggies
like spinach are perfectly healthy for most of the population, kidney patients should
avoid them.. So avoid fruits like:
bananas, oranges, cantaloupe, honeydew, apricots, grapefruit, prunes, raisins
And vegetables like potatoes, spinach, broccoli, canned tomatoes,
canned beans The kidneys of an healthy person are always
able to remove the excess of potassium from the blood. But, for a kidney patient the symptoms of
too much potassium can be as severe as an heart attack. So avoid potassium rich fruits and vegetables. Also avoid canned and packaged foods in general,
if you need to keep potassium levels down. They are full of potassium and sodium and
the FDA doesn’t even require food producers to label potassium levels! So be careful. 1 energy bars
Sold as a healthy supplement for active people, energy bars are consumed by a large number
of individuals who think they have found a convenient source of nutrition, vitamins and
minerals to fill a nutritional gap. And that also tastes great, since they make
them in all the flavors. But are energy bars actually healthy? And are they suitable for a kidney friendly
diet? Let’s see what’s in them. Let’s take a look at the label. there’s a lot of sugar in here! Well, they may be less healthy than people
think. A lot less healthy, actually. First of all, don’t be fooled by the word
“energy”. It just means sugar. Yes, that’s it. And it’s not even a lie, since sugar actually
provides energy, which is just a synonym of… calories. In fact, a medium sized energy bar will pack
about 200 calories. So there’s nothing special about the energy
contained in energy bars, there’s nothing magical about them and they won’t give you
a boost in focus or strength… unless you’re actually starved. Some energy bars are so full of sugar they
should be considered candy bars. And while replacing meals with energy bars
is unhealthy for everyone, kidney patients should be really careful with them since energy
bars usually pack a lot more protein than their kidneys can safely manage. So, lots of sugar, lots of protein lots of
calories… energy bars are definitely a big no-no, if you want to eat foods that support
your kidney health. This is all for today, thank you for watching!

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  2. Foods containing high sodium and potassium as well as high empty calories foods like cool drinks should be avoided.

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