Top 5 WORST Ab Exercise Mistakes!

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today we’re covering the five biggest ab exercise
mistakes. Let’s be clear here, guys. We’re talking about ab exercise mistakes because
there’s a big one that I want to cover first, and foremost. If you’re new to this channel, then you need
to hear this. If you’re a returning visitor you already
know this. Guys, you need to get your nutrition in check
if you ever want to see your abs because your body fat levels will always determine whether
or not we can see them. However, these five exercise mistakes are
going to dictate how good your abs will ultimately look. So let’s get right to them. Big exercise mistake number one is cheating
on your ab reps. What am I talking about? You guys know because I know it. I’ve even done them myself. When you’re doing crunches have you ever tried
to pull on your neck? If you did, I’m telling you, all you’re doing
is making your eyeballs think your shoulders are actually off the ground. And they’re not. We know that when we’re doing our crunches
here we need to get our shoulders off the ground, and not trying to trick ourselves
into thinking that we’re getting higher than we are by pulling on our necks. When we do our lower abs exercises have you
ever tried to swing your legs up and start counting the reps away thinking “Hey, I’m
doing more reps”? It doesn’t work that way, guys. The only ones that ever matter are the meaningful
reps that you actually contracted to bring up there. Sometimes we even try to work with our hands,
and we’re pushing down, through the floor, trying to get our legs up higher. Again, what are we doing here? We’re strengthening our freaking hands, not
our lower abs. Guys, start caring more about the quality
of the repetitions and stop caring about how many you’re doing, and your abs will respond. Ab exercise mistake number two is not breathing
properly during your ab reps. What am I talking about? I actually made a whole video on this before
about leading to bloated abs. You can actually start boating your abs by
not properly breathing on every rep. If you are exhaling that’s a good thing. But if at the same you’re pushing out your
stomach, that’s a bad thing. So what you want to try and do is learn how
to exhale while not blowing out, or pushing our on your stomach. So there’s a big difference. You want to learn how to exhale as you tighten
down, and make your waist smaller, and tighter. We can do this on every, single ab exercise. You might just have to focus a lot more. You can see me doing a crunch here. I’m not crunching, blowing out, exhaling,
and pushing out at the same time. What I’m doing, instead, is I’m exhaling,
blowing out, but at the same time pulling in, and tightening down on my stomach. This makes a big difference on how your abs
will look over the course of time when you add up rep, after rep, after rep. You’re learning how to contract the transverse
abdominus, stabilize, and then do the movement. That’s going to pay big dividends, I promise
you, as you add up all the reps that you’re going to do in your ab training. Your ab exercise mistake number three is not
including enough hanging ab exercises in ab work. Why? Guys, they always say ‘if it doesn’t challenge
you, it won’t change you’. We know that hanging ab exercises are more
challenging, but that’s because they’re more capable of changing you. Start doing more of these exercises. Here’s the reason why: first of all, anybody
who’s ever had any kind of abdominal surgery could tell you – and I’m one of them, with
two hernia operations, I can tell you this: hanging from a bar is so damn hard if your
abs aren’t ready for it. It requires a lot of stabilization just to
hang there. And if you’re ranked beginner you might want
to just start doing that. Hanging from the bar for a minute, or so to
start training your abs to contract, and stabilize your body. But of course, if you’re ready for a little
bit more of a challenge you want to start doing more exercises from this position. Again, like I said the last point here, you’re
stabilizing your pelvis first, and then contracting from there. It becomes a lot harder, but at the same time
we’re positioned perfectly for lots of lower ab targeted movements here, because we’re
moving from the bottom up. All it takes is a little bit of a tweak, and
change in direction – a turn, and a twist of the knees – to really start incorporating,
not just the lower abs, but the obliques as well. Yes, these hanging exercises are more difficult,
but as I said, they will start to pay more dividends for you in the long run. So start looking for ways to incorporate more
of them into your training. Moving on. Our fourth mistake here: not training your
abs enough. Guys, I’ve been a bit proponent of frequent
ab training, and I’m going to hammer that point home once again. I want to see you training your abs five times
– better – six times, and even better, maybe seven times a week. Frequency is what your abs are built for. As a matter of fact, a lot of times we hear
people say “Well, I’m just going to get my ab training in through my other, bigger lifts. We know I have to stabilize during a squat,
and I have to do it during a deadlift.” Guys, it’s the wrong way to think about it. You’re thinking about it backwards. What you should be thinking about is ‘how
much better could my squat be, and how much better could my deadlift be if my abs were
stronger?’ We’re going to get there by doing more frequent,
direct ab training. I don’t care whether you want to run faster,
jump farther, jump higher, or push something with more strength. Your abs are going to be the central point
for generating all that power, and you want to train them directly. Start training them – not long – four,
five, six, seven, eight minutes. That’s all it takes, but be more consistent
with it, and start doing it every, single day if you can, and I promise you, you’ll
see better results. And your fifth, and final ab exercise mistake
is doing just that. Thinking only about your abs, and not taking
advantage of the opportunity to include all the other muscles of your core. I’ve covered this in another video before
called our “Ab Training Trinity”. The Holy Trinity of ab training. It wasn’t just about your abs, but it was
also about your obliques, and more importantly, your serratus. All these muscles function together, if you
allow them to, and train them to. I give you a whole bunch of exercise options
to do that. We’ll link to it again at the end of the video. But the bottom line is this, guys: you can
do more by including more muscles that like to work with your abs. Another perfect example: stabilize from the
bottom up. Have you ever tried to include your adductors? Yes, those muscles on the inside of your thighs. If you haven’t, try this. Lay on your back, and instead of doing a regular
windshield wiper ab exercise, squeeze your thighs together as hard as you can, and then
do the exercise. You’ll find that you can contract your abs
a hell of a lot harder just by doing that. Why is that true? Because you’re stabilizing the pelvis from
down below. The abs will grab onto the pelvis from the
top down. If we can get it from both sides we have a
really intense contraction here, and now we want to move, and control that pelvis side
to side in that exercise. You can do this on almost every, single exercise
that your legs are in a position to be squeezed together. So start taking advantage of it. So there you have it, guys. The five biggest ab exercise mistakes. And of course, the big warning in the beginning
about that nutrition. Don’t worry, guys. I’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a step by step plan
that also includes daily nutrition to make sure you can get ripped, and stay ripped year
round, head to and check out our ATHLEANX training system. In the meantime, if you haven’t already subscribed,
make sure you do it and turn on your notifications so you never miss a video. As promised guys, the Holy Trinity of Ab Training;
I’m going to link it up here for you. You’re going to want to check that out. All right, guys. I’ll see you back here again soon. Later.

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  1. Lots of useful info thanks. Btw working out my abs everyday? If my abs are sore isn't it unhealthy to work out my abs?

  2. Sir I have a question are there any disadvantages of including milk in our abs nutrition or does it increases our belly fat??

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    Thanks, Jeff!! Great video!

  4. Guys please help me!!! I am 15 , and I have a hereditary problem of back pain. My father also has it and my father's brother also has it. Whenever I do ab workout , I feel lower back pain the next day. But when I lift dumbbells any weights (even heavy) , I don't feel that back pain. Why do I feel it after ab workout days ? I doubt that I have a weak back… So should I increase the strength of my back first by doing back workouts or should I continue to workout without focusing more on my abs? Please help me, I really need help , does anyone else have this problem ?

  5. He is right.

    I am that newbi that ignored abs in many years till my psyique just stopped improving.

    Now I train legs and abs the most I even running for my life on the speedmachine.

    Suddenly I now start improving on my upperbody and I start feeling really strong. Not only in benchpress and militarypress anymore my body is devolping to a super strenght.

    I still is weak as fuck in my abs and core but I am getting stronger for each time.

    Listen to this guy he knows what he is talking about.

  6. Hi Jeff I've been subscribed to your channel for a while and watching your videos for years I was wondering if you have any tips on the Total Gym for growth and what is your opinion on thank you for your time

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  8. Used to train abs 1 day a week. I watched this video and immediately thought I could switch to 7 days a week. I don’t recommend that for beginners. I see best results when I take baby steps so I switched to 3 days a week for a couple of months and now I’m up to 4 days a week. Taking it slow is the only reason I haven’t quit yet.

  9. Wicked man love your videos. Thank you so much. You’ve helped me expand my workouts by incorporating bits and pieces of things you teach.

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  15. I did just that. Hang from chin bar then resumed my main exercise. But warmups, stretch are fundamental for prepping

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    2. 1:36 Not breathing properly during ab reps
    3. 2:51 Not including enough hanging ab exercises
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    5. 5:15 Thinking only about abs and not the other muscles in your core (Ab Training Trinity)

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  24. I love these videos, but they also get me into trouble sometimes. After a head/neck/shoulder injury at work, and years of chronic lyme disease, I've had to build everything from the ground up. I'm lookin a lot better than before and go to the gym often, but sometimes I get too excited about more intensely working my abs etc, and end up aggravating the secondary muscle groups that are used. Especially when it comes to those hanging exercises Jeff loves to talk about lol, on account of my shoulders.

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