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in this video I'm gonna show you guys my must try foods in Vietnam alright so we're back this is part of our Vietnam series I hope you guys liked the previous episode if you haven't seen it then definitely the links are always in the description we're continuing on with our street food portion of this series there's just so much street food to try and Vietnam and I just wanted to look kind of show you guys some of my favorite street food to try oh and before I forget if you guys want to see what I'm doing on the daily check out my Instagram account I post stories every day that all said let's get our food on number six fun noodles first probably one of the most well-known Vietnamese noodle dishes worldwide but it's uniquely in its own here in Vietnam plus sometimes pronounced pho is a noodle soup consisting of broth rice noodles and local toppings it's a popular street food in Vietnam and is usually served in these types of shops the bowl usually comes with a side plate of vegetables herbs lime and chilies accompanied with various sauces to further customize your bowl I went to full 75 a popular photo shop in Danang lady starts to cook right after you place an order watch how fast she prepares the bowl it's impressive to witness how quickly the slices of steak and rare meat get cooked in the spoon how it just smells it's so good like just breaking up all the men you can smell how fresh the leaves are clean on spilitt if I hold it with one hand there's so much flavor in this it's a little bit savory you can like definitely taste on mommy the chicken is like coming off of it really good goes well with a fresh vegetables other fresh leaves let me just grab some spice get a big helping of that throw that in there this is supposed to be some sweet sauce look at the color how it's just changed and it's become almost like ramen like yeah that is the bomb wow that has completely changed the flavor of the soup I would say for the better to now has like a spicy kick to it I had that a little bit like more sweetness now we're cooking with fire you know I'm saying it might go got to be a brisket and I'm trying this now you can also put the sauce directly onto the meat so do we have some a little bit of the chili as well as a sweet for Vietnamese sauce it's almost like a Chinese sweet seafood sauce let's just have a bite of this but as you get all these vegetables you can just keep on adding to the soup I just made it super spicy but I love it and my cousin where they're going to towns you keep them adding this sweetness to it I think it's like it's actually a perfect meal on hot days because it's still refreshing light so you don't like feel too happy because of all the vegetables and soon the rice noodles are quite bite as well number 5 called Combe means rice and God means chicken in Vietnamese so it translates to chicken rice the style differs depending on where you go but at this popular conga shop called the high you can enjoy a crispy fried chicken thigh with rice or shredded style since they're roasted and for some reason the visa really like there's like colored rice are they turmeric rice again came what's up soup I come to their standard chili sauce let's just try this roasted chicken man Oh lovely imagine crunchy the meat is tender in the middle let me see the tenderness right there and probably get like another two or three of these of it does that meat not a lot of meat on the bones the taste is there the taste is like on point some good chicken build a larger-than-life – I'd apparently very very simple meal you can always add some sauce to it like this I got another one and it's so hot when he comes on the menu it says roasted chicken but looking closer at how they're cooking I think it's actually fried well I know it's fried because it looks like I can watch it get fried this fried chicken but it's damn good fried chicken even whatever country I go to you know I'm gonna have the fried chicken right I've done the day like the price is just unbeatable for two dollars and fifty cents and I won't let a rice some chicken like perfect for the day you're really up for making me spend five bucks I get to these number for mummy simply put as a Vietnamese sandwich and you can find the bun me sands everywhere throughout the city the style differs from shop to stand but they all humbly use a baguette to sandwich the ingredients but Wow is it delicious check it just got some fun me I don't know if I'm pronouncing I'm not pronouncing any of this stuff right being I was talking that taxi cab driver and he said fun that two different kinds so what I got it has a spicy and sweet meat inside just open this up get all that goodness in there and I've actually added fried angin to get melted cheese in it this crazy how they haven't already like prepared in the trays like an American Subway sandwich shop but like a lot more fresh my god Ellie I've asked them to put some cilantro in there as well they've also put some like cucumbers in here onions they've toasted the bread wow this this piece of egg is just really really thick let's take a bite of this that puts a smile on to my face I love the crunchiness of the bread and holds everything together and then when you bite into a do first taste of meat juices meaning it's like just really like nice and fresh do you have like the crunchiness of the cucumber and then the melted cheese and egg just give it like that gooey loveliness that you want in a sandwich of this I wanted a sandwich if I here have some like chili sauce that you can add to it and I'm always like a big chili fan so I'm just gonna have that as well symmetric Chile oh so this is the bacon ham and egg upon me but you can see that white strips that's the mayonnaise they have some chili this is like a healthy portion of chili and even had some like pepperoni looking ham in there it has some tomatoes that has lettuce cucumbers a lot of mayonnaise and hot chili sauce they have some onions in here Jesus and it's all wrapped in a nice crispy bun that mayonnaise is a game-changer the human really did the main and the best flavor is just popping explode it's like buttery unhealthy explosion in your mouth what a wonderful combination these honey sandwiches are number three seafood it's a seafood spot right by the beach and looking right behind me they have like buckets and buckets of fresh seafood still alive and you get to pick which ones you want for yourself so I'm gonna go and choose some seafood and we're gonna try it out tonight so Vietnam is also known for seafood you'll find many seafood specialty restaurants like this especially in the beach cities is like Danang and not chang these restaurants you can select a seafood from tanks or buckets and then you choose how you want to prepare such as steamed deep-fried pan-fried or even barbecue style Wow look at that when the sauce itself is actually pretty good it affected some soy sauce fish sauce and has some chilies in there but it really like brings out the flavor of the fish when I chose to fry it this time around but you learn as he chooses to grill it the steam it having some several different options what an experience it is and the fish is so nice it's nice and tender it hasn't been sauced like basically they'd like Friday and this is they haven't like actually like marinating like any sauce it's just fresh basically this is your sauce itself then just like to balance things out they also have this morning glory which I recommend you can see that I just laid in with garlic or just awesome cuz I love garlic I really really enjoy it God smells is so good can someone get this excited about vegetables I don't know what I'd like it has a really like nice crunchy texture I think it's from the stems itself I guess is taller my vegan fans this is actually worth trying the ordering system varies from shop to shop which is worth noting especially at this restaurant with noters so this could quite possibly be the most stressful restaurant I've ever been through in my life I'm not gonna complain I've wanted to like explain this experience you guys it's intense and it's a it's I don't know if it's callous or I don't know if it's organized chaos or if it's just chaos when I went to get in line to pick the finisher to make the seafood there was no line people were just coming everywhere and they weren't like asking me so I thought that was that gonna be an orderly line then there was just so many people I really don't know if that food is gonna find us I got a beer and unfortunately it's warm so I asked for ice to put it inside of my glass and you get me eyes but the ice is just like sitting in that bucket right there quite intense bottom hopefully the food is dirty like cheers to that Oh at this restaurant we were one kilo of clams steamed and flavored with mints fresh squeezed lime and lots of garlic as well as a kilo of shrimp prepared in a butter garlic sauce you can see how the butter and the juices I've already soaked into the shrimp itself this is not good for my cholesterol probably anyway oh I didn't want to lick my fingers it's completely worth it you just gotta like bear through the discomfort sometimes I'm not understanding then you get delicious pieces of shrimp like this so you gotta like completely soaked and the juices you can take some of the rice so soak that in the juices like that make a little kind of like onigiri with it let's take it all in number two way Kazim way dishes used to be served to emperors and royal families back in the day but now anyone can throw down on some Hawaii cuisine as it's available in many restaurants many way dishes are small and visually amusing like this little rice cupcake called banh bao it's topped with shrimp flakes pour crackers shallots and herbs served with a fish base sauce called Northman damn probably butchering that name too we got a good one for y'all today the Fond Bo this is like a rice pudding and then I think we have like a dipping sauce stick out that's a fish sauce it has some green chilies in there from some red chilies typically what you're supposed to do is you're supposed to take some fish sauce and pour it in here like that then you scoop it out like that and then you enjoy the fish sauce gives it all of its flavors and the rice pudding just kind of like holds the thing together and then it has like a nice crunchiness and it looks like a lot of food but it's not really that much it's like one bite and you can have like 50 of these cuz they're so light and this is my favorite even though I probably can't pronounce it bun rum it it's a rice cake stuffed with shrimp on top of a crispy rice cracker so this is the one this is actually the sauce for the bun ramen and I think it's like a little spicier because there you see more chilies P being like the guy that I am look at all that extra chili oh boy we looks like a corn flake on steroids with some mochi on top that's nice if it nummies were like watching the Super Bowl and then either like some chips and some snacks there we just like take this dip it in and just like have it as an appetizer while they're drinking their Budweiser these clear skin dumplings are known as fun but lock which is a tapioca based dough stuffed with shrimp and pork it's actually quite sticky it's almost like a gelatin itself I don't know if you can see through that it's like it's almost translucent and it has a shrimp in there I'm gonna dip that into some sauce now this one is everything good it's like really slake textures then you have the shrimp inside in the shrimp itself the skin is still on there so you have like another resistance of like texture it's not just like the shrimp whether you have like the shrimp shell as well that you're dealing with and you eat it yes if somebody Nam not to be confused with Van Damme my other favorite martial arts character it has the same kind of texture as a ponlop it looks like it has some like ground pork and it has maybe some like herbs in here same as the the bomb lock like kind of like a gummy bear but even like it seems like it's even like slimy err and a little bit malleable oh wow that's like a completely different experience the skin itself you've never had it gives the skin that's been boiled in water if you took maybe four of those layers and you pile them on top of each other feels like that cuz it's so thick in itself you get like this mushy gooey sensation inside of your like mouth quite nice it's like like all of this is pretty cool because I've never had it before look that although it has some flavor the the fish sauce gives it that like nights of savory quality and it like brings it all together think I need to exercise now and number one bun Co so the next spot we're going to is in this alley you can see that it just gets narrower and narrow as we go I'm quite excited to try some boom bow guru we're not really getting boom bow Hui I'm just messing around instead we're throwing down on some bungee oh so in this alley and there's actually three restaurants just in this corner right here that one two and then one at the end so all these three stores are famous for the Vietnamese omelet so you can go to either three is gonna yield very similar but they all should be pretty good this is literally a hole in the wall so bun Co is often explained as a Vietnamese omelet I initially thought it was made with egg but in fact it's actually made with a rice powder coconut milk and colored with turmeric which gives it that yellow color and making it more like a pancake they cook it on the large iron pan over an open flame to almost a deep fry style it's cooked in a thin layer to make it extra crispy so you get that crunchy texture with every bite when you sit down you are first served a plate of vegetables and other toppings and the bond sale and meat skewers follow afterwards and in the neck they wrap everything in a dry crispy rice paper and dip it in a thick sesame sauce it is not lovely mess first thing you taste is a soccer salt it's kind of like a peanut sauce but it's a little bit spicy as well at the same time and then you fight into it and you get it like a nice crunch from pickles the lettuce and also from the enemy's pancake and if you're feeling a little more more risky and actually some chili sauce throw that on like that as well and combine that with some more the peanut sauce that loveliness and I just love the scrunch so you think you're just gonna happen of to help you a vegetable dish but like this is so much munch and I think the shrimp even adds to their like the crunch that you get because it still has a shell in it and if you want to add more flavor to this pack the flavor of joy they have some chili peppers and some garlic just like sitting on the side in fact it was so good I returned a few days later to one of the other bond Co shops in the alley to have another helping and it didn't disappoint so how was that street food if you like this video help me out and hit that like button you guys want to see what I'm doing ideally definitely check out my Instagram account if you guys want to see what I'm doing next and this Vietnam series and then hit that subscribe button and the bail bond and if you have any favorite foods that I didn't cover let me know in the comments

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  1. Is there anyone here would like to come to Vietnam?
    I will be your free tour guides to explore the city (I live in Hochiminh City)

  2. Banh beo is rice cake essentially, not rice pudding. Pudding sounds like a dessert, which it is not. I kinda get the feeling though you got ripped off at the seafood restaurant, as the common Vietnamese people would rarely pay that much for live seafood. They probably took advantage of you as a tourist, unfortunately.

  3. the intonation of vietnamese is difficult for most to say the least. i grew up in a vietnamese household so i dont really have problems with pronunciation, but any of my non-viet friends butcher the language to incomprehension. so far ive found it very hard to pronounce chinese languages
    ps: a lot of your pronunciations were pretty good

  4. How interesting, love how you explained what the ingredients of that omelette were, so its vegan egg and it really looks like egg too how did it taste though, did it taste like egg? It looks fantastic. Also I'm definetly the one going crazy for vegetables :))) Thank you for sharing.

  5. Vietnamese people do not add lettuce into pho; This is Da Nang and its pho is probably different from that in Saigon or northern Vietnam. The pho broth is unique and people love pho because of the broth!

  6. I would love to see a video on how easy/hard it is to travel through the countries you have featured on your channel if you don’t speak the language. 💗💗 much love from D.C Paolo!

  7. when he was talking about the Bahn mi i was concentrating on black pink playing the background at 4:30

  8. I LOVE Vietnamese Cuisine: Pork Sausage Pho Noodle, Spring rolls, Deepfried Shrimp Paste, Roasted Chicken etc. But One thing I dare not try is Balut, you know those duck eggs that has an embryo inside. The sight of it scare the hell out of me😨

  9. Japan is way better than Vietnam. And I’m vietnamese. Also always hated how nosy vietnamese people are. Just staring without being discreet. Also not the most polite people. Stick to japan!

  10. you're not supposed to eat the lettuce with it. It's usually meant for you to wrap your egg rolls (an appetizer)

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