Trans Fitness Fanatic Breaks Bodybuilding Barriers

THOMAS MURRELL: I hate when people tell me I can’t do something. Tell me that I can’t
and I’ll do it whatever it takes to prove you wrong. COMM: Personal trainer Tommy Murrell hopes his career in bodybuilding can inspire a new
generation of trans men and women. THOMAS MURRELL: I’m real like, like hardcore gym rat. I’m in the gym 7 days a week. I
don’t think that people should make a deal whether I’m trans or not. You know, at the
end of the day, I look male, so what’s the problem? COMM: Born Tamara Murrell,
Tommy began transitioning in 2011 after battling with his appearance for years. THOMAS MURRELL: I lived my life as a female for as long as I could. I was becoming more
and more and more miserable every day. So, do I try to live by this standard, this box
that people want me in? COMM: Raised in a deeply religious household, Tommy was worried about how his parents would
react when he told them he was trans. THOMAS MURRELL: My dad is a pastor so I’m a pastor’s kid, and my mom also helps in
the ministry of my dad, telling them I was not just gay, but I was trans was like I knew
I was dropping a bombshell on them, and my dad was like, “Oh, you know, I’ve known
since you were four years old.” You know, and like he’d seen all the signs and stuff
like that, but, you know, he was in denial. My mom would, she started crying and that
truly broke my heart. My parents did a couple of things that I thought were really cool.
They write books on how to reconcile their spiritual relationship with their higher power,
so we get along great. JAIME MURRELL: At the beginning, I thought it was just a phase, but then he came out
saying that he was transgender. I think that takes a lot of strength. I admire my son. COMM: In addition to his bodybuilding commitments, Tommy has found new motivation in the form of Ava, his girlfriend. Like Tommy, Ava is also trans. THOMAS MURRELL: Me and Ava do have like that spark which was what I went for. She is awesome. AVA TORO: How does it feel to have a bodybuilder boyfriend? When he’s undressed, it’s great. He is making me communicate better and open
up more, because I’ve been very shut down. I don’t open up about my feelings and he
is trying to pry it out of me. COMM: Tommy first began his bodybuilding career competing in trans competitions with great
success. But last year, he stepped up his game and entered into the toughest competition
yet – the NPC Fort Lauderdale Men’s Cup. THOMAS MURRELL: Winning the NPC Fort Lauderdale the third place. My proudest moment as a
bodybuilder was being in that arena with a bunch of like dudes and getting over my fear.
I mean winning the FTM overall competition was nice, but being at a disadvantage and
winning was me like, that was more heartfelt. I had a big burger after that. JAIME MURRELL: It’s not easy to be honest in this world, right? That’s one of the
things that I admire most about him is the honesty of wanting to not live a lie. THOMAS MURRELL: My motivation is my family for one, definitely want to make my mom, my
dad and my little brother and people around me, my family, my friends, want to make them proud.

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  1. Amazing guy. Just like Thomas, I had a absolutely brilliant mum, a devoted catholic but also a devoted mum as well. I do honestly believe that true loving parents do sense that their offspring is difference, sometimes years before the child “comes out”. Unfortunately, because of serious health issues, I couldn’t go through the transition, so you just adapt to a different lifestyle and my faith in spirituality helps me to cope. I’m still who I am, and over the years I’ve learnt how to switch certain emotions off and I don’t actively look into mirrors anymore, only when necessary which thankfully is only for hygiene purposes lol. I wouldn’t recommend my lifestyle to anyone because it’s really lonely, but it works for me because I’m not down anymore with depressions and I refuse to feel suicidal, done all that and got the T-shirt, I’m getting too old for those negative feelings and life is about living it, appreciating the beauty within it. My health issues is getting worse as I’m ageing, so it’s a constant battle to keep myself healthy for as long as I can. Everybody owes it to themselves to be respectfully who they’re really are, and being a transgender person isn’t a fad, it’s even in our DNA. It’s not easy at first, more so confusing at the beginning as we try to make sense why our minds is of one gender in the way it’s thinking and developing but our outer gender opposing our inner feelings and identity. However, if like me you’re unable to go through the transition, it isn’t the end of the world. You don’t stop being a transgender but you become strong in your convictions and learn to adapt, there’s still a world out there to discover and life is worth living. No matter who or what you are, life is a precious gift and you’re entitled to live it in colour. There is a reason for your existence, so find it and allow yourself to be happy

  2. Genetically that's a woman,,,,,,, she can't change that fact by any means. I will pray for her to get out of under the cloud of confusion.

  3. wow most trans people I find don't really look 100% like their new chosen sex, but wow this dude, well looks like a dude/male, 100%.

  4. i never would have thought he was born female. he and his girlfriend are adorable, I'm really happy that they have eachother 🙂

  5. Gays are beautifull in their own way. Beautifull in their own distinction.
    If you become a transgender you become a LIE.
    facts dont care about feelings.

  6. he is such an outgoing person i do not understand why he is dating this other transgender called ava she has the personality of a wet sponge he needs to move on and to find someone as kind and outgoing and funny as him

  7. You're incredible, Tommy! I wish you and Ava all the best. Ignore people who hate on you – they're not worth your time. Much love.

  8. Wait so if there both trans and one a male and ones a female then there roles are reversed. But the real quistion is it gay🤔🤔🤔🤔?

  9. This man or women whatever has a scarier face and roughter voice and bigger bicep than mine. He or she whateer looks scary bullly

  10. Some say, everything that has to do with "male" behavior is a social construct, then why does a female born person has the biological desire to be the ultimate stereotypical male?! Those people are pushing gender stereotypes to the limit. I hope, that society will recognize this as a mental health issue and these poor people get the right psychological treatment. This society is so crazy. Women with breast amputation because of cancer don't get they implants paid, but mental ill adolescents get expensive and highly controversial hormone treatments with steroids and then are allowed to compete in sports, where steroids are forbidden…

  11. Woww, amazing body!! I had no idea it was possible to be born a woman and still get that muscular even if helped my hormones… And his Trans girlfriend is so cute

  12. Oh so hes a girl and Shes a dude but they swapped sex roles so they good I guess lol. They can still have kids right ajjajajajajajajja

  13. Just because you want to be something in life does not mean you should.
    For example….I wanted to be Michael Jordan..but that didn't' happen so I dealt with reality.
    Some people want to be astronauts, actors, etc., and they just can't due to a thing called life.
    People have mental illnesses and we are spiritual so spiritual corruption happens to all of us to some large or small degree. Getting your junk cut off, your breasts cut out, etc., is not how God designed us folks. Wake up.

  14. Funny thing is, people here have seen trans people in public, work etc. Trans people in rl don't go around shouting they are trans, this is why bigotry is ridiculous. I have met plenty trans people, i got to know them and that's how i knew.

  15. I don't respect men (Identifying as female) who compete in sports against actual females. But women (identifying as male) competing against men in sports is hardcore and actually quite respectable.
    – message4thaTranny:
    Good for you man, and FYI, I would have never guessed you were born female, you look so masculine!

  16. I think to solve some of the biggest issues nowadays, all women should be trans in this modern climate.

    As much as some men say "begone thot" at the first sign of beauty, femininity or a hot woman, and put down everything woman, favor everything male, say they could still function as a species if all women died out, or think women are nothing but "trouble", you'd think they'd appreciate an all-male society. No more living among anything inferior or feminine, no more bitching about inferior wammens and their voices, looks, mindsets, emotions, clothes, bodies or functions. Everyone looks, sounds and works like men. The end. Even guys have more venom for mtf than ftm. With a lot of ftm transitions going on, I'm seeing more a window of opportunity to a very long standing problem. Besides, aren't men supposed to be these perfect model statues for humankind by default? It would only make sense. Guys have always been tribal and exclusive in their "boys" only club, feel like only they have rights, like and like to claim it's a man's world, etc. Wouldn't it make much more sense if EVERYTHING was as close to a man as you can get and get kids on the "T" and train them in all things male from the get-go? Train everyone to have the same personality, stiff upper lip, no emotions, no exceptions. Just saying. It's not like the human race will die out, trans men can still bare children.
    I mean, these are the early days of gender reassignment, imagine what they'll be able to do with sex/gender 1,000 years from now?
    I'm sure they'll still find some other mass group to be inferior, but hey, we all look alike. Maybe if every gender looked the same, had the same bits, etc, they can shut up for once and would solve a lot of the present modern problems. Guys are all about "solving problems", everyone turning male or male-like would solve a lot of things. As much ranting I hear from some guys, maybe, just maaaybe women just weren't made for this world, and T hormones could change the problems we see today. Everyone's a man. Screw it. XD

  17. Guess youde have to compete in a show where everyone is allowed to take steroids then hey….otherwise it wouldnt be fair lol

  18. Heres a good example of how men and women are built totally different. Yes, shes got muscles. BUT, you can still see how small her frame is underneath the bulk and it looks weird. This is why DUDES who try and play GIRLY DRESS UP SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO COMPETE AGAINST NATURAL BORN FEMALES they have an unfair, non changeable advantage because GENETICALLY they are boys.

  19. Tommy inspires me so I’m like
    Me: Wow! He’s so cool, I wanna be a bodybuilder just like him!
    Struggles to get off couch
    Me: That’s all the training I need for today…

  20. To be honest they’re both straight people because the guy was a girl and the girl was a guy 😭😭

  21. How can I contact him I'm living in Miami Florida and looking for a personal trainer so I can get into trans bodybuilding competition

  22. I can't believe those people who shoot discriminatory comments, deciding if he has to use men bathroom or not.
    United States the land of freedom and equality…
    I guess not.

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