Try These 5 Tactile Illusions

100 thoughts on “Try These 5 Tactile Illusions

  1. Okay so in a bunch of gmm videos there's a picture frame that has something in it related to the video… is this like a known thing??

  2. Rhett never said what he experienced when they did the nose illusion because daddy garlic fingers interrupted him! Can anyone tell me if they know what he was going to say?

  3. Dude link I got a joke made about me that the whole school knows about everyone that talks to me tells me I smell like garlick and I was so mad because I thought it was real at first then I relised it was fake and the people knew me as the garlick man all the way from 6-8th grade

  4. “This is not a talent show, this is a magic show.”

    “Magic? Charles, it’s says TALENT show”.

    Same energy

  5. Turn your tongue upside down and hold it there with your front teeth. (Wash your hands first.) Then take your index finger and run it along your tongue horizontally.

  6. All of y’all are laughing about Daddy Garlic Fingers which was very funny but… “these are my moneies” is so funny to me

  7. That last one…. Its mind over perspective. Trick your brain into thinking its a lie.

    If you really want to stand up, you will tell your brain its a lie… it isn't real. You are in control of your own self. You will stand up like you normally would… despite the garlic fingers in your face.


  8. I should know better than to try to drink my protein shake while I'm watching any of your videos! The nose stroking exercise almost made me spew chocolate protein shake all over my beautiful tablet but I was able to hold on just barely!

  9. The garlic fingers was actually because of the quarters. Idk if you ever smell a quarter but they have the most pungent smell, and it lingers on your fingers.

  10. Lol I used to do this with my mom but it was like a shoe rope (I can't spell it) it worked every time I made it tighter she can feel it 7:37

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